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  • Name: Eric Davidovich ( Eric Kituashvili )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: racing, video blogger, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Eric Davidovich biography

    The name Erica Kituashvili now quite popular among the videoblogger and lovers of expensive cars. Know about Davidovich (he calls himself) and ordinary people in connection with high-profile criminal case. Try to look at history from the side.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich in the army | VK

    Eric Davidovich was born in an ordinary family. Parents, David Vakhtangovich and Alla, he worked in the Ministry of internal Affairs (Petrovka, 38). His childhood was happy. There is a sister who now lives with her mother. Studied in school №265 in 1998. He served in the army. At this time, the father (died in 2015) left the service and engaged in the business of car repair and maintenance of luxury cars, as well as the sale and installation of alarm systems on them.

    After returning from the service, Eric, is also immersed in the automotive world, with conventional machines, the more domestic, he was never interested in. He was engaged in the sale, repair, tuning cars. Quickly made acquaintances among owners of expensive cars. His main pride, dream, trick — Golden BMW X5 , known to everyone who knows about Eric the how to check engine temperature. On it they Noggano stood in a Moscow traffic jam, he is often visible on the video.

    Eric Davidovich in his youth
    Eric Davidovich in his youth | VK

    In 2008, a friend and I participated in one web project motorists, but wanted their resources, with their ideas and readers. It was open a website Review. The name derives from the Observation deck on the Sparrow hills, where lovers of speed and cars. The goal is to bring lovers of expensive cars.


    Work has begun to boil. Starred news about the world of cars, provided information from experts on repair, with a forum and blogs of those who had expensive cars and was ready to communicate with the same owners on-site. At first it was a simple video on your phone, some of the scenes from private life, high-speed races street racing. Appeared the first 15-20 thousand readers of the site. Then they became only more.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    Later there is a YouTube channel that has rapidly been promoted. High-quality videos, interesting topics, scandals and provocations on the roads. Eric proved himself as a professional businessman who has achieved success on the network.

    Since 2010 I started to organize rallies across the country, passing races in orphanages with gifts and help. All this was laid in the channel. So the activity Eric was a charity and gained a lot of fans. April 10, 2010 was removed the first author’s transfer Smotra Life. Later there were others, for example, the scandalous, where the opponent was made by Erik Anton Vorotnikov.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    With the advent of the channel on YouTube appeared a video about the work of traffic police. And again a huge number of viewers divided, some believed that an honorable man struggling with a thoroughly corrupt service. Others took it as a provocation and rudeness Davidovich. The arguments are the one and the other.

    So, the year has been shown about 300 employees who violate the debt service, reduced complaints of extortion in the Metropolitan area. However, the manner of communication with employees, provocation, rudeness and abusive behavior that’s not conducive to sympathy. Plus a huge number of viewers of channel perceive this style of communication for granted in dealing with the authorities.

    In 2016, the biography of the blogger has changed dramatically. Davidovich was arrested for fraud. Currently in custody in the detention center awaiting trial. By the way, recently his friends have started a rumor online that Eric has escaped from prison and travels to Moscow with a gun.

    Career motorist and blogger

    Eric’s automotive career began with the filing of the parent business. First there was the race in Moscow from the Sparrow hills, where today the Golden youth hangs out, and also sales and repair.

    Further, the site, its rapid development thanks to the activity of the promoter. To further expand the circle of users was organized caravans across the country. Eric, daring, versed in the most expensive brands, when money and friends, that ignores even a brick, not to mention other signs, became the idol of young people, was considered the leader of the night riders of Moscow.

    With the rally from Moscow to Yekaterinburg in 2010 was linked to the incident in Samara. There was a conflict with the administrator. A noisy group of men insulted the woman did not recognized the Moscow celebrity and too long which was filling out paperwork at the reception. Apologies were supposedly, but confirmation could not be found, and the administrator retired from the hotel. Compromising this, however, life is not ruined Eric’s life.

    The appearance of the resource and its development gave new impetus to his career: Davidovich learned far beyond his party. And information on the latest models, test drive and greatly expanded the circle of his acquaintances. So among them there were Alexander Khrustalev, people, managed from the average construction company to make a prosperous holding and fascinated by the helicopters.

    Helicopters, as his cars became a passion. He advertised them on the website and video channel, talked about how convenient is to rent a limousine for a wedding for example.

    Such frantic activity could not remain unnoticed: Kituashvili invited on TV. He broadcasts about cars on «Russia1», make programmes for other channels.

    Another story seriously influenced his career. In 2014, the highway M4 don, there was a gang of killers who stop cars. 17 people were killed before the gunmen were stopped. In detention they were attended by a community of racers under the guidance of Eric Davidovich.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    This episode is different people also viewed in two ways: activists with weapons that go on the road, stop everyone and treat their «fellow»drivers, sometimes very roughly, were more like gangsters than robinhood. However, the bandits planted, the attacks stopped. And who knows, could solve this case, only the police, without the help of the community, Kituashvili? By the way, he was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of interior for his action.

    But the next step was risky. Eric in his films points to a corruption component in GAI, said the bribes, the extortion. The video has gained a huge number of views. Hundreds of thousands of viewers have seen these commercials. To suppress such a story was impossible. Passed reaction: a few employees were laid off. Was preparing to show the next movie. Now the video channel more than 2.5 million subscribers. This all-Russian fame, and a decent income.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    February 20 (police reports – 21) Eric Kituashvili was arrested by service of Riot police when he was stopped for check of documents employees of traffic police. The accusation concerning the activity of the 8-year-old: he is accused of fraud in the auto insurance for the sum about 10 million roubles. Later he was arrested and his girlfriend. During his detention there were two charges: assassination attempt on President of Ingushetia in 2009 and slandering the police (Eric himself claims that the evidence of his words was stolen after the arrest).

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    All-Russia popularity divided the drivers into two camps. Some believe Eric Davidovich man of steel boldly for justice on the roads, revealed the negative side of the world in the service that needs to be completely honest and incorruptible. Therefore suffer now for the truth, getting three articles that can sit for 10 years. Others, after reviewing the video with his participation, we are convinced that everything he does, very much like the PR person, who consider themselves masters of life, who have no boundaries, no restrictions, but money and power come first.

    Personal life, Kituashvili

    The main quality of Eric’s is his insatiable thirst for activity. Mind some company, he could not stop until he achieved his goal at any cost. This passion resulted in her youth in a high-speed race through the streets of Moscow and Moscow region, with the violation of traffic regulations.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    Feeling the leader of the Russian motorists, Eric Davidovich tried to improve: constantly showed how fastened, and demanded the implementation of traffic rules, talking to the camera how important it is. However, the rather harsh treatment by the DPS and almost fighting to get a collision on the road with other motorists’re a bright image of the hero-defender of the right things.

    Busy and active people in life, Kituashvili planned to organize their own political party. It may be he will ever be when it will be released.

    Eric Davidovich
    Eric Davidovich | VK

    In the matter of the actual followers Davidovich, young majors in the g-wagon that provoke the police into conflict and openly mocked them Eric sent: «Please do not associate car community SMOTRA.RU with these characters».

    In the fall of 2016 in your Instagram Davidovich wrote that the European court of human rights admitted the allegations of illegal detention convincing. Nevertheless, the case yet. And under what conditions it would be released, is unknown.


    Eric Davidovich

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