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  • Name: Ethan Hawke ( Ethan Green Hawke )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Austin, TX
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: American actor, screenwriter and Director
  • Marital status: married

    Ethan hawke : biography

    Ethan green hawke was born on November 1970 in the town of Austin, Texas. Leslie Greene, Ethan’s mom, gave birth to a boy when she was barely 18. Early marriage with his father James hawke, a specialist in insurance mathematics, ended almost immediately after the birth of her son.

    9 years later Leslie married again. After her second husband she left home Ethan went to Princeton. Here passed his childhood and youth years of the Hawk.

    In the primary classes, Ethan hawke was fascinated by the literature. The boy dreamed that he would definitely become a novelist and to write thick books. But his priorities have changed after a chance visit to the theatre circle, where he was entrusted with the role in the play. Since then, the young hawk was lost in a dream about writing the other: he wanted to become a famous artist and to Shine on stage.

    In school years, Ethan hawke has not yet appeared on the stage in various Amateur productions. When the boy was 14 years old, he was invited to a small role in the documentary film «Explorers». Then hawke finally established in the profession. He began to visit the famous Theater of the McCarter. Later he graduated from the acting course at the British theatre Association and the University Carnegie Mellon actually has.


    Hawke’s career in film continued when he turned 18. He debuted in feature film «dead poets Society». The project was not just successful – it became a cult movie and made the young actor to the top of world cinema. This tape begins star biography of Ethan Hawke.

    Hollywood producers paid close attention to the young artist. A new role has come to Hawk with a new project «White Fang» in 1991. The hero, Jack Conroy, Ethan full in this picture, has convinced all the doubters that they face real talent. We received offers to star in a new wonderful paintings. These include the films «Water country» «Rich in love», «Secret rendezvous» and «Reality bites». The last project was particularly successful and brought Ethan Hawk downloads.

    I must say that the actor tried not to focus on one role, even if it brought him glory. Hawke starred in dramas and comedies, and historical projects that require a transformation in the characters of another era. But especially Ethan in the tapes of the romantic movement and romantic movies. In this context we can mention two paintings – «Before the dawn» and «Great expectations.» Each of these films – blockbusters.

    In 2001, the actor first came to the number of nominees to the main film. This happened after the release of the wonderful pictures of «Training day». It is noteworthy that in a nomination «Oscar» hawk got in a minor role in this project.

    In the same year, Ethan proved to the audience that he is not only a talented actor but a great Director. His debut film «Chelsea walls» was so good that the tape was shown at the Cannes film festival. And as a screenwriter hawk made in the above-mentioned sequels «Before sunset» and «Before midnight». The first film brought Ethan Oscar for perfect scenario.

    To demonstrate his versatile talent the Hollywood star has managed his project «the hottest state». First, Ethan hawke created the novel, of the same work wrote the script, and then he became the Director of the film.

    In terms of literary creativity – a child’s first dreams Ethan Hawke – and here he realized. In addition to the above filmed the novel he wrote another – «Ash Wednesday».

    In the past 10 years, hawk is most likely to occur in thrillers, action and horror movies. It is worth noting the painting «judgment day,» «Assault on thirteenth precinct», «Sinister» and «Brooklyn police». Another striking work in which hawke is busy as a Director – the film «Boyhood». Ethan started this project in 2002 and finished filming in 2012.

    Personal life

    When Hollywood actor starred in the film «Gattaca» on set, he met the incomparable Uma Thurman, the girl is not only beautiful, but also wonderfully intelligent, who are supposed to be in Hollywood the main intellectual. Broke novel two stars very soon culminated in marriage. Wedding Hawke and Thurman took place in 1998. The couple had two wonderful children – daughter Maya and son Levon.

    But two such bright and charismatic people at some point became crowded together. Ruptured relations.

    Personal life Ethan Hawke was adjusted in the new marriage. His second wife, the former nanny of his children Ryan Sohus. With this modest and not stellar girl Ethan was more comfortable than with a bright and complex Wash. The couple had two girls, which they named Clementine and Indiana.

    Rumors credited with Ethan Hawk discreet affair with Angelina Jolie. The pair allegedly met on the set of the picture «Taking lives». Short and vivid novel two stars hid from everyone, because while Ethan was the husband of uma Thurman.


    • «Dead poets society»
    • «White Fang»
    • «Water country»
    • «A secret rendezvous»
    • «Rich in love»
    • «Reality bites»
    • Great expectations
    • «Before the dawn»
    • «Training day»
    • «Judgment day»


    Ethan Hawke

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