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  • Name: Emir Kusturica ( Emir Kusturica )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
  • Height: 191
  • Activity: film Director, composer, novelist, actor, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Emir Kusturica biography

    Emir Kusturica – the legend. The story of the life and career of one of the most famous Directors and subsequently and musician Emir Kusturica is a brilliant picture. This man in my life managed to achieve success and fame in many industries

    In 1954, 24 November in Sarajevo (Yugoslavia) was born Emir Kusturica. His parents at that time were of the Muslim faith, although their stories before the whole family professed Christianity. The father of the world Director Murat Kusturica was one of the members of the Communist party and throughout his life he served in the Ministry of information. Mother, as befits a Muslim woman, was a housewife and homemaker.

    Emir Kusturica in his youth
    Emir Kusturica in his youth | Portal Depo

    From early childhood, little Emir was involved in the arts. He liked to watch movies, sometimes, even had to skip school to enjoy watching your favorite films. Even then the boy knew that would tie his life with the cinema.

    In socialist Yugoslavia to realize his dream was extremely difficult. So after finishing school he went to enter the Prague Academy of performing arts at the faculty of «Cinema and television». In parallel with his studies he wrote scripts for my first two films. The premiere of his short films was released in 1971, «truth» and in 1972 «the Autumn».

    Emir Kusturica in his youth
    Emir Kusturica in his youth | Nedeljnik Vreme

    After graduation in 1977, Amir returned to his native city of Sarajevo and worked there on television – filmed short films. But in his spare time, the guy was a guitarist in a local rock band – music was his hobby.

    Another hobby filmmaker and musician teaching at the film school, which fired him as soon as I heard about the musical activities. And in the nineties he became a member of the punk rock band «Zabranjeno pušenje», which lasted not long.

    Soon Kusturica was invited to become a lecturer at Columbia University, and he, without hesitation, agreed to this proposal. It is here that one talented student David Atkins wrote the script, which was modified by the Emir and successfully filmed in 1992 under the title «Arizona dream». In the same year in his home country the war started, the parent house was disfigured. On the basis of events of a heart attack his father died the Director.

    Emir Kusturica family
    Emir Kusturica with family | Kommersant

    Since that time the filmmaker is actively working on writing the scripts and continues to make movies. In the 2000s, the rock band «Zabranjeno pušenje» was restored. Only now the team began to be called «TheNo Smoking Orchestra», where Kusturica plays the role of vocalist and musician, singing well-known songs. And in 2011, he had himself to star in the film «Pelican».

    In 2016 a concert in Paris of the legendary group «The No Smoking Orchestra» began with the national anthem of Russia. This gesture was done in order to show their respect to the Russian Federation. Indeed, on the eve, it is the attitude of the filmmaker towards Russia contributed to the fact that his film was selected at the Cannes film festival.

    Emir Kusturica in Russia
    Emir Kusturica in Russian | Slant Magazine

    20 Nov 2016 Emir Kusturica in the music of the Russian talk show «Salt» announced the Moscow premiere of her movie «the milky way».

    The Films Of Emir Kusturica

    First short works of world famous Director of the film «some truth» 1971 and «Autumn» in 1972.

    In 1978 filmed the film «the Brides are coming», which was never filmed because of obscene paintings. In mid-1979 released film «the Cafe» Titanic.»

    But the full-length debut Kusturica can be considered the film «do you Remember Dolly bell?», which was shown in 1980.

    Emir Kusturica - photo from the set
    Emir Kusturica on the set | Channel Constantinople

    1984 was significant because of the shooting of the film «Daddy business trip», which shows the history of the post-war era in Yugoslavia. This film was made Emir winner of the FIPRESCI prize at the Cannes film festival.

    «Time of the Gypsies» in 1989 filmed in the Romany language, the film honored its Creator the title of best Director.

    In 1992, the script for the film «Arizona dream» was written jointly with the student Kusturica David Atkins. The film was a long period, but the work never received critical acclaim, although he was awarded the «Silver bear». This is the first and last movie, which was filmed in America.

    Emir Kusturica
    Emir Kusturica | Protoinfo

    In 1995 film «Underground» has received «the Gold palm branch». However, after adaptation of the film, the Director was seen as a monster, his mother because of these events, was forced to move to live in Montenegro.

    The film «Black cat, white cat» was filmed in 1998. And after the screening of the documentary film «Stories on Super 8» film career of Director there was a pause, as he immersed himself in musical activities. And also tried himself in the role of actor.

    The painting «life is a miracle» was released in 2004, the storyline of the film touched upon the theme of war in the Balkans. In 2005, the filmmaker became a member of the jury of the Cannes film festival.

    Emir Kusturica in Cannes
    Emir Kusturica in Cannes | Kommersant

    2007-film «Testament», which traditionally participated in the Cannes film festival, but the prize was never received. In the very next year launched a documentary film «Maradona» about the world famous footballer Diego Maradona.

    This is followed by the film «War and love, or a Love trilogy». His last film, which was presented in September 2016, is the film «the milky way».

    I want to note that Goran Bregovic has written several soundtracks for the films of Emir Kusturica.

    Personal life Kusturica

    More than 30 years Emir Kusturica is in lawful marriage with his wife Maya Kusturica. The couple is the founders and co-owners of the film, Rasta Films. This is the Studio engaged in the production of all films of the Director.

    Emir Kusturica with his wife
    Emir Kusturica wife | Russian newspaper

    During the family life of the Emir managed to acquire two children: son – Stribor daughter Dunya. His son followed in his father’s footsteps and became a drummer in a musical band «The No Smoking Orchestra», and also starred in many famous relative.

    Emir Kusturica children
    Emir Kusturica daughter | Sputnik of Belarus

    Biography of world famous film Director filled with bright colors and unmatched cinema-works that became a legend.


    Emir Kusturica in his youth

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