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  • Name: Eric Bana ( Eric Bana )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Eric Bana: biography

    Eric Bana— Australian actor who became known for the sketch show «front View» and the Thriller «inside Look», and then I will establish fame through such films as «the wife of the time traveler», «Star trek», «Troy», «Black hawk down» and many others.

    He was born in Melbourne, but grew up not in the metropolis, and in the cosy suburb of Tullamarine. Eric’s father, Ivan Banadinovich, was an immigrant from Croatia and has held the position of lead logistics Manager in a company manufacturing agricultural machinery. Mother Eleanor has German roots, and his profession did hairdressing. The family also raised the eldest son Anthony.

    As he recalled the Ban subsequently, he was often bullied at school because of Eastern European origin, and the boy grew up with the aversion to racism and Nazism. By the way, in school, Eric studied quite well, but more attention was paid not to the lessons, and jokes and pranks. The teenager was fine to copy teachers and classmates than a boy, and entertained his friends.

    After receiving the matriculation Eric Banadinovich went to College and got a job. He had to change many professions – the guy washing cars, was a laborer in the port, was collecting carts at the supermarket, poured beer in the pub. It was while working as a bartender he first came on the scene. His school held a competition of comedians, and Ban for fun, made in the genre of Comedy. After that, he joked from the stage for two years, speaking mostly in cheap bars and small hotels.


    In one of those pubs Eric Bana was noticed by the famous Australian entertainer Steve Vizard, and invited to speak in their evening talk shows. The young man gladly accepted the invitation and in 1993 debuted on television.

    Later on a promising humorist drew the attention of the heads of the sketch show «front View». Eric Bana began to appear regularly in the programme, and often, he wrote jokes and scripts of the episodes. For three years spent in the project, the Ban became very famous in the country, opened her own show with the straightforward title «Eric» and even received first prize in the Logie Award in the category «Best comedian of the year».


    The career of Eric Bana evolves as if by accident. He unexpectedly became a comedian; I don’t get to be on TV, but was invited back; same thing happened with the film. In 2000 he began shooting the biographical Thriller «the View from here» about a famous Australian criminal Marche Brandon reed, nicknamed the Butcher. So how to create a similar picture without the participation of the maniac was impossible, the management turned to him for advice.

    And the husband said he will cooperate only under one condition: in the movie his role was played by the comedian Eric Bana, whose show I loved. By the way, for the sake of similarity to the actor not only had to shave his head, but also to gain 13 kg of excess weight. The picture was a great success, and Eric began to receive new proposals, including from Hollywood.

    He co-starred with Josh Hartnett in the military drama «Black hawk down» with brad pitt in the ancient action movie «Troy», with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson in the historical drama «Another other Boleyn girl». It was the experience of the actor in the film adaptation of the comic book.

    Added to the popularity of Australian drama blockbuster «sound of storm» based on real events. Latest released adventure Thriller «the Knights of the Round table: King Arthur», in which Eric Bana played the king of the Britons, Uther Pendragon, father of Arthur young.

    Personal life

    While working in television Eric Bana met with journalist Rebecca Gleason, daughter of the President of the high Court Murray Gleason. They dated for about two years, and then Eric as the prize for victory in competition «the Bachelor of the year» by women’s magazine «Cleo», received a tour of US cities. The Ban has invited his girlfriend to join him.

    On this trip the young men had bonded even more, and eventually Eric did Rebecca offer hands and hearts. They married in 1997 and happily still live in their own house in Melbourne. In the family brought up their son Klaus and daughter Sophia. Best friend of Eric Bana is equally well-known actor Hugh Jackman, with whom they have been acquainted for many years.

    The actor is a big sports fan. From childhood he is fond of Australian football and is a fan of local team the «St. Kilda». It’s funny that Eric is now at the stadium called «fan number one», and even printed his name on the tickets.

    Also the ban is a fan of Motorsport, and at a young age and he took part in the rally. Your first car «Targa Tasmania» the person retains almost thirty years, as it was on him he did his first race around the island of Tasmania, which lasted a week.


    • 2000 — an inside Look
    • 2001 — Black hawk down
    • 2003 — Hulk
    • 2004 — Troy
    • 2007 — Forgotten desires
    • 2008 — Another kind Boleyn
    • 2009 — Star trek
    • 2009 — the Wife of a time traveler
    • 2014 — Deliver us from evil
    • 2016 — knights of the Round table: King Arthur


    Eric Bana

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