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  • Name: Erika Herceg ( Herceg Erika )
  • Date of birth: 5 July 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Mala Dobron’, Ukraine
  • Activity: Singer, member of the group «Viagra»
  • Marital status: not married

    Erica Herceg: biography

    Gorgeous blonde Erica Herceg captivated the audience with simplicity, openness and hard work on their own shortcomings. This girl became famous thanks to a reality TV casting in the group «VIA Gra», and adoring fans call her the «new Vera Brezhneva».

    Eric was born 5 July 1988 in the village of Mala Dobron ‘ Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, near the border with Hungary. Blood girl is half Hungarian, half Ukrainian. The first years of Erica’s life was the same as the majority of rural children, but when she was five years old, the family tragedy: the birth of the second child, Erica’s mother was traumatized, which was not able to move. And the father began to pour family sorrows in alcohol, although struggling tried to support both children. However, already in early childhood, the girl was left without the support of loved ones and had become very strong to survive this tragedy.

    Singing Herceg studied in the Church choir, attended since childhood. In adolescence, Eric has achieved such success that he became a soloist of the choir.

    After school, Erica enrolled in the Transcarpathian Hungarian pedagogical Institute in Beregove, in the main center of Hungarian culture in Zakarpattia oblast. There she studied for three years, and then decided that the activities of the Manager are not attracted to.

    All these years in a quiet rural girl has been brewing for drastic changes. Overweight Eric desperately wanted to escape from the beaten track, not promised her anything but routine. In twenty years, she accomplished a real feat: eight months

  • Herceg
  • lost 30 kg, I tidied up the body and started a new life as a model. According to the singer, in such striking changes nothing magic: healthy meals, a lot of sports and perseverance.

    Since 2009, Erica worked as a model, acting in and for the underwear ads. In 2011, left the region and moved to Kiev, in order to succeed in the capital. Given that the Russian language was not the girl’s relatives, it was a very bold move on her part.

    In Kiev, Eric received his first big contract, had surgery for breast enlargement, opened a number of useful contacts, and twice posed for Playboy magazine.

    Erica Herceg: «I Want V VIA GRU!»

    In spring 2013, Erica Herceg took a fateful decision: the model went to the casting show «Hochu V VIA GRU!», the project Konstantin Meladze. Talented and uninhibited girl with a weird accent instantly attracted the attention of the public and the producer. Attentive viewers noted the resemblance of Erica and Vera Brezhneva.

    Erica Herceg gave to understand that he has the freedom-loving nature, and tend not to adhere to generally accepted rules of the game. Not having the day to learn the Russian lyrics, Eric just sang the same thing in Hungarian. The jury though was very surprised by such antics, missed Eric on.

    In the final round to Eric Herceg, Misha Romanova, Anastasiya Kozhevnikova joined. It is in this part the girls will reach the finals and become the new group «VIA Gra».

    In one of the rounds there was an unpleasant situation. Before the performance participants cut concert dresses, without informing anyone in charge. This act infuriated Konstantin Meladze. The story of Erika, Misha and Nastia, this would have ended, if talented girls stood up Hope Meyher-Granovskaya, taking bratty singers under his wing.

    Eric Herzen: «Via Gra»

    Even at the GA gala concert the girls presented the first song from the new repertoire «

  • The truce», written by Konstantin Meladze. The video for the song instantly gained a lot of views. The end of 2013 was eventful: winning the audition, a new song, the video, work on new compositions. Herceg steeped in creativity. New «VIA Gra» has toured in the CIS, in addition, does started work on rewriting old material under Eric, Mike and Anastasia.

    The media closely followed the group, waiting for any news, but with the lack of even writing them yourself. So, in the spring of 2014 there was an unpleasant rumor that because of the harsh nature of one of the participants in «VIA GRE» there was a strong conflict, and the case moves to the next update of the group. This information was imaginary, what singer and hastened to inform fans. Singer also reported that the new staff have developed warm friendships among all, and creative activities within the group each of the participants are willing to devote the next few years.

    In 2014 and 2015, the singer pleased fans with new hits.

    Erica Herceg: personal life

    Since 2011, Erika was meeting with wealthy man whose name she did not disclose. There were rumors that her choice — Hungarian Consul in Ukraine. According to the singer, this man helped her get her life in Kiev, as the salary model was not sufficient to meet needs.

    Beloved Erica was very pleased that his girlfriend became a new soloist of group «VIA Gra», and strongly supported Herceg in your endeavors. But due to the tight schedule of both pair of lovers were forced to part. It happened in 2013, Eric was very upset by the gap, and not the last role in her moral recovery was support of fellow team members.

    Now Erica’s heart freely, but another take his love object, she has no plans: work remains on the first place.

    Erik Gertsen: TV shows

    • I want V VIA GRU!

    Erik Gertsen: photo

    Erika Herceg

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