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  • Name: Eros Ramazzotti ( Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Rome, Italy
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: singer and composer
  • Marital status: married

    Eros Ramazzotti: biography

    Eros Ramazzotti – Italian singer and composer, performing songs in Italian, Spanish and English. Widely known, speaking at the stellar duets with such performers as Tina Turner, cher, Luciano Pavarotti, Joe Cocker, and many others. Throughout his musical career Eros Ramazzotti the total circulation of his records exceeded 100 million copies.

    The future singer was born in the Italian capital. His father Rodolfo Ramazzotti was a Builder, and his mother Raffaella Molina, was a housewife. The Eros has an older brother Marco.

    The family lived in the district of Cinecittà, home to the famous film Studio, so Eros, like many children of his quarter, often starred in the crowd movies. But the boy dreamed of becoming a musician. At age 7 he taught himself to play the guitar, and later Rodolfo taught the son to play the piano, and he was still a teenager began to write songs.

    After graduating from secondary school, Junior Ramazzotti wanted to enter the Roman Conservatory, but the difficult financial situation of the family did not allow him. Then Eros went to study to be an accountant, and music were doing themselves. However, the diploma he never received, as his singing career took off.

    In 1981, Eros Ramazzotti taking part in vocal competition «New voices» and reaches the final, losing there another future star Zucchero. However, he noticed the Baron Lando lanni, who was a representative of the record company DDD. The young artist signed his first contract with the record label and moved to Milan, where for some time he lives right in the Studio.


    In 1982 came the debut single by Eros Ramazzotti «Ad un amico». This song is not made of a popular singer, but these songs «Terra promessa» and «Una storia importante» topped the Italian charts. On the wave of success he releases a debut full-length disc «Cuori agitati», which achieves 10th place in the Italian ranking and becomes number 5 in the hit parade Switzerland. New achievement of the contractor was winning at the festival «Sanremo» with the song «Terra promessa», which is included in this album.

    All subsequent Studio albums of Eros Ramazzotti definitely headed the Italian charts and was ranked among the best in most European countries. It is also interesting that all of their Studio discs, except the first, the singer issued not only in Italian but also in Spanish, adapting them to the music market of South America and Spain.

    The 7th album of Eros Ramazzotti «Tutte storie», published in 1993, made him the world’s most popular singer. The song «Cose della vita» that opens this disc, burst into all the world charts. In 1997 Ramazzotti re-issued the song, rewriting it in a duet with American singer Tina Turner. This version got more recognition and ended up in the European TOP100 hits 10th anniversary.

    Duets of Eros, Ramazotti with other famous musicians to continue to enjoy great popularity among music lovers. In 1998, he gave several joint concerts with rod Stewart, Elton John and Joe Cocker. Recordings of these performances were given Live-albums. Together with Italian singer Andrea Bocelli performed the song «Musica è» and «Nel cuore lei», and the Ricky Martin song «Non siamo soli», which became Italy’s # 1 hit 2007. Also big success was expecting the Duo Eros and the singer cher. They performed one of the most popular songs from the repertoire of Ramazzotti’s «Più che puoi». The song Eros later sang in a duet with Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak at the festival «New wave» in 2015. In addition, he has recorded his compositions paired with such performers as Carlos Santana, Anastacia, Adriano Celentano, Luciano Pavarotti and many others.

    Personal life

    In 1998 Eros Ramazzotti was married to Swiss actress and model Michelle Hunziker, which until then lived for several years in a civil marriage and had a daughter Aurora Sophie, born in late 1996. The wedding took place at Castello Orsini-Odescalchi in Braccino. But 4 years after the official marriage of Eros and Michelle broke up.

    In 2009, the singer met with the Italian supermodel Marika Pellegrinelli. After 2 years they had a daughter of Raffaele. In June 2014 the Eros and Marica married, officially registering their relationship in a civil ceremony in Milan. Through the year he was born the son of Gabrio Tullio.

    Eros Ramazzotti since childhood, enjoys football, playing for the school team. Now, the singer considers himself a fan of the Turin club «Juventus».

    He has repeatedly opposed the adoption of children by same-sex couples, calling such families is unnatural.

    Best friend Eros Ramazzotti was an Italian art song by Pino Daniele with whom they shared 20 years of friendship. It is the Eros announced to the public about the death of a Pinot.

    In 2006 for merits before the Italian Republic Ramazzotti was awarded the state order.


    • 1985 — Cuori agitati
    • 1986 — Nuovi eroi
    • 1987 — In compliance with the requirements of momenti
    • 1990 — In ogni senso
    • 1993 — Tutte storie
    • 1996 — Dove C’è musica
    • 2000 — Stilelibero
    • 2003 — 9
    • 2005 — Calma apparente
    • 2009 — Ali e radici
    • 2012 — Noi


    Eros Ramazzotti

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