Emma Roberts

photo Emma Roberts

  • Name: Emma Roberts ( Emma Rose Roberts )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Reinbek
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: American actress and model
  • Marital status: not married

    Emma Roberts : biography

    Emma rose Roberts was born in 1991 in Reinbek that belongs to the state of new York, in the star family. First of all, she’s the niece of Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Her father is also a famous actor Eric Roberts. The model and actress was Emma’s mother Kelly Cunningham.

    The parents of Emma Roberts broke up when my daughter was a few months from birth. Began a scandalous divorce case, in which Eric Roberts was deprived of his ex-wife with her daughter, a roof over your head. A large part in the fate of the little niece and former daughter-in-law took star aunt Emma’s Julia Roberts. She bought relatives who have remained without habitation, the house and undertook to defend Kelly Cunningham from her ex-husband and his brother Eric. After all, he started the trial on the confiscation of the daughters of the former wife. With the help of Julia Kelly managed to defend the right to daughter. In the future Julia Roberts were taking care of the niece.

    Emma Roberts childhood was watching the picture with his beloved aunt. Inspired by her talent, the girl from an early age appeared at the auditions and was on the set, often taking with him the niece of Julia Roberts.

    Debut role, which began with a cinematic biography of Emma Roberts, got young actress in 2001 when she was just 9 years old. Emma played the daughter of the main character in the film «Cocaine». But watch the film the girl could only when she turned 18, because the tape was «for adults». Good start for the daughter influenced the decision of mothers to give Emma in Los Angeles at the Archer school, where the young artist had the opportunity to learn and to act on.


    Already in Los Angeles Emma Roberts continues to star in a movie. In 2002, she was offered a part in two projects – «Great champion» and «Chimpanzee-spy». In the first picture the girl played the sister of the protagonist. In the second she also got a bright and visible role of the daughter of a former secret agent Muggins. Both paintings were very warmly received by the audience, and a young actress gathered a lot of compliments from critics.

    But the real fame came to Emma Roberts when she was 13 years old. She becomes the star of the hit show «Not available». This comic strip where the girl played the main character – teenager Eddie singer after the screen has proved so popular that the producers of the project have decided to continue it. Soon came the 2nd season, and him 3rd. The series is about the vicissitudes of adolescence was broadcast on the channel «Nikelodion» from 2004 to 2007-th years.

    It is noteworthy that participation in this show Emma Roberts was able to reveal another of his talent – music. The plot of the film Eddie singer has composed and sang his own songs, accompanying himself on guitar. Emma coped with this task, and demonstrated their outstanding musical abilities. In 2005 the debut album of Emma Roberts titled «Unfabulous and More», which were recorded all the songs from the TV series «different». Soon, the artist recorded the soundtrack for the disney project «ice Princess». For participation in the series, Emma Roberts was twice nominated for a Young Artist Award.

    Bright appearance of the girl, very like his famous aunt, let her start a modeling career. In 2006 Emma Roberts was invited as a model company «Dooney & Bourke». After 3 years, Emma was invited to become the face of cosmetic brand «Neutrogena».

    In 2006, Emma Roberts starred in the film «aquamarine». With it starred a young actress Sara Paxton and Joanna of Leveski. The next year saw the release of the film «Nancy drew». In this tape, Emma played the main character Nancy, a lover of detective to unravel the puzzle. This tape has grossed a considerable amount. Only in the first weekend after its release it brought to its creators more than $ 7 million.

    Hard work on the set and demand in the movie turned the young actress into a continuous shooting. So after the 8th grade Emma Roberts had to switch to home schooling. When she wasn’t busy filming, she had private teachers.

    In 2009, the screens out the picture «Hotel for dogs». The film became a box office hit, grossed 114 million dollars. After the army of fans of Emma Roberts has multiplied. The artist had the opportunity to choose roles and projects that she likes, because now you can say Yes to all offers that come is not possible. So Emma Roberts appears in the acclaimed movie «Wild child», where he plays a rebellious teenager, by fate caught in a private English school. Immediately after the «Prankster» started «Posh life». This is a picture of where the partner of Emma Roberts was himself Alec Baldwin. The tape was shown at the International festival in 2008 in Toronto and allowed the young artist to take pride of place in the top ten most promising stars of Hollywood.

    In 2010, fulfilled a dream of Emma Roberts: she has played Vesle star aunt Julia in the Comedy-romantic film «Valentine’s Day».

    The most famous and colourful paintings of Emma Roberts, in which she appeared in recent years, film critics think of the film «Season wins» and «Twelve.» For the last movie Emma Roberts was nominated «Teen Choice Award». A very notable work of Emma Roberts was the main role in the sequel to the famous horror film called «Scream 4».

    Personal life

    For some time the young beauty was here with a colleague, Alex Pettifer. They met and played together in the Comedy «Wild child». But soon her sympathies were already associated with well – known athlete skateboarder Ryan Sclera. But this short-term romance ended, and he was replaced by a romantic relationship with actor Cord with Overstream. However, it did not happen.

    In 2012 Emma Roberts was first seen in the company of actor Evan Peters. Together they starred in the TV series «American horror story». This is a love story in 2013 was marked by scandal. During a quarrel Emma, apparently, who picked up the hot temper of his star dads, broke Evan’s nose. The girl was even arrested for the use of force. But since Peters did not press charges, the story ended peacefully.

    Moreover, at the end of 2013, the tabloids wrote that the young man suggested Emma to marry him. The engagement took place in early 2014. But in the summer of 2015 becomes aware that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters break up. The reason for that supposedly separated the pair, was called very tight shooting schedule.


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