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  • Name: Engin Ozturk ( Engin Ozturk )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: eskişehir, Turkey
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: Turkish actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Engin Ozturk : a biography

    Actor Engin Ozturk, who became famous for the role Sehzade Selim in the acclaimed TV series «magnificent century», was born in September 1986 in the Northwest of Turkey, Eskisehir. He grew up in an ordinary family where the mother, an immigrant from the Greek Solonikov, was a housewife, and his father had Bulgarian roots and served in the army.

    Engin has been a welcome child in a family of Sturckow. Because there were already 3 grown daughters, and the heir did not appear. The boy grew frisky at a young age with pleasure was engaged in volleyball and other sports. But wanted the Engin is not about career, and about the sky. He wanted to be a pilot and fly on a beautiful liner. He studied Engin Ozturk without much heat and rarely pleasing parents good grades.

    In high school Ozturk suddenly not a little fond of psychology, the study of which he devoted all his spare time. As is often the case, all decided by his Majesty the case. Once the guy got on a theatrical performance, at the end of which knew what was happening on the stage he is interested in more than anything.

    After graduation Engin Ozturk went to Ankara and enrolled in drama school. To learn he liked, but to survive in the capital without the help of parents proved difficult. So after class the guy was moonlighting as a bartender.


    A cinematic biography of Engin Ozturk has been developing rapidly. In 2010, the actor went to the casting of the series «Little secrets of Istanbul». But the Directors couldn’t see in the unknown artist the necessary capacity. Engin did not give up and in the same year, still debuted in his first film. It took in a series called «what is the fault Fatmagyul.» Ozturk got the role of a rapist, but is it a little confused. After all, to move forward without the experience and track record, he could not.

    In 2012, Engin Ozturk left the walls of the theatre University and went to conquer the peaks of the national cinema. He starred in the films «Behzat H Serial crimes in Ankara» and «End of the road to Gallipoli» and was immediately spotted by renowned Directors. He was invited to star in the historical drama «Magnificent century», proposing to play şehzade Selim.

    After the release of this epic tape, the young artist woke up incredibly famous. On this success he seems to have not even dreamed of. After the rights to broadcast this wonderful Turkish tape bought 50 countries, the existence of Engin Ozturk know the world.

    I must say that the young actor did a great job with his role. The image of Hagia Sophia, nicknamed «Selim the blond», was one of the Central problems in the series. The film opened Ozturk wide road in the world of cinema. After finishing work on the set of «Magnificent century» Engin immediately received lots of brilliant suggestions. Fans saw him in the films «To life» and «Remember, Genul», received high marks from critics and audiences.

    Of the «fresh» projects, starring Turkish star, can be noted as the most striking film «High society». Here the audience learned favorite actor in the image of Dr. Jam. The latest series is melodrama was shown on the screens of Turkey in the middle of 2015.

    The Russian audience got acquainted with the star of Turkish cinema recently. Historical drama «Magnificent century» broadcasted on the channel «Home» and gathered at the screens of millions of viewers.

    Personal life

    The press can find a lot of stories about the novels of a popular artist. Personal life Engin Ozturk, became a star of Turkish cinema the first magnitude, is examined particularly closely. Journalists talked about the allegedly existing novels with a number of Actresses, including call of khand Sora, Merve Bolugur, hand Devandemar, Every Der and Oyku, Karel. But confirmation of these rumors was not found.

    But a romantic connection with two Turkish artist Engin denies. Some time he met with elif Sokmen. Then had a short affair with the Turks of Turan. But in 2013, it became known that the couple no longer together.

    In 2015, personal life Ozturk was once again the center of attention of the press. The actor began to meet in society a great Idil Firat. Engin argues that the feeling of love is the most beautiful of all. And he is ready to fall in love again and again, but a busy schedule is a big obstacle to new novels.


    • «What is the fault Fatmagyul?»
    • «End of the road in çanakkale»
    • «Wild heart: hell of boomerang»
    • «Twilight»
    • «Pain of life»
    • «The last Ottomans: Yandim Ali»
    • «Honor»
    • «Way of the dragon»
    • «Long story»
    • «Karaday»


    Ozturk Spoke

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