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  • Name: Erast Garin ( Erast Gerasimov )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1902
  • Age: 77 years
  • Date of death: 4 Sep 1980
  • Place of birth: Ryazan, Russia
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Erast Garin: a biography

    Erast Pavlovich Garin was born on 10 Nov 1902 in maternity hospitals of the city of Ryazan. Graduated with distinction from the Ryazan school in 1919, Erastus enlisted in the ranks of the regional red Army.

    The talent of the actor began to show Erast at an early age. He appeared on the stage of the Ryazan garrison theater played Comedy play «Sbitenschik» directed by Knyazhnin.

    Erast Garin
    Erast Garin | nostalgia for the Soviet

    Later, the troupe of aspiring stage actor arrived in Moscow, where his talent quickly and was appreciated by the playwright Vsevolod Meyerhold, taking a guy in my directing workshop.


    In 1922, Erast Garin was an active member of the troupe of the state academic theatre named after its patron Saint. Vsevolod emilyevich appreciated talent Garin, celebrated and encouraged the actor and discussed with him the upcoming theatrical production.

    Erast Garin in childhood
    Erast Garin in childhood | Movie-Theater

    Years later in his book about the art of cinematography, I wrote that Erast Garin was his favorite student and the most outstanding actor of the theater. Also an outstanding Russian playwright and the Director said that the vast majority of plays owes its success Garin. Fame national theatre actor came to the artist after the play «Mandate», while watching the viewers laugh.

    Erast Garin and Vsevolod Meyerhold
    Erast Garin and Vsevolod Meyerhold | Report

    At the age of 25 years Erast Garin earned the status of a popular favorite. It was compared to Western artists. The most frequent visitor of the theatre of Meyerhold, the distinguished playwright of the era Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky saw the game and now a talented artist high rating.

    In his work «the Work of the actor on a» Stanislavsky actor puts in an example for the readers, noting its sensitive, professional work in various performances. The collaboration with Meyerhold was a seminal moment in the career of Erast.

    Erast Garin in his youth
    Erast Garin in youth | Movie-Theater

    Garin is the only member of the troupe of the state theatre, which Vsevolod Meyerhold allowed to join with him in intense discussion of the staging and the scenario plans. Vsevolod emilyevich saw a young man, not just artist, but a friend, whose opinion was always divided.

    The history of the theatre remain the case when Erast Pavlovich made a sharp statement against the legitimate wife of the creative Director, considering it to be a mediocre actress. Vsevolod emilyevich forgave him for it.


    The most memorable Soviet audiences to the work of Erast Pavlovich in the movie was the role of the archaeologist in liricheskoy Comedy film «Gentlemen of fortune» by Alexander Gray on the script of an outstanding dramatist and screenwriter George Danelia.

    Film of the year, where Garin has agreed to withdraw it after much persuasion, the Director became the leader of Soviet distribution in 1972, gathered at the TV screens and sixty million viewers, which even by today’s standards is an absolute record.

    Erast Garin in the film
    Erast Garin in the film «Gentlemen of fortune» | Movie-Theater

    In the film «Gentlemen of fortune», which sold citations, Erast Garin remembered by the audience the role of the king in satirical production of «Cinderella» by Michael Shapiro and Hope Kosheverovoy Directors of «Lenfilm studios,» written by Eugene Schwartz.

    In 1950-e years, after the stunning success of a movie about Cinderella Erast Pavlovich Garin collaborated with writer, novelist and playwright Eugene L. Schwartz. The triumph of their joint efforts is the film «Ordinary miracle» 1964 directed by Erast Garin.

    Erast Garin in the film
    Erast Garin in the film «Cinderella» | Movie-Theater

    Recall that in 1978, a Soviet film Director mark Zakharov re-filmed the play Schwartz, presented to the Russian audience two-part Comedy film, Alexander Abdulov and then young Evgenia Simonova.

    Besides the cinematography, Garin was doing radio dramas and directing activities. The most promising of its production was black-and-white ribbon, «Doctor Kalyuzhny» – adaptation of the novel «Son of the people» writer and playwright Yuri Herman, author of the famous novel about the youth of Peter the First «Young Russia».

    Personal life

    In an interview to the Soviet magazine «Ogonyok» Erast Garin told about his difficult life and how he was lucky with women. His first wife was the Love Rudnev, screenwriter, author of children’s books and stories. Relationship Garin and Rudneva was so sincere that even divorce has not prevented further communication.

    Erast Garin wife HESA
    Erast Garin wife HESA | Recruit

    The second wife was HESA Lokshina, which Garin met in the pilot course. Modest wedding forever linked young people. Soon the couple had a daughter Olga. Other children from Garin no. In addition to the marital obligations, they constantly supported each other, acted in some paintings, played on one stage, lived on modest wages.

    In 1966, with Garin had an accident. Erast Pavlovich was involved in a car accident, where he lost his eye. It almost ceased to invite to the movies. Directors just didn’t want to work with old disabled that hurt the artist, who at that time played dozens of roles in film and theater.

    Erast Garin
    Erast Garin | Postcards

    The last major work in the field of cinematography was the voice of donkey «Eeyore» in Soviet short animated film about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The authors of the cartoon has attracted a depressed, pessimistic voice of older actor, forced the children and youth of the Soviet Union to be sad together with the on-screen hero.


    A few months before the death of Erast Pavlovich lost interest in life, no one spoke out and received guests, was constantly at home. A few years after the death of the artist, his wife gave an interview in which he told of how he left idol, beloved by two generations.

    The actor died in the early autumn of 1980, September 4, in her the Ryazan apartment swallowed his anguish. According to Soviet media reports, the cause of death of the artist became a prolonged depression.

    Erast Garin
    Erast Garin | Fotohood

    Grave of Erast Pavlovich Garin is the seventeenth plot Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

    In 2004, the Russian television channel «Culture» aired the documentary series «the legends of world cinema». One of the issues dedicated to Erast Garin. In 2005 broadcasting company «DTV» presented the documentary «How went idols» dedicated to the outstanding artist.

    Award of merit

    • cavalier of the order «badge of Honor» for his brilliantly played role of comrade Volkov in the film «On the border» (1938)
    • twice laureate of the state prize named after Stalin for the role of a character in the film «Musical story» (1940 and 1941)
    • the title of honored artist of the RSFSR (1950)
    • the winner of the main awards at the Cannes festival for the best male role in the film «the Witch» (1961)
    • the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR (1964)
    • honorary officer of the order of labor «the red banner» (1974)
    • the title of people’s artist of USSR (1977)


    Erast Garin

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