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  • Name: Emily Browning ( Emily Jane Browning )
  • Date of birth: 7 December 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Melbourne
  • Height: 155
  • Activity: Australian actress, singer and model
  • Marital status: not married

    Emily Browning: biography

    Emily Browning, full name Emily Jane Browning, was born in December 1988 in Melbourne, Australia. Parents Shelley and Andrew Browning raised three children: in addition to Emily’s family grew by two boys, Nicholas and Matthew. All children of democratic parents were allowed to develop as they wanted. In the house reigned love and respect for the interests of children.

    Emily Browning grew up a creative person. The girl loved art in all its manifestations. She loved English literature, was fond of design and photography. But most of all Emily Jane was attracted to the dramatic arts, stage. The young actress from an early age dreamed of the world of theatre and cinema. She performed on the school stage in a small Amateur productions. Once the game 8-year-old actress saw the father of one of classmates. The husband had the attitude to theatrical craft and was amazed by the acting skills of a little girl. He immediately advised her and her parents to develop his talent further and think seriously about the career of the artist.

    Soon fate gave Emily Browning a great chance to demonstrate their acting skills to a wide audience: the girl was asked to star in the film «Echo of thunder». It was a real stroke of luck. Emily got the opportunity to play together with stars of the Australian film industry. From this moment starts the cinematic biography Emily Browning. She appeared in the projects «the Man who sued God» and «lemony Snicket: 33 unhappiness». In the first film, the girl played the daughter of the main character, in whose image he was Billy Connolly. In the second project Browning again met with Connolly. In addition actor in the film played brilliantly by Jim Carrey, the game which impressed and amused the young actress that she could hardly contain the laughter and was afraid of being expelled for this lack of restraint from the set.

    But most of all Australian starlet movie remembered by the audience after the release of Thriller called «the Ghost Ship», where she played the character Katie Harwood.

    All this time Emily Browning barely had time to go to Altaiskoi school. Shooting took a huge amount of time and effort. In order to successfully pass the exams and finish school, she was forced to take a short break. In 2006 Browning came out of the walls of the school. The cinema was no more obstacles.


    In the work of young, but already well-known Australian actress, in addition to all of the above films was the film «the Kelly Gang», in which Emily played a prominent role. Her partners on the filming turned out to be Heath Ledger and Orlando bloom. For their work in this successful tape Browning was awarded the AFI Young Actor. At the time of graduation, the girl had 3 of such prize. In addition, it noted the jury of the Association of film critics.

    And yet, after finishing school in the film career of Emily Browning occurred a break of 3 years. During this period, the young actress tried herself as a singer and model. In 2006, she starred in a music video recorded by the band «Evermore». And next year, Emily Browning worked as a fashion model at the festival of fashion world famous brand l’oreal. This activity took a lot of effort and time actress, so she turned down the role of Bella Swan in the film adaptation of the novel by Stephenie Meyer «Twilight».

    In 2009, Browning returned to the big screen. First, she played a starring role in an American horror movie called «Uninvited». Immediately behind this project was followed by a second Thriller «Forbidden». This picture brought Emily Browning huge popularity. It was filmed in Vancouver. Initially, the project was busy with Amanda Seyfried, but because of disagreements with the Director and producer she is gone. Her place was taken by Emily, who at the audition sang a favorite song of the wife of the main Director of the movie Zack Snyder. 21-year-old Browning got the role of Dolls in the famous painting. Its premiere took place in March 2011.

    In the same 2011 Emily Browning got another starring role in the film Julia Li «the Sleeping beauty». This Australian project, which premiered in Cannes. Once again, Emily was lucky: first, the role was meant for her compatriot MIA wasikowska. I made a choice in favor of another project – the film «Jane Eyre».

    Recent work by the Australian star critics highlight the picture, «Magic, magic», for shooting in which Emily Browning flew to Chile. This is a dramatic film about a girl who went crazy. Two projects involving Browning, a notable film «God help the girl» and «Summer in February».

    Actress often shows fans another of his talent – singing. For example, for a sensational tape «Forbidden» Emily has recorded 3 songs. In 2014 she starred in the video of the band Years & Years recorded the song «Take Shelter».

    Personal life

    The Australian star is not married. Some time personal life Emily Browning was associated with the English actor and model max irons. The pair met a year, but in 2012 announced the breakup. Emily and Max explained the gap tight work schedules and constant traveling to film in other countries.


    • «Echo of thunder»
    • «Lightning stones»
    • «Blonde»
    • «The Kelly Gang»
    • «The Ghost ship»
    • «Lemony Snicket: 33 unhappiness»
    • «Uninvited»
    • «After the flood»
    • «Forbidden»
    • «Magic, magic»
    • «God help the girl»


    Emily Browning

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