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  • Name: Eminem ( Marshall Bruce Mathers III )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Joseph, United States
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: rapper, music producer, composer, actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Eminem: biography

    Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers the third was born in the provincial town of St. Joseph, Missouri, 17 October 1972. The boy’s mother Debbie Mathers gave birth to a son at 18 years of age, six months after the childbirth the head of the family Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., left his wife and son. In search of a better life, a young woman not once changed their place of residence. Eventually the family settled in the suburbs of Detroit, where at that time many residents were African American. This is what led to endless conflicts Marshall with his peers – he was constantly teased, nobody wanted to be friends with a white child. In 1983, Marshall was severely beaten in the school toilet, after which the boy had spent 10 days in a coma. A difficult childhood, years of humiliation and suffering greatly influenced the work of Eminem.

    The boy was interested in rap from a young age. In the 4 years he tried to read the texts of his own composition, and it is not surprising, since in those places the rap was almost the only music. On the career of the rapper Marshall seriously thinking, when he got his hands on records of known ice-tea (Ice-T).

    14 years guy performed numerous songs of his own composition, performed in clubs and took part in rap battles. During this period he adopted the pseudonym «M&M» (the letters mean the name), over time, the name transformirovalsya in «Eminem» («Em-and-Em»).

    In 17 years Eminem has decided to leave school and devote himself to music. The artist earned a living hourly dishwashing, and the work of the kitchen in one of the restaurants.


    In 1992, Eminem was noticed by the famous Detroit rapper Champtown, so he appeared in one of the clips of the artist. Then there was a collaboration with the Duo «Bad Meets Evil».

    In 1996, the musician released his premiere album «Infinite» which was invisible because of the oversaturation of the Detroit rap. The failure forced Eminem to fall into depression – a period the most important place in his life took alcohol and drugs. The artist even tried to commit suicide. But in the next year Eminem took himself in hand and went back to work.

    He took second place in superbattle «Rap Olympics», which took place in Los Angeles. Unformatted «white» rapper received the award from the magazine «Word Up!» and signed a contract with Dr. Dre, who was his idol since childhood. It St Dre worked with Eminem on his first full-length Studio album «The Slim Shady LP» (1999) — this album made him a star of world size.

    The peak of popularity, Eminem was in the beginning of 2000-ies. His albums «The Marshall Mathers LP» (2000), «The Eminem Show» (2002), «Encore» (2004), «Curtain Call: The Hits» (2005) smashes sales records. Most striking were the hits «Guilty Conscience,» «97 Bonnie & Clyde», «My Name Is» «Role Model», «Stan», «The Way I Am», «The Real Slim Shady», «I’m Back», «White America», «Hailie»s Song», «Square Dance», «Just Lose It», «Mosh», «Mockingbird».

    Then after a long time in the works began to appear rumors that the singer has decided to end his career. But in 2009, Eminem fans two solo albums «Relapse» and «Refill». In 2010, she released another album of the rapper «Recovery». All this time, he successfully performed.

    In 2013, he began work on the album «The Marshall Mathers LP 2», which was presented in November.


    In 2001, Eminem played a small role in the film «Sink», but a full-fledged debut of the rapper in the movie can be called the 2002 film «8 mile,» which he called poluboginey. The film should not be taken as a description of the life of Eminem, the picture only gives an idea about the adolescence of his life.

    In addition, the singer participated in the scoring of some projects – for example, «Crank Yankers» and the web cartoon «The Slim Shady Show». In addition, he played himself in several films, among them films and the television series «Funny people» (2009), «Entourage» (2010), «Interview» (2014) and the documentary «50 Cent: The New Breed» (2003), «Rap as art» (2012), «How to make money selling drugs» (2012), «The Shady Records Story» (2014).

    Personal life

    Eminem was married to Kimberly Anne Scott twice. They met back in school one time because of family problems and Kim along with her sister lived with musician. The young people met for ten years, then married in 1999. The beginning of family life coincided with the rise of the rapper – the marriage lasted until 2001.

    Five years later, Eminem and Kim again and got married. This time side by side, they managed to survive only a few months. The couple divorced, agreeing on joint education of her daughter Hayley, which was suggested by a couple in 1995.

    Since the early 2000s, the rapper is constantly attributed novels with Actresses, singers, models. There were rumors that the controversial musician met Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Tara Reid, but all of these person denies this.

    Lasted about six months the affair Eminem with porn star Brittany Andrews.

    In 2002, he was Dating actress Brittany Murphy, who starred in the movie «8 mile». Lovers even tried to live together but nothing serious this relationship failed.


    Eminem – a controversial person, he is always at the center of scandals. Many problematic situations are associated with texts of the artist.

    So, in 1999, vs Marshall made his own mother Debbie Nelson. It was disappointed by the fact that in his songs son told me about her as an alcoholic, crazy and drug addicts. Behind the offensive line of the track «My Name Is» Debbie has filed a suit and demanded ten million moral damages, but the court denied the woman.

    In 2001, the world watched the altercation the rapper and singer Mariah Carey. Eminem claimed that one time with the sweet girl he had a sexual relationship, but now the girl is allegedly demands attention. She Mariah denied this information. In the song «Superman» he has devoted to the singer a few unpleasant lines. After a while Eminem once again reminded of Carrie on the track «Bagpipes From Baghdad».

    In one of his songs Eminem offensive comments about Christina Aguilera, with whom he previously had good relations. Friendship stars and failed to establish.

    Aggression in the work was also aimed at his own wife – even before the official divorce Eminem in the lyrics «kill» his wife. After the breakup, the rapper beat gun new Beau, Kim, for which he received 2 years probation for illegal possession of weapons.

    In 2009 a scandal involving the rapper blew up on the MTV Movie Awards. Then Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as the image of Bruno (one of the leading programs homosexual), worn with angel wings above the stage, and then accidentally landed on the head of Eminem, with my head in my legs. The rapper lost his temper and left the event full of foul language. It turned out the incident was planned, but about half-naked Baron Cohen’s rapper no one warned.

    In the lyrics Eminem not flatteringly about Britney Spears, Khloe Kardashian. The number of enemies the rapper also turned out to be performers Whitey Ford (Everlast), ja rule, the group Limp Bizkit.


    • «Infinite»
    • «Shady XV»
    • «Recovery»
    • «Encore»
    • «Relapse»
    • «The Eminem Show»
    • «The Slim Shady LP»
    • «The Marshall Mathers LP»


    • «The eighth mile»
    • «Witch hip-hop»
    • «Handsome»
    • «Funny»
    • «Interview»
    • «Rap as art»
    • «How to make money selling drugs»
    • «Speaking doll»
    • «Sink»



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