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  • Name: Eugene Dyatlov ( The Dyatlov Eugeny )
  • Date of birth: 2 March 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Khabarovsk
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, singer, musician
  • Marital status: married to Julia Germinomas

    Yevgeny: biography

    Eugene Dyatlov was born in Khabarovsk on March 2, 1963. When Eugene was five years old, his father died tragically. The mother Lyubov and her sons moved to Ukraine, in Nikopol, closer to relatives. Yevgeny went to the local school. Worked there as a teacher and the mother of the future actor. Since childhood, the boy showed good musical ability, so in addition to General education he attended music school, where studied to play the violin. The duties of Eugene was part of the care of his younger brother Vladimir, because mom had to work hard to put children on feet.

    After high school, Eugene Dyatlov became a student of the philological faculty at Kharkiv University, and a year later he was drafted into the army. During the service guy was actively involved in Amateur performances and was a «one man band». Having served on time, Eugene went to work. As a young worker used to sing at the bench, and did it well, the boss said it and was recommended to try his hand in acting school. That’s when the woodpeckers began to think about the work seriously.

    In 1986, the guy successfully passed the exams and was enrolled in state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography in Leningrad. He studied in the Studio Kunitsyn, but the music is not forgotten.

    Yevgeny: movies

    In 1990, the year Dyatlov received a diploma of graduation. Immediately after graduation, the artist settled in the theater «Buff». Here he worked a year and then moved to the youth theatre on the Fontanka, which was considered more promising. Here Eugene Dyatlov was delayed for five years.

    In February 1998, the woodpeckers again changing his creative direction and moves in the Satire Theatre on Vasilevsky. Here the actor gets a long-awaited major role. Beautiful vocals Dyatlov, energy and skill soon turned it into a leading actor of the theater.

    In parallel with work in the theater Yevgeny worked in television. He was a leading series of programs called «the Age of horse guards», which were shown on the channel «Culture». At the same time led the transfer of «Investigative Committee» and repeatedly appeared with performances in the program «romanticism of a Romance».

    A cinematic biography of Eugene Dyatlov was launched with a role in the multiseries melodrama «Wait and see» in 1996. But only in the early 2000s, the work of Dyatlov in the movie be big. At this time, the young actor appears in the films «lines of fate» and «Lost the sun». In fiction, «Yesenin» Yevgeny played Mayakovsky.

    Since 2004 Evgeniy Dyatlov for seven years and is the captain smokes in crime series «streets of broken lamps. Cops-6». Over the years, the artist becomes known and popular.

    A good job in the role of the hero-the militiaman long is the only direction in the creative work of the artist. But occasionally he was able to go beyond the image. This can be seen in the films «the White guard», «Life and fate», «Chkalov», the lyrical film «Salami» and the Comedy «penny».

    In 2007, Eugene Dyatlov becomes Honored artist of Russia.

    Popularity in the Treasury of the actor added TV projects, including music. The Dyatlov part in the musical show «Two stars» helped the implementation of the second talent of Eugene singing. A pair of woodpeckers-she took second place and received a special prize from the prima Donna of the Russian platform Alla Pugacheva.

    To listen strong and rich baritone Yevgeny Dyatlov on the concerts with which the artist is often touring the country.

    Yevgeny: personal life

    Eugene with his striking good looks and remarkable voice has always been a favorite of women. And he was never indifferent to the weaker sex. Therefore, the personal life of Eugene Dyatlov was always full of events and new novels.

    His first wife was actress Eugene

  • Daria Lesnikova-Jurgens (many remember her in the role of Marilyn in the film «Brother-2»). Woodpeckers and Lesnikova-Jurgens were married when they were students of the fourth year of high school theater. In this marriage in 1991 was born Dyatlov – son Egor. But soon the family split up. The second wife of the artist becomes a girl named
  • Catherine. In this Union, a second son Theodore. But this marriage did not last long. Now Yevgeny married for the third time. His wife is the actress of Theatre of satire
  • Julia Germanova. The couple has a daughter Vasilisa, which came to light in 2007.

    Yevgeny: filmography

    • National security agent
    • Black Raven
    • Secrets of the investigation-2
    • Gangster Petersburg
    • Streets of broken lamps
    • Rapid development
    • Rowan clusters red
    • The white guard
    • Wings
    • Chkalov

    Yevgeny: photo

    Eugene Dyatlov

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