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  • Name: Eteri Tutberidze ( Eteri Tutberidze )
  • Date of birth: 24 February 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: figure skating coach, Honored coach of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Eteri Tutberidze: biography

    Eteri Tutberidze was born 24 February 1974 years in Soviet Moscow. She was the fifth child in a large Georgian family: famous athletes have a brother and three sisters. She said the post in an interview that her father hoped that his fifth child will be a boy, but not upset the birth of the fourth daughter.

    Although parents and Tutberidze were not wealthy people, they tried to make every effort to ensure that all their children are in no way needed.

    It Comes Tutberidze
    Eteri Tutberidze |

    His childhood Eteri held near the Church of the Holy Matrona, Abelmanovskaya Zastava. The father of the future figure skater and took any job to provide for his family, but the youngest daughter often had to wear boys ‘ clothes for brother and sisters and she was too much age difference). The law of meanness he liked and the little boys ‘ color – khaki. But if you remove from consideration not ideally suitable clothes, we can safely say that childhood Eteri was joyful and kind.

    Eteri Tutberidze in childhood
    Eteri Tutberidze in childhood

    The mother felt that her daughters will certainly need a good knowledge of foreign languages and knowledge of any musical instrument. Sisters eter went to the German and English special school, he attended drawing lessons, studied music literacy. And the athlete also received a musical education: she has successfully graduated from the music school im. Ippolitov-Ivanov, selecting the main instrument is the piano.

    Graceful figure skaters, gracefully rolling on the ice, the younger Tutberidze saw for the first time at the age of four and a half years. Their light movements seemed so magical that she compared athletes with small snowflakes.

    It Comes Tutberidze
    Eteri Tutberidze Group | VK

    This sight has opened Eteri quite by accident, when she and her mother went to the Stadium young pioneers, to take my brother to football. She began fervently to convince a mother to take her to the rink, and at first was adamant she still managed to get in a group of talented Evgenia Zelkovas.

    Single skating

    The group, which was prepared by Eugene Zelikova, studied 30 children. But time passed, and of which there were only five athletes who showed great promise. Gifted children took under his wing Edward G. Pliner, the man Zelkovas. He was very terse and strict coach, but the students had tremendous respect for.

    Eteri Tutberidze on the ice
    Eteri Tutberidze on the ice | Group VK

    Eteri told me that Edward Pliner could just a few words to explain any element, as could the other coaches, even tens of proposals. Many other skaters were not able to find the right expressions, and their pupils were forced to repeatedly fail to come to despair because of the failed attempts to succeed. And Edward G. approached, whispered something, return shoulder, running his hand along the back of even the most complex item has turned out more than feasible.

    It Comes Tutberidze
    Eteri Tutberidze | Sports as it is

    However, professional sport is always associated with injuries. First it was about the lack of damage and lack of stability in jumps, but soon Eteri received a serious injury: a crack in the spine. In an attempt to cure his daughter mother Tutberidze took her to various doctors, bought multiple medications. Including a young girl were actively injecting calcium – perhaps that is why she not only was on its feet, but managed to grow by about 22 cm in three months.

    Pair skating

    Although fracture of the spine is fused, the skater came to the realization that in singles she did not achieve success and considerable growth has also been a hindrance. Throw a sport she didn’t and so I decided to skate pairs. Her coaches were Lidia Kabanova, Elena Tchaikovskaya, Natalia Linichuk, Gennady Akkerman, Tatiana Tarasova. Eteri appeared in a pair of by Vyacheslav Chickeny, Alexei Kilyakova and other talented skaters.

    It Comes Tutberidze
    Eteri Tutberidze Group | VK

    However, adult career Tutberidze was hardly enchanting. From coach Elena Tchaikovsky Eteri had to leave because she has decided to end his coaching career after he retired from the sport, her main disciple – Vladimir Kotin.

    Natalia Linichuk was doing more than a dozen pairs, and time for detailed study of the elements of each student is simply not enough. Tatiana Tarasova gave herself to a pair of Klimova-Ponomarenko, who was to perform at the Olympic games.

    Tetyana Tarasova
    Tatiana Tarasova | Fotosgirls

    During his career, Eteri was able to win only a few medals on the Cup of the Soviet, and, disappointed in another coach, she realized that she needed to change something in life. Here, the skater is the way turned up an offer to go on tour to America, which she gladly accepted.

    Jobs in the USA

    First, life in the States was for Tutberidze and other members of the troupe of the Russian ballet on ice is not so serene as we would like. When the athletes arrived in Oklahoma, it became clear that some of the guys have invalid passport. The allowed States only Muscovites, but all the others had to wait for one month.

    Eteri Tutberidze in the composition of the ballet on ice
    Eteri Tutberidze in the composition of the ballet on ice | YouTube

    Money is desperately short, and when the whole troupe finally gathered, it became clear that the contract is void because of the failure of a number of conditions. Some time skaters lived in the YMCA building, on the floor for the homeless.

    The attack in Oklahoma
    The attack in Oklahoma | Blogcdn

    Soon, the United States held one of the first violent attacks: extremists blew up the house that stood opposite the YMCA. Instead stood a pile of wreckage and mangled human bodies, heard the roar and screams of genuine terror. All the artists dismantled for families, local residents, and settled Eteri and her skating partner Nicholas Aptera employee of the fire service and helped the boys to find US a new job.

    Coaching career

    About four years tirelessly skaters out on the ice, but then I realized that I wanted to do something more quiet. So Nicholas and Eteri began his coaching career in San Antonio.

    Business was pretty good, but Tutberidze every month more and more homesick. Once she made the final decision to move to Moscow and make it a reality.

    Eteri Tutberidze and Evgeny Medvedev
    Eteri Tutberidze and Evgenia Medvedeva | Sport-Express

    Finding work in his native country first had problems. But over time, the skater managed to get a job in the city, and later at the rink «Silver». Her students had or have such athletes as world champion Evgenia Medvedeva, winner of the European Championship Sergei Voronov, the Olympic champion Yulia Lipnitsky and others.

    Eteri Tutberidze and Yulia Lipnitskaya
    Eteri Tutberidze and Yulia Lipnitskaya | Arguments and facts

    Many students Eteri came to her at a very young age and began to skater almost own children. To this day the parents of many kids interested in skating, want to know where is coached by Tutberidze to send their children to her.

    Personal life

    Family Eteri shrouded in mystery and spiced with a little gossip. From Tutberidze has a daughter, Diana, who was born in 2003-m to year. The athlete claims that Diana’s dad is her husband, a Mr Davis, who did not want to with her to move to Russia.

    In professional circles believe that the father daughter Tutberidze – Sergey Buyanov, the husband of Elena Vodorezova. Anyway, the girl went in her mother’s footsteps and has already successfully performed among juniors.

    Eteri Tutberidze daughter
    Eteri Tutberidze daughter |

    In an interview Eteri said that her daughter is not very healthy. Diana Davis is suffering from hearing loss, which developed on a background of reception of antibiotics at the doctors ‘ fault. The girl is hard of hearing, but trying to live a completely normal life. She attends training mom, but on the ice their relationship is strictly professional.


    It Comes Tutberidze

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