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  • Name: Euclid Kyurdzidis ( Evklid Kyurdzidis )
  • Date of birth: 22 February 1968.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Yessentuki
  • Activities: actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Euclid kyurdzidis: biography

    Euclid kyurdzidis born February 22, 1968 in the small southern town of Russia against the Greek population, but in most interviews prefers to call home longer. Have Euclid Lamar K. worked in the cinema, and the father Kyriakos A. was a mathematician, and he offered to give his son such an extravagant name.

    Son often ran away to work for a mother to watch new movies. At four years of age he knew exactly what the artist will, though still undecided with the genre. He liked to make people laugh and bring a smile on their faces, and he seriously considered the option of becoming a circus performer.

    Soon Kurdzidis family moved to Essentuki in the Stavropol Krai, where the young Euclid went to secondary school. In school time the boy read a lot, fond of poetry and Gumilev, Pushkin, Nabokov’s works and short stories of Gogol. In his youth he began to read philosophical books: Castaneda, Rozanov, Gurdjieff and others.

    In Essentuki Euclid graduated from the eighth grade, then decided to realize his dream in life and enroll in Dnepropetrovsk theatre school, taking boys and girls from the age of fourteen. In College he not only studied acting but also developed new Ukrainian language. After graduating in 1987, Euclid distributed in the dramatic theatre of the city of Lutsk.

    He had quite a bit to play on stage before he was drafted into the army. The boy was sent to Astrakhan in the company of missile troops, where he served at the cosmodrome Kapustin Yar.

    After the army Euclid decided to continue her education, focusing on the movie. He filed the documents at the Russian State Institute of cinematography at the acting Department. Exams he passed easily, but a prospective student was, despite the perfect rating. Teachers saw him as the future star of Russian cinema and saw him on his directing career. Time after time, Kurdzidis tried to prove them wrong, and as a result, in 1997 he graduated from the Institute with honors.

    While still a student, Euclid often went to their parents, who by that time had returned to Greece. In 1996, he received the Greek citizenship than incredibly proud of. Being a well-known Russian actor, in 2010, ran for mayor of Thessaloniki. Euclid did not expect to win, his goal was to cheer up the people of Greece who were experiencing hard times due to the difficult economic situation in the country.

    Euclid kyurdzidis theater

    The first theatre, which was attended Euclid of Kurdzidis, was the dramatic theatre of the city of Lutsk, where the guy got on distribution after the termination of theatrical school. After the army he also played briefly in Pyatigorsk theatre, where he received the role of Mizgir in the play «the snow maiden».

    But the ambition of Euclid demanded more, and soon he went to the Russian capital. In Moscow, he was faced with a huge competition for places in the theater: there was not always able to get even graduates of Moscow universities and a diploma of the Dnipropetrovsk school, the guy almost never had a chance. A considerable role is also played by the atypical appearance of the artist, about which he often spoke in the Institute.

    After a career in the movies, the actor was invited to take part in theatrical productions. One of his first performances on the big stage was a production of «hamlet» Peter Stein, where he played multiple roles.

    Later, he played many more roles in various productions, among them the Marquis de La Rondo from the musical «Annie,» Howler-vart of «Wedding» and others.

    In 2002, the Euclid was invited to the extraordinary production of «Ladies Night. For women only». One of the features of the show was the presence of a male stripper for the end of the show, which for a long time the actor refused to participate. But, after reading the script, the actor changed his mind and in the same year debuted in the formulation. With this formulation of Euclid acts for that year, together with other actors toured Europe.

    One of the last works of the actor is a part of the play based on the works of the Greek dramatist Sophocles «Antigone», where he got the role of CREON.

    Euclid kyurdzidis: movies

    Movie Euclid kyurdzidis hit thanks to its exotic for Russia appearance. In the second year VGIK he was noticed by Director Vladimir Motyl, who shot the picture «the Bear my horses». In the tape the guy went a bit part of the Greek, for which he cut my hair and grew a mustache.

    In the future, Euclid was invited to the specific roles of various foreigners. In the 1997 film «INTERMED», he played the French driver, and in «blind Date» 2000 — Italian.

    Since 2001 Euclid actively removed in the images of Chechens and people of the Eastern Nations. For the first time in these roles, he appeared in the television series «Men’s work», where she played a Chechen militant named «Scar». In 2002, he took part in the filming of the movie «War», where he played one of his favorite roles in his career — year-old shepherd Ruslan Shamaeva. Not to become an actor of one role, Euclid has become more selective in choosing such roles.

    In 2003, Kurdzidis took part in the filming of the movie «Babi Yar» which tells about the terrible events during the Second World war. The producer of the film was made by the German Artur Brauner and the Director is American Jeff Kanew. Although the actor got a small role, the shooting has seriously affected his perception of the world and the attitude to the war.

    In 2005, the screens out the series «My personal enemy» directed by Vladimir Popkov, where the actor played an atypical role of a wealthy Frenchman who came to Russia to write a book. For this role, Euclid had to learn French, combining it with learning English at the same time he took part in the trial of a Hollywood movie. The picture brought Kurdzidis deserved success and showed his acting diversity, moving it from the role of villain Thriller.

    Today Kurdzidis is a popular actor of Russian cinema. His extraordinary appearance allows you to play foreigners, and acting abilities open to him a wide range of roles from comic characters to serious and lyrical images. The actor often starred in the TV series, but selects only those tapes that can get his original script and unusual characters. To date, his filmography includes more than fifty different paintings.

    Euclid kyurdzidis: personal life

    About my personal life Euclid kyurdzidis trying to tell. Journalists have long dubbed him an inveterate bachelor, but in one interview the actor admitted that the three were married. However, at the moment, the artist is not bound by marriage or even romantic relationships.

    Euclid considers himself quite amorous person, unable to reliably play love on stage or in a movie, without being really passionate about his partner. Perhaps because of this factor and the lack of official comment from the star, journalists often attribute to him the novels.

    Euclid kyurdzidis: filmography

    • My horses carry
    • Men’s work
    • War
    • SWAT: Broken arrow
    • Babi Yar
    • Balzac age, or all men are bast…
    • From 180 and higher
    • My personal enemy
    • Satisfaction
    • Love-Carrot
    • 1612
    • Traffic light
    • Sklifosovsky

    Euclid kyurdzidis: photo

    Euclid kyurdzidis with Dina Garipova

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