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  • Name: Emily Blunt ( Emily Olivia Leah Blunt )
  • Date of birth: 23 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: British actress
  • Marital status: married to John Krasinski

    Emily blunt: biography

    Emily Olivia Leah blunt was born in February 1983 in London in a respectable family. Her father is a famous British lawyer. Mother before her marriage was an actress of theatre and cinema. After marriage she completed an acting career and began teaching at the school.

    Emily blunt was the second child in the family. Her older sister’s name is felicity. Later were born two children, Suzanne and Sebastian. Uncle Emily Crispin blunt was elected to the British Parliament. Grandpa Peter blunt is a retired major General.

    In her childhood Emily was fond of horse riding and music. The girl studied the vocal and the cello. About the career of actress redheads Emily never even dreamed of: since childhood she had an annoying drawback – it stuttered badly. To solve this problem was helped by the therapy sessions. But the greatest effect had the lessons in a drama circle, a talented teacher taught Emily blunt to imitate other people’s voices and thus to overcome the disease.


    At the age of 16, Emily blunt becomes a student at a private College, which is famous for its special program for the education of actors. After a few months, Emily came on stage in a production of «the Royal family». In addition to her play, played the already well-known public singers, but a fragile girl managed not to get lost among them and did great. For this debut role newspaper «the Evening Standard» blunt was awarded the title of «Best newcomer». To consolidate the success on the stage Emily was able in 2002, appearing in the role of Juliet in a new play in the works of Shakespeare.

    A cinematic biography Emily blunt began in 2003. Aristocratic appearance of the girl caused the roles that she was offered the Directors. First, she played a prominent role in the historical drama series «Queen against Rome.» Then appeared in the form of one of the Royal wives in the film «Henry VIII». In the popular detective series «Poirot Agatha Christie» Emily blunt portrayed the capricious aristocrat.

    The popular, painted in a somewhat shocking shade came to Emily blunt after the release in 2004 of the drama «My summer of love,» where the heroine Emily starred in a lesbian scene. For this work the artist was awarded the BAFTA. The Directors finally saw blunt in a new role and began to invite in pictures where I didn’t have to play noblewomen in medieval costumes.

    In the dramatic film «Gideon’s Daughter» Emily blunt played a troubled teenager. Her father in this film was bill Nighy. This project has received many high marks from film critics and a huge attention of the audience. Emily for the role of the second plan was nominated for a Golden globe.

    After several minor roles Emily blunt in 2006, he received the one which presented the artist in a new wave of popularity. She played with the legendary Susan Sarandon, which in itself guaranteed the picture a huge success. It is an Australian drama that was released called «Obsession». Eminent colleague praised the talented young actress and insisted on its appearance in the new film «the Girl in the Park».

    In the same generous wonderful role 2006 Emily blunt played, though not major, but very noticeable role in the film «the Devil wears Prada». She managed not to get lost in the shadows of such famous colleagues as Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. To work in the film already fragile Emily had to drop a few pounds, because according to the script she was supposed to look «painfully thin». The game Blount was valued very highly: the first actress nominated for a Golden globe, and later for a BAFTA.

    After painting on the screens of Hollywood finally took the new British star in their ranks. Eminent Directors offered her role. In 2007, Emily blunt appeared in the films «War Charlie Wilson» and «Ghosts.» Later, the screens out the film «Fall in love with the bride of the brother» and «Life of Jane Austen». The actress convincingly played a French teacher.

    The following year, fans of Emily blunt saw my favorite in the drama film «Shine». Immediately behind her came the Comedy «the Great Buck Howard». The British are very organically looked in dramatic and comedic roles.

    The most prominent role in 2009 to blunt the work in the historical drama film «the Young Victoria». Emily played the young Queen. This role brought the British nomination for the award «Golden globe» as best dramatic actress. In the same year, she starred in the Comedy pilot «Gulliver’s Travels».

    2010 memorable leading lady Emily blunt in the Gothic Thriller called «the wolf Man». The British actress played beloved main character, played by Matt Damon.

    In 2012 there were two high-profile film, which appeared Emily blunt. This is a fantastic blockbuster «looper» and British Comedy «salmon fishing in the Yemen» Lassa Hallstrom. Partner of the actress was Ewan McGregor. A Comedy, first acted in London and then in Morocco. For the role of financial Advisor blunt was nominated for a Golden globe 4-th time.

    Of the most successful recent paintings, where he played the British star, can be called the projects «a Little bit married» and «Arthur Newman, Golf professional». In the latest tape blunt will play alongside Colin Firth.

    Personal life

    In 2005, Emily blunt in Australia met with canadian musician Michael Loot. The romance lasted 3 years. The couple lived in the house, bought by the actress in Vancouver. But in 2008, this novel has dried up: the schedules of the actress and musician are not the same. Lovers rarely saw each other, which ultimately led to a complete rupture of relations.

    At the end of 2008, personal life Emily blunt went on a new wave: Anne Hathaway introduced the British star with his us counterpart John Krasinski. Soon blunt And Krasinski were married. The wedding ceremony was played at Villa mutual friend George Clooney’s Italian lake Como. Currently the couple resides in Los Angeles.

    In 2014 the couple have a daughter hazel,and in 2015, Emily received the American citizenship.


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    Emily Blunt

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