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  • Name: Eugene Chirikov ( Evgeniy Shirikov )
  • Date of birth: 14 July 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Vologda
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, Director, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Eugene Chirikov: biography

    Eugene Chirikov – Russian actor who starred in film and on the stage, mostly in musicals and rock operas. This is a man with a very difficult destiny, has managed in difficult circumstances to realize the inherent nature of creative talent.

    Eugene was born in Vologda and the first years lived in this city with her mother. In Junior high he attended the circle in the puppet theater and played sports, having tried many kinds – from skiing to mountaineering. But when the boy was 11 years old, suddenly died his mother, and as the father at the time was in prison, Eugene has identified the boarding school in Falcon. Only after many years Chirikov learned that, it turns out that he has a half older brother and sister on the paternal side. Really, brother he, too, soon lost he died at the age of 33 years.

    In Sokil’s’ke orphanage kids tried to download the full program extra-curricular activities. Eugene continued playing sports, tried his hand at break dancing, and started attending drama Studio Houses of children’s creativity, where he taught acting one of the teachers of the boarding school Nina Vladimirovna Maltseva. It was she who first considered the vocal and artistic skills of young talents and a few years later insisted on his transfer to the regional center where the boy could continue to develop and improve your talent.

    In 2002, Jack moved to an orphanage in Vologda and immediately entered the school of arts at Children’s musical theater. By the way, came where he no longer a novice, because a year ago at the all-Russian children’s festival «Christmas meetings» Chirikov became the winner in the nomination «Best actor». Three years later, Eugene became a student of the musical College, and then on the recommendation of their teachers, but also the Governor of Northern capital of Valentina Matvienko, talented guy enrolled at the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts in the course of the famous Professor. I. Podgorodnikov. As it later repeatedly told the actor, he was always lucky to meet good people.

    Even while studying in the University, which, by the way, Eugene Chirikov will finish in 2011 with honors and was invited into the troupe of the theater «Rock Opera», where he appeared on stage in such productions as «Juno and Avos», «Jesus Christ superstar», «Nameless star». The artist also repeatedly acted together with the legendary performers of the national stage Larisa Dolina, Iosif Kobzon and many others. After as thesis Evgeniy took part in the scoring of the film «the Portrait», he moved to Moscow and joined the Russian production of the famous musical «the Sound of music» and also collaborates with the Moscow art Theater as an actor of the play «West side story».


    Long time Eugene Chirikov positioned itself solely as an artist of musical theatre and are not particularly interested in cinema. The first contact with the world of cinema took place in 2013, and, so to speak, from the back of the camera: young man tried himself in the role of Director and directed a short film «I live» about the life of orphans. In this film he is not just attracted the public to the existing problem of children left without parental care, and sends his own emotions, as he is in the orphanage.

    In 2014, Eugene became himself to be in a movie. The first role he got regarding by accident. Chirikov was not involved in the casting, and due to growth, masculine appearance and the ability to skate on ice has been credited in the cast sports biographical drama «Champions» and played the legendary hockey player Sergei Fedorov.

    In the same year, the actor was able, along with actress Marina Mitrofanova to take part in the filming of melodrama «a Beautiful life» and together with Olesya Fattahova in the romantic film «Melody for two voices». The last film, though, came only after many months, at the end of 2015.

    Also in the filmography of Eugene Chirikova is present and highly-rated series «Kitchen», in which he played one of the chefs of the restaurant «Victor» Artem Olegovich, which turns the novel with the heroine actress Elena Ksenofontova.

    Personal life

    Eugene Chirikov been married for years. His wife’s name is Leonora, and she is a professional yoga instructor in Chinese. In the family Serikovich a son of Timur, who was born in September 2014.

    Eugene is a regular participant in the annual concerts for children’s Day organised by the Russian charity Fund «Northern crown».


    • 2013 — I live
    • 2014 — Champions
    • 2014 — a Beautiful life
    • 2015 — Melody for two voices
    • 2015 — Kitchen


    Eugene Chirikov

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