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  • Name: Era Ziganshina ( Era Ziganshina )
  • Date of birth: 1 February 1944.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Era Ziganshina: biography

    Era Ziganshina — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, in 2005 became the people’s artist of Russia. The viewer is familiar with him for the films «the snow Queen», «Heavenly swallows», «Black Raven» and «the Parsley Syndrome». Era Garafovna played many roles in the theaters of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Chisinau, and as a stage actress is in the first rank of the best representatives of modern Russian theater.

    Era was born and grew up in Kazan. From childhood, she was was fond of nature and periodically flashed that one, then another form of creativity, but also quickly cooled down. The girl was engaged in skiing, designing clothes, photography, collecting portraits of famous Actresses. The only passion which it is implemented fully – is playing the violin, which she learned in music school.

    In high school Ziganshina decided to become an actress, following the example of their idols Lyubov Orlova and Isolde Izvitskaya. Parents were strongly against it, and forbade her daughter to go to drama College. However, the Era of sneak runs away from home and went to Moscow. She passed the entrance exams to several schools, but everywhere it was waiting for failure. Completely disappointed Era Ziganshina returned to Kazan, but the following year managed to overcome the barrier of creative competition and became a student of drama school named Shchukin, where she studied with Anatoly Borisov.

    However, to finish this University has failed. One day she saw on stage, the performance troupe of the Leningrad Bolshoi drama theater, the Studio which was directed by Georgy Tovstonogov. Aspiring actress takes documents from the «Malinki» and moved to the Northern capital to improve from a well-known expert.

    Era graduated from Studio Tovstonogov at the BDT in 1965 and was immediately accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad theater of the Lenin Komsomol.


    If in the Studio Ziganshina learned how to behave on stage, Lenkom has trained and tempered her as a person. Pretty soon she came to a good level in the theater, and for 5 years clearly played the role in «Threepenny Opera,» Bertolt Brecht, «Humiliated and insulted» Dostoevsky and many other classic productions.

    In 1970, the Era of the one season he moved to the capital of Moldova, which plays in the Russian drama theatre. But the benefits that she received from working in Leningrad, in Chisinau, she didn’t received, so I returned home and continued to perform on stage of Lenkom. The first exit after the return was so spectacular that it can be considered symbolic. 30-year-old actress is perfectly conveyed the image of the old woman Pilar in the play «For whom the bell tolls». The production Director Gennady Walkers game called Ziganshina aerobatics.

    In the late 80-ies the actress moved to Moscow and played in the theater «Nikitsky gate», Metropolitan youth Theatre, the theatre of Roman Viktyuk.

    In the 21st century Era Garafovna returns in the film, which by that time had already called the theatre-festival «Baltic house». And again it can be hugely successful. In the famous play «Bury me behind a plinth» she brilliantly played the role of Grandmother and is usually made by a lawyer of his character. Ziganshina has demonstrated not just a senseless woman that the viewer is accustomed to seeing in this way, and managed to open the helpless woman choking from a lack of love.

    In late 2011, Era Ziganshina again changed the scene and joined the troupe of the Alexandrinsky theatre. Her debut was directed by Valery Fokin, «the ZERO Liturgy» based on the novel of Dostoevsky «the gambler».


    Film debut Era Ziganshina took place in 1966. She played a Little Robber in the film-tale «the snow Queen». Children’s painting was marked by many awards at film festivals and entered the Golden Fund of Soviet cinema. Interestingly, on the set of Era by accident. She gave a pass to a colleague in the theater Nicholas Boyarsky, and Ziganshina, taking advantage of the chance, convinced the Director to give the role to her, although it was approved by another actress.

    After the phenomenal success of «Snow Queen» Era began to offer the same type of role, aggressive and rude girls, which was a continuation of the first kinoperson. She often refused and eventually stopped getting a decent deal.

    Only after 10 years of Era again reminded of themselves lovers of cinema, when he appeared as good-natured and attractive Ursula in the musical Comedy «Heavenly swallows», where her partner was Andrei Mironov. But overall, the film did not attract the actress as a theatre in which she felt out of the auditorium.

    Back on the big screen Era Ziganshina only in 90-ies and to his return she owes Director Sergei Snezhkin, invited her socio-psychological Thriller «the Defector», predicted the political events of 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Much more she began acting in the 21st century. On account of its role in the most famous crime dramas «national security Agent», «Gangster Petersburg», «Streets of broken lamps» and in the very popular mystical Thriller «Black crow».

    In 2007, she gave the image of a Mature woman who has decided to completely rethink her own life in the drama of Grigory Nikulin «Antonina obernulas». This picture Ziganshina showed the audience new sides of his talent. Also a very interesting job was waiting for her in the detective «Hunters for diamonds», where she plays the widow of the famous writer Alexei Tolstoy — Lydia Ilyinichna Tolstaya.

    Very characteristic of the Era of Garafovna find in each her character, especially negative, the opposite of the main character and to emphasize this quality during the whole episode. Actress seeks not just to show a person in a given situation, but also to explain the reasons for actions.

    Personal life

    The official man of the Era Ziganshina was a Soviet actor and Director Vladimir Golovin, the marriage with whom she had a son and a daughter. The family did not last very long and after moving to Chisinau collapsed.

    Older children actress in a theatrical environment is not allowed, deliberately instilling in them a love of the stage. But the younger son Vladimir Rozhin, born from another man, wanted to be an actor, later – Director, but was not able to be realized in the cinema, so I found myself in journalism.


    • 1966 — the snow Queen
    • 1976 Celestial swallows
    • 1991 — the Defector
    • 1998 — calendula Flowers
    • 2000 — Gangster Petersburg-2
    • 2001-2005 — Black Raven
    • 2007 — Antonina turned
    • 2008 — Humanoids in the Queen
    • 2015 Syndrome Parsley
    • 2015 — Between us girls!


    Era Ziganshina

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