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  • Name: Bolgova Elvira ( Elvira Bolgova )
  • Date of birth: 28 December 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elvira Bolgova: biography

    Elvira Bolgova is a Russian actress, known to film fans primarily for the films «the Island of unnecessary people», «My big Armenian wedding» and «Dad for rent». She was born in Moscow, in the family, far from acting. Her father worked as an agronomist and her mother was engaged in medical work.

    In school Elvira did not attract any one science, so it was not given fully in a single subject, but a lot of time was devoted to training gymnastics. After prom Bolgova decided to try to become an actress and entered the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin. Its artistic Director and mentor was Victor Korshunov, and in the same class as Elvira studied Egor Barinov and Marat Basharov.

    At the end of high school theater young actress has received two proposals for further work. She could enter into the troupe of the Maly theatre, but decided to make a choice in favor of «Satyricon» theater. However, where it served only one season, then moved to the theater Mossovet, where he was involved in various performances until 2002. Then because of lack of time, caused by a large amount of work on the set, Elvira Bolgova leaving the walls of the theatre. Since it acts only in antrepriznyh performances, for example, «Storm in a teacup» and «Truffaldino».


    In his student years at Elvira Bolgova was the first experience with a camera: she starred in the short film «the Abyss», which can be seen not only as a debut, but also as student work. As the first full-length film, the actress became a psychological detective story directed by Andrei Razenkova «Tests for real men». Position plays a College student, which begins to look middle-aged man, who is a potential mother-in-law arranges a real test of courage. Interestingly, all the performers are the namesakes of the characters.

    In the crime drama «Gemini» Elvira Bolgova played at once three roles, creating images of twin sisters. Despite the apparent similarities, her heroines are very different, and the actress had to switch from faithful wife Faith romantic and naive Luba or cruel and vengeful Fatima.

    In the social melodrama «Once in a province» on domestic violence and humiliation, the actress managed to show the viewer the psychology of women, which is enslaved to his own men; women, for which man’s desire is more important than the love for a child. Elvira says that this role was not only interesting, but instructive, as she had many things to look at from the point of view of a slave of his own feelings, a kind of junkie. Noticing the similarity of motifs from the famous play «a Streetcar named «Desire» of the great playwright Tennessee Williams, the actress brought a touch of the heroine of the play in the soul of his character.

    Very popular was the one Balgooy – adventure television series «the Island of unwanted people». A group of 13 people is cut off from civilization on a tropical island, but they have to fight with each other than with the vagaries of nature. The character of Elvira – grumpy and Moody the wife of the protagonist, which is gradually with a glamorous and self-centered becomes a man who can sympathize with others and to deal with adversity.

    During the shooting position, along with several other members of her crew after a hike to a cave inhabited by bats, fell ill of tropical disease, which then spread to the whole cast. Fortunately the disease has receded, without violating the planned work.

    Personal life

    Elvira Bogova escaped marriage with colleagues, which is rarely among the actors. Her first husband, which in 1999, she gave birth to a daughter Glafira, engaged in business, he had his own business. This parting Elvira explains the age of youth they have made a lot of mistakes in building a family life. After the divorce, Elvira and Kiril remained in a good relationship, and the father takes an active part in the education of her daughter.

    After some time, the actress is getting married again. Her new partner Anton works as a Director of commercials. In 2014 the family had one more daughter of Radomir.

    Elvira Bolgova is a supporter of natural childbirth and both gave birth to children at home.

    Hobby actress is traveling with the family to different corners of our planet. And she loves not only fashionable resorts and exotic tours, but interesting tour of the home.


    • 1998 — Tests for real men
    • 2004 — Gemini
    • 2004 My big Armenian wedding
    • 2006 — Officers
    • 2007 — Young Wolfhound
    • 2007 — it does not happen
    • 2008 — Once in a province
    • 2011 — Island of unwanted people
    • 2013 — Dad rented
    • 2014 Girl middle-aged
    • 2015 Latest victim is Anne


    Elvira Bolgova

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