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  • Name: Eugene Dvorzhetsky ( Evgeniy Dvorzhetskiy )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1960
  • Age: 39 years
  • Date of death: December 1, 1999.
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Activity: film and theater actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky: biography

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky – one of the representatives of the acting dynasty Dvorzhetsky. Born in the city of Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) on July 12, 1960. His father was a famous Soviet actor Vaclav Dvorzhetsky, mother Riva Levite, theater teacher. Brother Eugene has Vladislav Dvorzhetsky, a former popular Soviet film actor.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky in childhood
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky and his parents

    Although the boy appeared in the family, which was connected with the theatre and cinema, as a child he showed little acting ability. Zhenya didn’t take part in drama clubs or studios, so the news that he was going to go to drama school, and even in Moscow itself, were perceived by the father, the venerable actor, very skeptical.

    Doubt Dvorzhetsky-the senior proved to be true, Jack really didn’t get into drama school the first time. The reason for this was his amazing ignorance. In the essay on entrance exam on the Russian language, he made 28 (!) errors. However, the second attempt was successful. While studying at the College named after Shchukin on the course of St. The L. Stavskaya, Eugene worked in the wardrobe «Alma mater».

    Theatre and cinema

    After graduating from College in 1982, a year Eugene began his career on the stage of Russian academic youth theatre, where he quickly becomes the leading actor. With 90 years Dvorzhetsky combined service in several theatres with the participation in the entreprise. The actor liked to participate in the performances for the little ones who are not considered prestigious.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky in the theater
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky in the theater | Kinozon

    In the record of the Dvorzhetsky, except for the Central Children’s theatre, including the stage on Malaya Bronnaya, and in the «School of modern play». The actor took part in productions of «king Lear», «the Seagull», «don Quixote», «the Love for three oranges», «Bath». And in productions of contemporary playwrights «Sleep prodoljeniem», «Trap-46, height second», «Between heaven and earth the lark winds», «TIC TAC toe».

    Debut Dvorzhetsky in movie took place in his student years, in 1980 he performed a cameo role in the biographical film «Twenty six days from Dostoevsky’s life». In 1983, he starred in the heroic film story «a tender age». 1985 marked the release of the melodrama «the dance pavilion» where Dvorzhetsky played a major role. Then followed a series of episodic characters.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky | Kinoamator

    The present popularity of the young actor came in 1988, after the release of the multiseries film «Prisoner of If castle» in which Eugene got the role of Edmond Dantes and albert de Morcerf. In the same year he got a part in the Moldovan drama «Dissident» from the category «cinema not for all». In 1989, his work in the television detective «entering the maze» noted critics and audiences.

    Eugene always dreamed about working together with his father. Partly this was in 1993 during the filming of the Comedy «dreams of the idiot». However Dworzecka Sr. got only a cameo role of a beggar, but Jack embodies the image of Shura Balaganov, demonstrating his comedic talent. In joint plans of the father and the son had a job in the criminal Thriller «Hagi-tragger», but in April 1993, Vaclav Dvorzhetsky died.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky in the film
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky in the film «the Countess de Monsoreau» | Kinozon

    90-e years were marked by the role of the king of France in the television series «the Countess de Monsoro». This job brought to Eugene fame and popularity, the journalists said about the emergence of a new sex symbol. Unfortunately, this role was the last great work in the filmography of the talented actor. In the mid-90s Dvorzhetsky participated in the scoring of a number of roles in movies and television.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky | Dvorzhetski

    A talented actor on television and has offered to lead multiple programs: NTV game show «Understand me», an entertainment program «Golden Ball» on REN TV. The author began the project «the Endless journey» RTR and «On photo» TV channel «Culture», in which Eugene spoke about the things he was fond of.

    In 1999 for the children’s channel ORT «Seven woes» have only time to shoot a few pilot episodes.

    Personal life

    Acquaintance with his future wife Nina Gorelik happened in the locker of the University. Giving the student her coat, Eugene invited the girl to accompany her. She agreed, telling him that she already has a fiancé. Dvorzhetsky has taken note, but their courtship didn’t leave and made sure that she paid attention to it. Lovers often skipped classes, unable to leave each other.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky with his wife Nina
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky with his wife Nina | Yekaterinburg Online

    In March 1981, they registered their relationship. The wedding day something unexpected happened. The bride could not wear the groom’s ring on his finger. Although bought exactly the right size, in the registry office it was not enough to Eugene. And then the newlyweds witness chained to each other these handcuffs.

    They took the groom from the props of the graduation performance in which he played the role of Sheriff. So they drove home, chained to the death of the actor. Family life Eugene was very happy. They could talk to the wife on any topic for hours. Have a loving couple had two children. In 1990 was born the daughter Anna, who continued acting dynasty. And in 1999 – son Michael.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky family
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky family | Womanhit

    In his youth, Eugene was an enthusiastic person. He loved women and they loved him. However, the true and only love was his wife Nina. She knew about it and never worried that husband might cheat on her. She understood that love and rapturous feelings he needed to take creative flight.

    Although the character of Eugene could be called explosive. His wife recalled that he could scream in the household, to «build» them, but it was very easily appeased. With him was never bored, the actor was a real man-feast and an absolute man who could make money was strong-willed and responsible. The couple were able to find something new each other, never get bored together.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky with daughter Anna
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky with his daughter Anna | Vechernyaya Moskva

    About their families, made a documentary called «More than love. Dworzecka». Their house Nina always was open to friends and students. Often after a performance, the actors came to visit Dvorzhetsky discussed and implemented. With students Eugene went Hiking, it was enough for all. He always created a joyful mood, liked to joke and entertain.


    This bright, talented man has lived only 39 years. As much as was meted out to his older brother Vladislav. 1 December Eugene went to the Institute of immunology. He goes there to find out the final diagnosis, as doctors suspected he might have asthma. But the diagnosis was not confirmed.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky
    Eugene Dvorzhetsky | Movie-Theater

    Sitting in your car, the actor said he accompanied his friend: «my children won’t get asthma. You need to calm Nina.» After that, he started the car and drove out on the road. At the same time took out his mobile phone to call his wife. He didn’t notice the road sign «Give way» and at the intersection of the street moskvoreche his car collided with a truck.

    The Grave Of Eugene Dvorzhetsky
    The Grave Of Eugene Dvorzhetsky.

    Eugene Dvorzhetsky died instantly. His grave located at the cemetery Vagankovsky, always decorated with fresh flowers. Family and fans are coming to his idol, whom death so early snatched from life. He was able to realize your talent and abilities in many roles in film and on stage.


    Eugene Dvorzhetsky

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