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  • Name: Emma Thompson ( Emma Thompson )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Emma Thompson: biography

    Emma Thompson is a famous British actress, has received worldwide recognition after the release of the movie «too Big» and TV series «fortune of war» and «tutti Frutti». She is a two-time winner of the award «Oscar» for the film «Howards End» and «sense and sensibility», she won the television Emmy awards as the star of the television series «Ellen». For British fans of movie Emma is one of the classic Actresses of our time.

    Emma Thompson young
    Emma Thompson young

    She was born in London, in the heart of the famous capital’s Paddington station. There at the time of birth of the eldest daughter lived with her parents: Scottish actress Phyllida Lo and her husband Eric Thompson, also a film actor and screenwriter and the narrator is very popular in those years, the children’s show «a Magical adventure». Three years after Emma was born her younger sister is Sophie Thompson, who also walked in the footsteps of their parents and today is world famous as the actress of the movie «Gosford Park», «Harry Potter» and «Four weddings and a funeral».

    Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson | Magaldi

    Childhood Emma was held in the London district of West Hampstead in the North of the metropolis. She went to school for girls «Camden», and on vacations went to the Scottish village of Ardentinny, where she lived with her grandparents on the maternal side. As a teenager Thompson was very passionate about English literature and she dreamed of becoming a writer. She even came after school to College, «Newnham» at the University of Cambridge, where he studied Philology. But, as you say later, the actress, after her education in the family Filley and Eric never had a chance for a single profession, except acting.

    Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson | Film izle

    At Cambridge, Emma was in the company of «Footlights» through which it took a generation of famous comedians. The girl began to develop his talent to make people laugh and went on stage in comic roles. At the same time, she becomes a strong feminist, astrigal short hair and begins to paint in the color red, and passion of expressive lady is riding around town on a motorcycle and always with great speed. By the way, in the company of «Footlights» Thompson became the first lady that is also a lot to say about both her talent and determination.

    Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Stephen fry
    Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Stephen fry | Ile de Beaute

    Emma has created in the company of a spectacular trio with the famous comedian Stephen Frye and Hugh Laurie and together they became the leading actress of this theatre. At that time it meets the level polulyubitelsky views. But when in 1982, died suddenly father of Emma, a young woman as a psychological protection threw himself into the work and for several years has become one of the most promising and most promising Actresses on the London stage. She has performed in numerous Shakespeare productions and on television has appeared in humorous sketches. The Thompson was the author and organizer of the successful Comedy program, «outdoors», but also began to try myself as an actress historical series of the BBC.


    The first feature film who invited Emma Thompson, was a television Comedy «nothing to Worry about!». Then there were a number of similar comic projects. And the first popular actress presented a TV series – Comedy «tutti Frutti» and military drama «fortune of war». Also in the UK was easy melodrama «Fortress» in which she portrayed an eccentric nurse Kate Lemmon.

    Emma Thompson in the film
    The role of Emma Thompson in the movie «Big» | About the Movie

    Worldwide recognition, Thompson received following a joint work with Anthony Hopkins historical painting «Howards End» and the social drama about love «At the end of the day.» At the same time, caused a furore biographical history «In the name of the father.» All three works presented to the actress a nomination at the prestigious film award, and «Howards End» earned her the award «Oscar» and «Golden globe». Began to invite Emma and foreign film studios. In Hollywood she starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito Comedy «Junior» and with Antonio Banderas in the Thriller «Dreaming of Argentina». Over a political tragi-Comedy «primary colors,» in which Emma appeared in the role of first lady of the United States, becoming on-screen wife of John Travolta, worked from four countries.

    Emma Thompson in the film
    The role of Emma Thompson in the movie «Howards End» | DVDBeaver

    By the way, the actress was able to realize his childhood dream of becoming a writer: she wrote the script for the novel by J. Austen «sense and feeling» and received the «Oscar» as a writer. Soon, talented woman again took the pen and began work on the script for the family fantasy Comedy «nanny McPhee». However, this time it took her nine years to turn the idea into a finished project. The film was a great success, and Thompson took part in it and as an actress, sharing the main role with Angela Lansbury and Colin Firth.

