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  • Name: Emilia Spivak ( Emilia Spivak )
  • Date of birth: 18 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Emilia Spivak: a biography

    Emiliya Spivak was born on 18 November 1981 in Leningrad. Her family was closely connected with the world of theatre: father Solomon Yakovlevich Spivak was a well-known Soviet Director and head of the State youth theatre on the Fontanka, mother Natalia was a housewife. Parents regularly indulged my daughter (especially gifts from abroad, which were often brought Solomon Yakovlevich), but was simply the necessary points. The education of girls were mostly mom who wanted Emilia grew up well-rounded person. The girl visited various children’s clubs, dancing, sports and music, but due to impatience did not stay there long.

    Since childhood Emilia was watching the work of actors theatre, where she took the father. Her friends were the children of theater workers, and no one even had any question of who in the future becomes the Singer. The girl grew quite modest and shy, sometimes she was even afraid to talk to adults, but father saw it exclusively as a theater actress. Solomon Yakovlevich worked with her daughter, teaching her the secrets of acting and the pronunciation of the dialogues on stage. Learning Tatyana’s letter to Onegin, 12-year-old Emilia was persuaded to speak at the anniversary of the theater. The girl was very nervous and worried before the performance, but was incredibly happy that we were able to overcome your fear and speak before a large audience.

    At school, Emilia did not study very hard, getting mostly «threes» and «fours». Especially difficult it was given to technical Sciences such as mathematics and physics. In the last years, the Singer began to think about the legal profession, but quickly realized that it lacks many of the necessary traits to practice law.

    After graduating from high school, Emily enrolled at the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts, gaining a diploma in 2003.

    Emilia Spivak: movies

    Emilia Spivak started acting in movies when she was a student of the Academy. In the second year of University she was offered a role in the detective series «

  • The secrecy of the investigation», where she played Intern Evgenia Anatolievna. At that point in the series is temporarily absent, the main actress of the project, Anna Kovalchuk, and the young actress had the honor to replace her. Emilia later went on to star in cult TV series until 2008. Head of the course of St. The groove kept the girl during filming and didn’t mind if she from time to time, had to miss classes. The actress was invited to the shooting of Russian TV series, she appeared in episodes of paintings «the Game on-line» and «Streets of broken lamps 6».

    In 2004, the Singer was invited to the shooting of the film «

  • The state Counsellor» by Boris Akunin novel. She was offered to play Esfir Litvinova, a friend of the protagonist. First, the role of Esther took the actress Oksana Akinshina, but simply did not show up to the shooting, and the Director had to urgently look for a replacement. Emilia appeared in the frame with such movie stars Oleg Menshikov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Fyodor Bondarchuk and other successful actors. The biggest challenge when creating a picture for the Singer began shooting without clothes. Shy by nature, Singer was difficult to overcome yourself, and to stand naked before not only the crew but also to the audience. To cope with fears, helped her mother by convincing her that the world will see naked Esther Litvinov, not Emilia Spivak. This picture made the actress a star, she was invited to TV shows and great movies. She participated in the filming almost forty projects and continues to act to this day.

    Emilia Spivak: theatre

    After graduation, Emilia Spivak called to the theatre on the Fontanka. The actress who plays Desdemona in the play Othello, became pregnant, and in its place Solomon Yakovlevich offered to take the young artist. Despite the family relationship and the inexperience of Emilia, father harshly reacted to the work of the daughter not doing her any favors.

    In 2005, the actress was invited to his theater Oleg Tabakov, who at that time was the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. With him Emilia met on the set of the picture «the State Counsellor». For five years she played Elizabeth Rousset in the production of «Chunk». Tobacco even tried to lure the promising actress in his troupe, but the Singer chose to remain in his native St. Petersburg and playing in the theater of his father.

    Up until 2006, Emilia only played Desdemona, and then entrusted her another role in the play «Blue roses» based on the work by Tennessee Williams. Next came the play «Late love».

    In 2013, Emilia was played in a production of «the Last Chinese warning» under the guidance of his father. This performance became very important for the actress since she has finally worked again with his father and could show him his achievements over ten years of career in the theatre. Solomon Yakovlevich was very proud of the successes of her daughter and called her his best creation.

    Emilia Spivak: personal life

    His personal life Emiliya Spivak is trying to hide and almost no comment in interview.

    In 2005 at the Cannes film festival Emilia Spivak met actor

  • Daniil Spivakovsky. Their relationship lasted about a year, although the actors lived in different cities. The spacing and the reluctance to move to a city became the reason for the gap. The end of the novel did not affect cordial relations artists and they continued his communication, but as friends. In 2012, Emilia Spivak was married to actor whose name she refuses to give the press. With a guy the girl met in the first year. The affair lasted several years after graduation, the couple broke up, but resumed relations in 2012. Emilia and her husband found the old registry office in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, where he painted without noise and too much attention from the media.

    Emilia Spivak: filmography

    • The secrecy of the investigation
    • Game on-line
    • Streets of broken lamps 6
    • Councilor
    • Tin
    • 18-14
    • Three and snowflake
    • The Angel Chapel
    • Hedgehog came out of the fog
    • Once there was Love
    • The wife of an officer
    • Sea devils. Tornado. Destiny
    • Process

    Emilia Spivak: photos

    Emilia Spivak

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