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  • Name: Emmy Rossum ( Emmanuelle Grey Rossum )
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Emmy Rossum: biography

    Emmanuelle grey Rossum is an American actress and singer who gained recognition after the release of the films «mystic river», «the phantom of the Opera» and «Poseidon» and the TV series «Shameless».

    Emmy was born in new York, a single mother, Cheryl Rossum: her parents split up before her birth and the father she saw only twice in my life. Interestingly, the actress has a famous cousin, the American fashion designer wedding dresses Vera Wang married her mother’s uncle.

    From an early age, Emmanuel showed love to art, so my mother decided to send her to children’s chorus of the Metropolitan Opera. Audition 7-year-old Rossum sang the song «Happy Birthday to You», but have used as many as 12 colours. For five years she sang with the choir, and has worked with such famous singers as Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.

    Emmy Rossum
    Emmy Rossum | Fun Hungama

    To 12 years Emma tired of singing children’s repertoire. She became interested in acting, began to take lessons in performance skills and to participate in the auditions. On account of its several children’s roles.

    Due to filming okay to attend school a girl could not. However, she received a matriculation certificate, and even higher education. School Emmanuelle Rossum finished in a special accelerated program at Stanford University for gifted students, and then with the help of distance learning received a diploma from Columbia University.


    First Emmy Rossum starred only in TV projects: TV series «Law and order», «Their own will», «the Searchers», as well as in feature films for television «grace and Gloria», «Only love» and «Genius». For the last one the girl was nominated for the award «Young actor». Also, young Rossum took part in the biographical drama «the Audrey Hepburn Story», where she played the role of a legendary actress in childhood.

    Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler in the movie
    Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler in the movie phantom of the Opera | RateThemAll

    On the big screen, Emmy Rossum appeared in 2000 in the musical «Catcher song», but the real recognition she received thanks to a Clint Eastwood film «mystic river». More about the actress talking, when out of the musical «the Phantom of the Opera». It is interesting that Emmy was the last candidate on the list in session, but managed to kill the impression of the performances of rivals.

    Then, in the filmography of the actress appears in the disaster film «Poseidon», romance, «You’re not you,» youth fantasy «Beautiful creatures» and the film adaptation of Japanese manga «dragonball Evolution», which Amy calls his most difficult work. Recent years, the actress cooperates again with the TV, she starred in the popular television series «Shameless,» which also played by Cameron Monaghan.


    After the release of the musical «the phantom of the Opera» Emmy Rossum received an offer to record an album of classical music. Rossum decided to record a debut album. As an actress will tell later, her shocking songs that sound today on the radio, as they do not carry any emotional component.

    Emmy refused to focus on the style of fashion, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Her first album «Inside Out» in 2007 inspired by the works of Madonna, Barbara Streisand, cher and Dolly parton. The disc entered the top 200 albums according to the authoritative edition of «Billboard» and the most successful song «Slow Me Down».

    In 2008, they began recording their new album Emmy Rossum, but the work was completed many years later. Album «Sentimental Journey» was released in 2013 and immediately hit the top ten, and among the jazz of new products appeared on the top line of the chart. The most successful song was deemed «Pretty Paper».

    Personal life

    The first boyfriend of actress Emmy Rossum was her boyfriend David Wildenstein, whom she dated for two years. Later she had an affair with actor Topher Grace, star of «spider-Man 3: the Enemy in reflection» and «Predators». And in 2007, Amy married music producer Justin Siegel. Their relationship lasted almost a year and a half. The reasons for the breakup, the public does not know, but we know that filed for divorce, it Siegel.

    Emmy Rossum's ex-husband, Justin Siegel
    Emmy Rossum’s ex-husband, Justin Siegel | WeSharePics

    After a joint tour with the rock group «Counting Crows» Rossum began to meet with the leader of this team Adam Durica. Following the beloved actress was Tyler Moore, with whom she starred together in the TV series «Shameless». 2015 Emmy Rossum engaged to American Director and screenwriter Sam Asmala, with whom she was familiar over two years.

    EMM Rossum . . narechenie SEM Esmail
    Emmy Rossum and her fiance Sam Esmail | InStyle Australia

    Emmanuelle Rossum suffers from celiac disease, meaning she is allergic to any food products which contain gluten or wheat. This circumstance is remarkable in that she is an excellent cook, well versed in the cuisines of the world and even took a course school of culinary arts «Le Cordon Bleu» in London.


    • 2001 — Rock of retribution
    • 2003 — mystic river
    • 2004 — day after tomorrow
    • 2004 — the phantom of the Opera
    • 2006 — Poseidon
    • 2009 — dragonball Evolution
    • 2009 — Call
    • 2013 — Beautiful creatures
    • 2014 — You’re not you
    • 2011-2016 — Shameless


    • 2007 — Inside Out
    • 2007 — Carol of the Bells
    • 2010 — Cruel One
    • 2013 — Sentimental Journey


    Emmy Rossum

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