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  • Name: Enrique Iglesias ( Enrique Miguel Iglesias )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Madrid
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: Not married

    Enrique Iglesias: biography

    May 8, 1975 in the family of the famous Spanish singer, producer and actor Julio Iglesias and Filipino TV presenter and journalist Isabel Preysler, was born their third child. The boy called Enrique. Three years after his son’s birth the couple separated. Julio went to Miami to record there songs, the children remained with the mother in Madrid.

    Isabel worked hard. Parenting she trusted nanny Maria Olivares that in all the interviews Enrique remembers, as a full-fledged family member. In 1985, for family it is a difficult time. The terrorists THAT seriously threatened Julio Iglesias and even attempt to grandfather Enrique. Julio Sr. was released from prison, but criminals are not satisfied, and all their threats directed towards children. Isabel felt that in America, they would be safer.

    Since then, the education of children engaged in Julio. However, Enrique complains that his father cared little about it, and when the house had a stepmother, the emotional climate in the family and ceased to be comfortable. Enrique studied at the prestigious American school of Miami «Gulliver Preparatory School». He was shy and not made a lot of friends. The school was considered a school for the rich, and the disciples had arrived in expensive cars. Julio Iglesias, this fact is not very embarrassed. While driving, «wreck», as he calls himself your car Enrique, it is even more complexed.

    16 years old son of the singer also dreamed of a musical career for himself. The same like his older brother Julio. Enrique wrote lyrics for future songs, but her father didn’t want to hear anything, because he saw the son of a businessman. Under pressure from Enrique even entered the University on faculty of business. But during his school years along with the managers he has sent your demo recording studios, signing Enrique Martinez from Central America.

    The efforts have borne fruit in 1994. Mexican «FonoMusic» concluded with a young artist contract. With a light heart Enrique dropped out of University and went to Canada to record his first album.


    In 1995, the single «Si tú te vas» preceded the release of their debut album «Enrique Iglesias», which instantly became popular in his native Spain, Portugal and Italy. 1 million copies sold out within a week. If you consider that the album is not English, the result is impressive. The song «Por amarte daría mi vida» even took in a Mexican TV series.

    In 1997 they released the album Iglesias «Vivir» (to Live). He selects the best musicians to have experience with Elton John, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen and going on the road. For his time, Enrique visited 16 countries, having played 78 concerts.

    In the same year as his father, Enrique is nominated for «American Music Awards». But Julio Iglesias said that if his son would be «the Best was the» singer», he, protesting, out of the hall. Enrique refused nomination in order not to quarrel with his father, but sang at the ceremony the song «Lluvia Cae» (the Rain). In the end, the award went to Julio.

    In 1998, fans rejoice third album «Cosas del Amor». This time he receives an award at the American Music Awards», ahead of even Ricky Martin. The song «Bailamos» is used in the movie «wild Wild West» soundtrack. It brought Enrique resounding worldwide popularity. He had to record an album in English, having signed a contract with famous labels. This album includes duets with Whitney Houston and Lil Wayne.

    In 2000, he again makes a world tour, and in 2001 released the most popular from his album «Escape». He has sold 10 million copies. In the video of the same name appears Anna Kournikova. Until the end of the year, he again becomes the «Best Latin American singer». In support of the album he plays 50 concerts in 16 countries.

    From the album «Quizás» singer returns to the Hispanic audience, but also songs in Spanish are world famous. In 2003, Enrique released an album called «7» is the 77th album. Creation Julio met wonderful, but the son was evaluated at a C grade. Enrique did not lose heart and goes to the biggest tour, visiting those countries, where previously it was not. For example, in South Africa.

    Three years later, «Insomniac» has become a «hit» album and fans and critics. The song «Can You Hear Me» became the official anthem of UEFA 2008. Enrique Iglesias performed it at the stadium.

    In 2008 he published two collections, which have become popular. And in 2010, he creates a compilation, «Download to Donate for Haiti». The money from the sale going to the Fund for victims of the earthquake in Haiti to the people. Then the album «Euphoria» Enrique Iglesias brought the highest number of awards in nine categories.

    In 2014 he published a bilingual album «Sex + Love».

    Personal life

    Enrique likes simple clothes and fast food, but loves expensive cars. And he is very afraid of cockroaches, in his song mentioned Pitbull.

    Enrique Iglesias met with Jennifer Love Hewitt since 2000. She even appeared in his video for the song «Hero» in 2011. But Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova has also appeared in the music video stars «Escape» was the main love of his life.

    In a press constantly there is information about the gap pair and its reunification. Nobody has seen the wedding of lovers, but once in 2014, at a concert in Los Angeles, Enrique said that divorced. In 2015 Iglesias and Anna can be observed together.


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    Enrique Iglesias

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