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  • Name: Emmanuel Vitorgan ( Emmanuil Vitorgan )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Emmanuel Vitorgan : biography

    Emmanuel gedeonovich Vitorgan is one of the favorite artists of the Soviet and Russian cinema for millions of viewers.

    Emmanuil Vitorgan was born into a Jewish family. Father Gideon Vitorgan was a good specialist in milling industry and it is often «transferred» to different cities of the country. Mother Haya, Blechman took care of home and raised two sons – Vladimir and 3-year Junior Emmanuel, which was named in honor of the deceased in the years of anti-Jewish pogroms uncle. The parents of the artist was to Odessa. At the time of birth of the youngest son’s family lived in Baku.

    School Emmanuel Vitorgan graduated in Astrakhan. In high school he became interested in the theatre. The starting point was meeting with Yuri Kochetkov, whose parents were artists of the Astrakhan theatre. Vitorgan did not miss a single premiere, and soon became a visitor of the drama club. All other Hobbies are volleyball, water Polo – faded into the background.

    After receiving a high school diploma, Emmanuel Vitorgan went to the capital. But become a student of the Moscow theatrical high schools failed. He did not give up and managed to enroll in University in Leningrad (LGITMiK). The future actor was extremely fortunate: he studied at the famous course under the guidance of talented mentor Boris Area. Vitorgan learned the secrets of acting together with Alisa Freindlich, Sergei Yursky, Svetlana Karpinskaya, Alexandra Nazarova and many others.


    Biography of Emmanuel Vitorgan began in 1961. After graduation, the budding artist was sent to the Pskov drama theatre. But after 2 years he returned to his beloved city on the Neva river and settled in the famous «Lenkom». On the stage of Emmanuel gedeonovich played until 1971 and then began his «Moscow period». The artist moved to the capital along with his second wife, actress Alla Batler. They were accepted into the troupe of the Taganka theater. Here wife stayed for 2 years, then moved to the stage of Academic theatre named St. Mayakovsky.

    On the screens of Emmanuel Vitorgan appeared in 1962. First, he trusted the episodes and the role of the second plan. And the first notable work in the movie happened in 1977. Then came a great picture «And it’s all about him», filmed on the novel by vil Lipatov. The actor got quite a complex way the criminal Gleb Zavarzin, embodied good and evil at the same time. Vitorgan thoroughly reworked this image, and his character was very vivid and memorable. The film brought the actor first glory.

    High impressive Emmanuel gedeonovich outwardly conformed developed in the 1970s and 80s the image of spies, criminals and CIA agents. Hence the many negative roles played by the actor in that role. The above-mentioned film, and big picture «Profession of the investigator» and «the Emissary foreign center» are Prime examples.

    But a talented artist well known in different roles, from Comedy to psychological drama. Therefore, in a creative Treasury of Emmanuel Vitorgan, there are positive heroes. Convincing acting in the image of the Commissar Fomin in the historical film «Battle for Moscow», and Director of Prokudin-Gorsky in the film «Anna Karamazoff» and an honest investigator Zotov in the Comedy film «the sleeping dog». And the Comedy «the Pious Martha» and «Wizards» did Vitorgan popular favorite.

    In the 1990s Emmanuel gedeonovich did not appear on the screen. This is due not only to the crisis in cinema, but a serious illness and then death of his wife.

    But in recent years, Emmanuel Vitorgan again appeared in the movie. Recent projects are the TV series «Poor Nastya», where the actor got the image of Prince Peter Dolgoruky. This role Vitorgan calls one of the favorite. Viewers saw the actor in the TV series «Sklifosovsky», «children of the Arbat» and «Christmas Tree 2014».

    In our day, Emmanuel Vitorgan became the leader of the «Cultural Center of Emmanuel Vitorgan», where he plays the solo performance of «Exit» and setting «of Clubs-the card of love.»

    Personal life

    The first marriage of Emmanuel Vitorgan was a student. The young actor fell in love with his College sweetheart Tamara Rumiantsev. By the time of graduation they were already husband and wife. In this marriage a daughter, Ksenia. But when she was 5 years old, marriage Vitorgan and Rumyantseva split. This happened after the actor met at the party, held in the house of the actor, Alla Balter. He instantly fell in love with beauty. And answered him in return.

    The affair was so passionate that lovers could no longer be apart. After the divorce, Tamara Rumyantseva asked the former husband to leave town so as not to hurt her and her daughter. Vitorgan went to the capital. He later admitted that the betrayal of his first wife still considers his greatest sin. The daughter grew up practically without a father.

    In marriage with Alla Balter was born the son of Maxim Vitorgan. He followed in the footsteps of their parents. A few Vitorgan-Balter called the most beautiful pair the Soviet cinema, comparing them with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider.

    A hard blow to Emanuel Gedeonovich was the illness and death of Alla. She was diagnosed with cancer, but it has for many years courageously continued to go on stage. Vitorgan strongly supported his beloved wife. When she was gone, plunged into a long depression.

    Personal life of Emmanuel Vitorgan has changed after a meeting with Irina Mlodik, Director of theatre Agency. She was able to return to the artist interest in the life and in 2003 became his third wife. They are together now.


    • «And it’s all about him»
    • «Profession of the investigator»
    • «Magicians»
    • «Battle for Moscow»
    • «Captain’s children»
    • «Election day»
    • «Bros»
    • «Sklifosovsky»
    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «Friday»


    Emmanuel Vitorgan,

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