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  • Name: Emil Hegle Svendsen ( Emil Hegle Svendsen )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Trondheim, Norway
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: athlete, 4-time Olympic champion, 12-time world champion
  • Marital status: not married

    Emil Hegle Svendsen: biography

    Emil Hegle Svendsen Norwegian biathlete, whose homeland is considered the successor to the legendary OLE Einar Bjørndalen. He four times became the Olympic champion, 12 times climbed on the podium of the world championship, received the world Cup. Only he and Bjoerndalen were able to win medals in all disciplines of the world Cup. Svendsen is not only high-speed characteristics, but also pretty accurate shooting.

    Emil Hegle Svendsen in his youth
    Young Emil Hegle | Group VK

    He was born in 1985 in the Norwegian city Trondheim, where he spent his childhood and adolescence in the company of two brothers. In the biography of Emil Hegle Svendsen was not always only the biathlon. Four years old he began to attend the section skiers, and in parallel trained players in the team. In both sports Emil treated solely as a hobby and never wanted to be a professional athlete. But at age 14, the friends brought him to class biathlon and Svendsen, that is, fell in love.

    Photo Of Emil Hegle Svendsen
    In biathlon Svendsen was in 14 years | biathlon Federation of Ukraine

    At age 16 he moved to Lillehammer, where he entered the faculty of physical culture of the University. But the workout took away from a promising athlete more time, because even then he set a goal to achieve world recognition. So Emil Hegle University throws focus on professional biathlon.


    Number of titles in biathlon Emil Hegle Svendsen is one of the most successful modern athletes. His way in an adult sport began in 2005, but only two years later guy was able to Express themselves in a loud voice, winning the individual race at the World Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka. On this Emil is not stopped and three months later received two more gold medals. Only in the world cups he has 12 wins, not counting silver and bronze medals.

    Emil Hegle Svendsen
    The main hope of the Norwegian team | Ranking the best athletes in the world

    No less bright Svendsen performs at the Olympics. At its first winter games in Turin, still almost a rookie, he managed to become the sixth in the mass start, and four years later in Vancouver, Emil Hegle was the best in the individual race at 20 kilometers and Norway helped to a gold medal in the men’s relay. On the Russian Olympics in Sochi Emil started not very successfully, once not even in the top five in the first trial. But in the mass start it a fraction of a second ahead of the legendary French biathlete Martin Fourcade and won another Olympic gold.

    Emil Hegle Svendsen
    Olympic champion | Russian fan club biathlon

    Norwegian played the mixed relay, adding to the Treasury of winning another medal. But in the men’s relay Svedsen has not coped with nerves, had four penalties in the shooting, and thus left Norway without a podium. Many athletes have their rituals and customs that allow them to tune in to performances. For Emil Hegle such method is music. In his room he turns up the volume favorite songs and thus prepares for the race.

    Personal life

    Emil Svendsen is not only one of the most famous athletes in the world, but also, perhaps, the most eligible bachelor of Norway. He had many novels, most of them fleeting. From a long romantic relationship, it is worth noting a date with a young compatriot Kaya Eckhoff, the sister of his teammate of Six Eckhoff and loud affair with journalist Samantha Skogrand.

    EML Hegle Svendsen and Kaja Eckhoff
    And Charlie Eckhoff | Portal about biathlon

    Some fans even said that their idol is getting married and the status of the personal life of Emil Hegle Svendsen will change. Moreover, it became known that the lovers are already looked after for itself a country mansion worth over a million euros. But despite this, like all the previous relations of men, this novel came to nothing: Emil Hegle Svendsen and Samantha Skogrand broke up.

    Emil Hegle Svendsen and Samantha Skogrand
    With Samantha Skogrand | Sports.ru

    The athlete has repeatedly said that his girl must be absolutely crazy to live with him for a long time, so it is unpredictable and chaotic in nature. By the way, Emil is very like Russian girls, and the ideal of beauty he considers the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova. And if you love Him still no luck, despite the popularity, wealth and good looks (many fans believe that he resembles the famous actor Ryan Reynolds), than men all right, so it is with friendship.

    Emil Hegle Svendsen and tarjei boe
    Best friend tarjei boe | Biathlon family

    His best friend is in a team tarjei boe, with whom they spend a lot of free time, but also embark on various oddities. And I must say that the jokes guys sometimes are below the belt. And one day – literally. During the women’s mass start in Khanty-Mansiysk Emil and tarjei on the track together off his pants and stood before passing girls in the costume of Adam. Emil Hegle Svendsen said later that the way they congratulated the Norwegian athletes with the end of the season, which was quite successful. However, the Norwegian biathlon Federation initiatives of young people is not appreciated and warned that it never happens again.


    Emil Hegle Svendsen

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