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  • Name: Emma Sjöberg ( Emma Wiklund )
  • Date of birth: 13 September 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: model, actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Emma Sjöberg’s biography

    Swedish model and actress Emma Sjöberg was born on September 13 1968 in Stockholm. Her parents divorced when she was still in school. The girl was very upset by the divorce, grew quiet and reserved child, and after that was closed.

    The situation was aggravated by the condition of Emma. Doctors diagnosed him with blood cancer. But Amy’s mother had the strength and courage to overcome the disease. The girl went to the amendment, began to interact with their peers, gradually became confident.

    Sjöberg had dreams of becoming a ballerina, but the ballet school turned her away because of high growth. But suddenly she discovered another talent – she was good to pose for the cameras. In the future this skill it is very useful.

    Modeling career

    Modeling career, Emma Sjöberg began at the age of 16 and a year later she became a popular model. Photos of Emma graced the cover of fashion glossy magazines, among which was the popular magazine «Vogue», «Elle», «Cosmopolitan» and others.

    Emma Sjöberg in his youth
    Emma Sjöberg in youth | Foto Sklad

    The next step for the Swedish model was the collaboration with Christian Lacroix, Lanvin and Thierry Magler. During this time Emma worked with the prestigious modeling Agency «Elite Model Management».

    In 1992, Sjöberg starred in the video for George Michael’s supermodel Linda Evangelista, Estelle holiday, Nadia Auerman and Tyra banks. It was her first but not last experience in the frame.


    For the first time like actress Emma Sjöberg made his debut in the 1998 Comedy «Taxi» Director Luc Besson. The debut was successful, so the model starred in all four parts of the projects. Emma got the role of a police officer of Petra. The film was so successful that the American and Indian filmmakers decided to make the remakes.

    Emma Sjöberg in the film
    Emma Sjöberg in the movie «Taxi» | Around TV

    In between filming in the next parts of «Taxi» Emma played a small role of a dancer in the movie «Simon SEZ» and Sonia in the film «Big kiss». But these projects were not as successful as «Taxi».

    Personal life

    Emma Sjöberg was married twice. Her first husband was the legendary Rod Stewart. Beauty girl conquered him, he soon made her an official offer. Sjöberg agreed, the age difference 24 years it doesn’t. In this marriage, Emma gave birth to two children, but the relationship was not maintained.

    In 2003, model and actress the second time married. Her husband was Hans Wiklund. In this relationship she also had two children – a son and a daughter. In 2016, the couple divorced.

    Emma and Hans Wiklund
    Emma and Hans Wiklund | Alchetron

    She now lives in Stockholm, administers the Swedish company Lindex. In 2008, Emma Wiklund created the brand «Emma S.», which develops products for skin and hair. The secret of its beauty Emma says we need more sleep and laugh and less stress. She loves Opera, sports, reading and relaxing in a country house, with a panoramic view of the sea.

    Emma Wiklund involved in charity work, helping people with cancer cope with the disease.


    • «Taxi»
    • «A big kiss»
    • «Taxi 2»
    • «High fashion»
    • «Taxi 3»
    • «Taxi 4»
    • «Simon SEZ»
    • «Taxi 5»


    Emma Wiklund

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