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  • Name: Emma Stone ( Emily Jean Stone )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Scottsdale, United States
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Emma stone: biography

    Emma was born in the town of Scottsdale, which is included in the Arizona. Her father Jeff stone was a contractor and mother is Christina Yeager, a housewife. Emma is younger by 2 years brother Spencer.

    At first, the girl went to Sequoya elementary school, then middle school Cocopah, after it – to a Catholic school for girls Xavier, but the latter had studied quite a bit and continued his education being home schooled. Even in primary school, taking part in school productions, seriously interested in the theatrical stage, and the mother took the girl to the Theatre’s Studio in the Valley of Youth.» His first role was played by Emma at age 11 in the play «wind in the willows». In total she has participated in 16 productions youth theatre, including such shows as «the Princess and the pea», «Alice in Wonderland», «little Mermaid,» «Titanic» and many others.

    At the age of 15 Emma stone makes her own computer presentation of his photographs entitled «Project Hollywood», shows her parents and convinces Jeff and Christine, what an acting career is more important to her than the standard General education. Father and mother not only allow her daughter to quit school, but agree to go with her to auditions in Los Angeles. In 2004, Emma Christine go to American kinoelity, where the young actress almost immediately takes part in the staged reality show «the New partridge family». This show was not particularly popular, but aspiring actress noticed and invited to play in the series. Over the next three years Emma appears in small roles in such TV series as «Medium,» «All TIPTOP, or Life of Zack and Cody», «Malcolm in the middle», «Lucky Louie» and «Race».


    On the big screen Emma stone made her debut in the 2007 teen Comedy «Argparse», which played a secondary role girl Jules. The following year, the actress played the role of bass music band named Amelia in the Comedy musical «the Naked drummer», and played a slightly larger role of the President of the women’s club Natalie in a Comedy for teenagers «Bunny».

    In 2009, Emma worked in three films. It was a melodramatic Comedy «Ghosts of girlfriends past,» the romantic Comedy «Paper man» and black Comedy «Welcome to Zombilend». In all these movies the role Emma stone was secondary, but the last picture has brought her some notoriety. This circumstance allowed the young actress to get the starring role in another musical Comedy «Student of easy virtue». The image of the girl olive Pendergast had managed to miss stone so much that she was nominated for the award «Golden globe».

    The following year there was another youth romantic Comedy «This stupid love», in which she played Emma, the daughter of the protagonist, and the first serious role of the journalist Skeeter Phelan in the drama «the Servant», filmed on the novel by Kathryn Stockett.

    But the greatest popularity was brought in 2012 the film «New spider-Man», where her partner was Andrew Garfield. Emma plays Gwen Stacy, the girl in love with the most popular American super-hero. This comic book adaptation was enough cash though and got a fairly calm criticism. So in 2014 he released the sequel film «the New spider-Man. High voltage».

    In addition to this action, Emma stone played in the crime Thriller «gangster squad,» the black Comedy «Birdman», paired with Colin Firth starred in the Comedy «magic in the moonlight» and with Bradley Cooper in the romantic tragicomedy «Aloha».

    The latest film starring Emma stone became the mystical drama of the famous Director woody Allen’s «Irrational man», which was released in 2015.

    Personal life

    In 2008 on the set of the musical «the Naked drummer» Emma met actor and musician Teddy Geiger. The pair met for about a year.

    In 2010, the actress has an affair with a famous actor, Andrew Garfield. Later they would star in movies about spider-man. The young people had been together for 5 years and even planned a wedding for the summer of 2015, but a few months before this event divorced.

    Best friend Emma stone is a famous country singer Taylor swift.

    Despite the fact that the audience is used to seeing Emma with red hair, she is a natural blonde. For the filming of television films early in his career, she had painted a brunette, but the producer of the Comedy «Origprice» Judd Apatow insisted on the red color and this image is so pleased with the actress that she decided to make it the primary.


    • 2007 — Argparse
    • 2009 — Ghosts of girlfriends past
    • 2009 — Welcome to Zombilend
    • 2010 — excellent Student of easy virtue
    • 2011 — Servants
    • 2012 — New Spiderman
    • 2013 — gangster squad
    • 2014 — New spider-Man. High voltage
    • 2014 — moonlight Magic
    • 2015 — Irrational man


    Emma Stone

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