    Emma Thompson in the film
    The role of Emma Thompson in «sense and sensibility» | the Real movie

    In the twenty-first century actress, like many leaders of the British scene, starred in the acclaimed Saga of boy wizard «Harry Potter». Emma first appeared in the third part of the film «Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban» in a role of the eccentric teacher’s divination Professor sibyl Trelawney. It should be noted that the actress was very unhappy with the results of the work, despite the fact that cycle of films was a huge popular and the role of the Thompson, unlike most others, was practically a Comedy. She said to do she was bored, as the Directors and producers wouldn’t let her make the image of Professor Trelawney zest, which would have turned this character into a diamond.

    Emma Thompson in the film
    The image of Sybil Trelawney in «Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban» | Movie Pictures in Pin

    At the same time in Britain, Emma gets great pleasure when shooting film adaptation of the classic drama of Evelyn In «Brideshead revisited» and the melodrama «Last chance Harvey», which cooperates with Dustin Hoffman. Also the actress star duets with Pierce Brosnan in the Comedy «How to steal a diamond» with Tom Hanks in the biographical tragicomedy «Saving Mr. banks.» The last of them, Thompson is so good as the famous English writer Pamela Travers, the author of the tales of «Mary Poppins» that all colleagues were convinced that the next «Oscar» for best actress will get an Emmy. Even more shocking was the news that she wasn’t even in the shortlist of contenders.

    Emma Thompson in the film
    The role of Emma Thompson in «Saving Mr. banks» | video

    Among recent works actress you can highlight the crime Comedy «killing cut», the third part melodramatic diaries «Child of Bridget Jones», the military drama «Alone in Berlin». Now Thompson ends up shooting one of the most anticipated films of 2017 – disney musical fairy tale «beauty and the beast», which will play enchanted housekeeper Mrs. Potts. In addition to her film involves Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ian McKellen and many other stars of the first magnitude.

    Personal life

    In the late 1970-ies to the aspiring actress began to meet his partner in the company of «Footlights» Hugh Laurie. Their relationship lasted about four years, but after parting the actors remained loyal and close friends. The warm relationship they still have.

    Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie
    Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie | LostFilm

    Soon Emma met and had an affair with actor and Director Kenneth Branom, who collaborated on the set of the six films. Interestingly, the couple tried not to advertise their relationship and wanted the audience did not perceive them as «a power couple». In 1995, the marriage has come to a standstill, and Kenneth and Emma split up.

    Emma Thompson and her husband Kenneth bran
    Emma Thompson and her husband Kenneth bran | Hdimagegallery

    Later, Thompson admitted that he was depressed after the divorce with her husband. It is again immersed in work, this time on the film «sense and sensibility». And it was on the set in this melodrama, a woman meets a young actor Greg wise, who is younger than her seven years. According to Emma, a new love and an interesting job helped her regain strength.

    Emma Thompson and her husband Greg wise
    Emma Thompson and her husband Greg wise | Tunes.Zone

    From a relationship with Greg wise actress gave birth to daughter Gaia. At that time the woman was already 39 years old. And four years after the birth of a girl Thompson officially married the father of her child. The ceremony was held in the Scottish town of Dunure, where she has a private house. In the year of the wedding, the couple also adopted a 16-year-old boy, Tindyebwa to Aqaba, a refugee from the African country of Rwanda. At home his whole family killed in the genocide, and the teenager ran away to England.

    The Family Of Emma Thompson
    The Family Of Emma Thompson | Daily Record

    Interestingly, although Emma brought up from childhood in religious morality, even at a tender age, she stopped attending Church. The fact that a young girl in one of your interviews with pastor asked gets to heaven her uncle is gay. Receiving a negative reply, young Thompson decided that since in Paradise there is no place for her uncle, who was kind, sympathetic and helps the man she knew, and she there is nothing to do. The woman lives according to Christian moral principles, but to the confession itself does not rank.


    • 1992 — Howards End
    • 1995 — sense and sensibility
    • 1998 — primary colors
    • 2004-2011 — Harry Potter
    • 2005 — nanny McPhee
    • 2008 — Brideshead revisited
    • 2013 — How to steal a diamond
    • 2013 — Saving Mr. banks
    • 2016 — Child Of Bridget Jones
    • 2017 — beauty and the beast


    Emma Thompson

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