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  • Name: Emmanuel Bear ( Emmanuelle Beart )
  • Date of birth: 14 August 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Gassin, France
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, social activist
  • Marital status: divorced

    Emmanuel Bear: a biography

    Emmanuel Bear – the star of French cinema, has starred in such films as «Elevator», «Charming queer», «the Story of Marie and Julien» and many others. Also Bear known as a public figure, a lot of time on social human rights.

    Emmanuel was born in the town of Gassin, which is situated near the famous French resort of Saint-Tropez. Her parents were very famous people. Father guy Bear popular composer, poet and singer, and mother Genevieve Galea in his youth was reputed to be one of the most popular models in France. The girl was not the only child in the family: along with her growing sister and two brothers.

    When Emmanuel was about 13 years old, she saw one of the films game actress Romy Schneider and since she wanted to act in films. She knew that this one appearance is not enough. The girl began to learn the art of recitation, and also learn English. To improve pronunciation, Bear spent summer vacation in Canada, English-speaking family friend of her father.

    In high school she was asked to stay in Montreal and work out of international College «Marie de France». She agreed, and after returning to France he continued to study acting in specialized courses in Paris. She soon received her first role in a television series.


    Emanuel Bear was 20 years old when she first came on the screen. It would be another three years before she became famous in their country. This happened due to the role of the blond shepherdess from the second part of the drama «Manon des sources». Some detractors argue that it has attracted the attention of the viewer, above all, his dance in the Nude, but actually the game is a young actress in this film is really very professional.

    Following this success, the good work went one after another: Comedy «Elevator» with Pierre Richard, drama «Charming queer» with Michel Piccoli, life story «French woman», where Emmanuelle is already a major star. Was the actress and work in Hollywood. For example, she, along with Tom cruise created the action-Thriller «Mission impossible».

    But, of course, for viewers from France, Emmanuelle Bear is more significant than for fans of the cinema of other countries. There she actually is a cult person and repeatedly called the best actress of our time. And the last role only confirms that the age of a Bear is not a hindrance. She perfectly played the role of Milady in the new film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers», starred in the drama film «yellow-eyed crocodiles», and its image is extravagant and sexy Maggie with the psychological drama «My lady» once again brought Emmanuel prize at the French film festival.

    Personal life

    With her first husband, actor Daniel Ataem Emmanuel Bear met in the mid-80s, when they starred together in the drama «Love in secret». Their relationship lasted for more than a decade, although officially they had been married for only two years – 1993 and 1995. This Union gave birth to their common daughter Nellie.

    Then the actress was in a romantic relationship with music producer Danny Moro, which in the spring of 1996, the year gave birth to son Johan. At the beginning of the 21st century the Bear lived in a de facto marriage with film producer Vincent Meyer, until his suicide in 2003.

    Five years after the tragedy, Emmanuel married again, this time officially, with a pretty, though quiet wedding ceremony. Her lover was actor and film Director Michael Cohen, who was younger than his wife of 17 years. In fact, in directing the man Bear debuted as along with a legend of French cinema. Especially for her, he wrote the melodrama «Everything starts with the end» and made this film as a wedding gift.

    As Emmanuel was unable to have a baby, having a baby spouses wanted, they adopted a boy from Ethiopia, who was named Surafel. However, after three years of marriage Bear and Cohen broke up.

    When the actress was 27 years old, she went on a little plastic surgery with the goal to adjust the shape of your lips. The operation ended unsuccessfully, after which, the surgeons had several times put Emmanuel under the knife. Since then, the French star actively encourages women to avoid plastics unless absolutely necessary.

    Also, the woman known in France a social activist. She is the goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, and in addition, advocates for the rights of illegal immigrants and protests against anti-immigration legislation that promotes the French government.


    • 1986 — Manon des sources
    • 1990 — Journey of captain Fracassi
    • 1991 — Charming queer
    • 1994 — a French woman
    • 1996 — Mission impossible
    • 2003 — the Story of Marie and Julien
    • 2005 — d’artagnan and the three Musketeers
    • 2010 — it All starts with the end
    • 2014 — yellow-eyed crocodiles
    • 2014 — My lady


    Emmanuel Bear

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