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  • Name: Elvis Presley ( Elvis Aaron Presley )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1935
  • Age: 42 years
  • Date of death: 16 Aug 1977
  • Place of birth: Tupelo, United States
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: singer, actor, musician, arranger
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Elvis Presley: a biography

    Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, which is located in the state of Mississippi. Elvis ‘ parents were Vernon and Gladys Presley. Elvis had a twin brother, Jesse Garon of which died immediately after birth.

    Father Elvis did not have a permanent profession, doing any job I could find. It is quite logical that the lack of finances did not allow the family too many pleasures. This situation deteriorated even further when Vernon was jailed for fraud for 2 years.

    Elvis was brought up surrounded by religion and music. He regularly attended Church and even sang in the Church choir. And the house was constantly on radio, where the boy was absorbed songs in the style of country, gospel and traditional pop. One day, he spoke at the fair with a performance of folk song «Old Shep» and won the prize. Deciding to encourage their son’s interest in music, Gladys gave him his first guitar.

    In 1948 the family moved to Tennessee, where the head of the family it was easier to find a job. They settled in Memphis. It was here that Elvis met a Negro styles of music like Blues, Boogie-woogie and rhythm and Blues. This music school has made his vocal style is unusual for a white performer. Like many teenagers, Elvis spent much time in the company of friends sang to the guitar the famous country and gospel hits. Most of the companions of the childhood will stay with them for a long time.

    In August 1953, just graduated high school Elvis went to the Studio recording of «Memphis Recording Service» to sing a couple of songs for the album as a gift to his mother. His choice fell on «My Happiness» and «that’s When Your Heartaches Begin». After some time there he recorded another single, then the owner of the Studio, Sam Phillips promised to invite the singer for professional recording, if you have a chance.

    At this time, Presley is a truck driver and takes part in all the contests of singers and auditions in musical groups. Also regularly receives waivers. The head of a Quartet «Songfellows» even directly declared the future king of rock-n-roll, that he has no vocal.

    Music and movie

    Summer 1954 Sam Phillips still contacted singer and asked him to take part in the recording of the song «Without You». The result did not suit anyone – neither Elvis nor the musicians, nor the company owner, who realized that this performer needs a different repertoire. During a break, to calm the nerves, Elvis began playing the famous song «that’s All Right, Mama», but in a non-standard rhythm and quite expressive. So, quite by accident, was born the first hit of Elvis Presley. It was followed by «Blue Moon of Kentucky» recorded in the same manner. Single with these songs took fourth place in the hit parade.

    By mid-1955, the singer had about 10 singles, each of which enthusiastically accepted by the youth. A new style of music, who created Elvis Presley, had a bombshell. With the help of producer Tom Parker Elvis signs a contract with the recording giant RCA Records. However, the Presley’s contract was terrible – he received just 5 percent from sales of his songs.

    Nevertheless, this Studio is facing the most famous hits of Elvis Presley — «Heartbreak Hotel», «Blue Suede Shoes» «Tutti Frutti», «Hound Dog», «don’t Be Cruel», «I Want You, I Need You, I Love You», «Jailhouse Rock» and many others. In America the real elvismania.

    Presley is one of the few rock stars who have served in the army, being at the peak of its popularity. His service was held in the third armored division, which was stationed in Germany. However, during the service out CDs with songs recorded in advance. And «Hard Headed Woman» even topped the American hit parade.

    After demobilization Elvis and his producer focus on cinema, and the plate only now the soundtrack of the films. But the paintings «Soldier Blues», «king Creole», «Flaming star», «Savage» and others were not cash, albums with the music of these movies were not very popular. But the singles Hollywood songs over and over again conquered the charts. Also was successful as a full-length album «His Hand in Mine», «Something for Everybody», «Pot Luck», as the singer continued to successfully experiment with other musical genres, mixing Blues, gospel, country and rockabilly.

    A cruel joke played with Elvis Presley, the success of the next film «Blue Hawaii». Producer Tom Parker now demanded only the same roles and the same songs in the style of «Hawaii.» Since 1964, interest in music Presley falling, and soon his songs leave the charts. And since the film «Speedway» budget filming is higher than earn profit. Latest movies Presley become «Charr!» and «Change of habit», released in 1969 and tried to change the perception of Elvis as an actor in one role, the characters are exceptionally romantic comedies. It was two good drama, but the damage was already irreparable.

    The same failure was expected and music, which led to the refusal of Elvis Presley to record. Only in 1976 the singer was persuaded to make a new record. The album was released, and almost immediately the song returned to the top of the world charts. But more to record your voice Presley did not, each time referring to the disease. The last album of the official discography of the king of rock-n-roll was the album «Moody Blue», made up of previously recorded but unreleased stuff.

    Since then, it took about 40 years, but the record of Elvis Presley, 146 songs in hundreds of the hit parade «Billboard», and has not been repeated by any contractor.

    Personal life

    While serving in Germany, Elvis met Priscilla Beaulieu, who at that time was 14 years old. In 1963, she moved to America, and the couple begins to meet regularly. Even after 3 years of Elvis Presley proposes to her. The wedding took place in may 1967. This marriage brought to Elvis only daughter Lisa-Marie, which later would become the first wife of Michael Jackson.

    But because of the publicity of her husband, his frequent depressions and regular visits Priscilla decided to leave. Officially divorce in 1972, although more than a year the couple lived together.

    Since the summer of 1972, Elvis Presley was in a civil marriage with Linda Thompson, who was the winner of the beauty contest of the Tennessee. They broke up at the end of 1976. The last months of life a pair of Presley’s actress and model ginger Alden.


    On the morning of 15 August 1977, Elvis Presley visited the dentist, where they took a number of painkillers and sedatives. Home to his Villa «Graceland» he came after 12 o’clock at night and talked on the phone with the producer, discussing the details of the concert, which was to be held in a few days. Then talked to his girlfriend ginger Alden on possible engagement.

    Because the singer could not sleep he took sleeping pills and began to read the book. Then toward morning I took another dose of pills and went to sleep in the bathroom, where he was provided such an opportunity. About two o’clock ginger found his body, and 16 hours ambulance officially recorded death of Elvis Presley.


    • 1956 — Elvis Presley
    • 1956 — Elvis
    • In 1958 King Creole
    • 1960 — His Hand In Mine
    • 1961 — Something For Everybody
    • 1962 — Pot Luck
    • 1967 — How Great Thou Art
    • 1969 — From Elvis In Memphis
    • 1975 — Promised Land
    • 1976 — From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
    • 1977 — Moody Blue


    • 1956 — Love me tender
    • 1957 — Jailhouse rock
    • 1958 — King Creole
    • 1960 — Soldier’s Blues
    • 1961 — the Savage
    • 1961 — Blue Hawaii —
    • 1968 — Speedway —
    • 1969 — Charr! —
    • 1969 — Change of habit


    Elvis Presley

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