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  • Name: Elton John ( Reginald Kenneth Dwight )
  • Date of birth: 25 March 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, musician, composer
  • Marital status: same-sex marriage

    Elton John: biography

    Sir Elton John, the iconic British musician, knight of the order of the British Empire, knight bachelor. His albums sold millions of copies, the clips each day to collect tens of thousands of views online, and the state is estimated at about 270 million dollars.

    Elton John (birth – Reginald Kenneth Dwight) was born 25 Mar 1947 in one of the Northern districts of London – Pinner. Since childhood, Reginald started to get into music with creatively-minded parents – mom Sheila played with his son on the piano, and dad, Stanley served as a military musician in the air force.

    Elton John
    Elton John | Official website

    At the age of four years, the future musician was able to pick up by ear on the piano tunes and actively playing records the best musicians of the twentieth century. Stanley Dwight is not impressed. Father was never pleased with the capture of Reginald – he believed his music stupid. Even after his son has become a recognized celebrity, Stanley didn’t attend a single concert of his.

    Reginald’s parents divorced when he was 13 years old. At the same time he started wearing glasses, trying to be like his idol buddy Holly. Subsequently, because of this boy’s eyesight is developed tangible myopia, and glasses of the stylish accessory has become a necessity.

    Elton John in childhood
    Elton John in childhood

    In the age of eleven, Reginald won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of music, which is free and then studied for six years. In classes where he went on Saturdays, combining them with studies in high school. Four years after this his mother remarried, lover was the designer Fred Fairbrother, supported the passion of teenager music.

    The first performances

    The first time Reginald made before the public in 16 years. Since then he played at a local club on the piano and singing every week. Mom tried not to miss any of his performances. In one evening of work aspiring musician received about a pound – quite a lot of money for a student. Soon he had accumulated a sufficient sum to buy an electric piano.

    Elton John in childhood
    Elton John childhood | the Official site

    In 1960, Reginald together with school friends founded the band «The Corvettes», the first time he has performed songs by Jim Reeves and ray Charles (at that time the most popular music was rhythm and Blues). They released two unilateral lamina, both of which have received popularity. A year later they changed the name to «The Bluesology».


    In 1964, Reginald Dwight quit school to work in the trade division of the music company «Mills Music». After some time, the work he also decided to leave the touring group «The Blusology» of Britain, which was engaged in the music for some fairly well-known bands («The Isley Brothers», «The Bluebelles», etc.).

    Elton John in his youth
    Elton John in his youth | Altmanphoto

    In 1967, Reginald fell in love with Linda Woodrow and long sought its location. In the end, the couple even got engaged, but after a while the girl gave him a choice: «me or the music». Reginald out of desperation was willing to go on suicide but changed his mind in time. At this time, he takes the nickname «Elton John» in honor of the musicians Elton Dean and long John.

    Elton John in his youth
    Elton John in his youth | Peter Staunton

    In the late sixties the company «Liberty Music» is holding a talent show, and Elton John decided to try it. He sang some songs from someone else’s repertoire, but the audience didn’t appreciate it. However, the competition organizer ray Williams gave him a collection of poems by Bernie Taupin. Thus, he was the initiator of their creative Union that will last more than thirty years.

    Elton John at the piano
    Elton John for piano | Muzun

    Ray Williams was introduced to Elton John Dick James, who let them use his recording Studio «DJM Records». Once there unreleased songs by the legendary Beatles. At the request of dick Williams allowed Elton to record their first album. Here for the first time the poet Bernie Taupin and meet a rising rock star.

    The growing popularity of

    Debut album of Elton «I’ve Been Loving You» went on sale in the spring of 1968, and even got positive reviews, but didn’t bring any money. The new head of one of the key departments «DJM Records» Steve brown started to persuade the dick James to give the young co-authors of freedom in creative expression, to which he agreed.

    In 1970, the album «Elton John». Some time after this Steve brown is retiring, realizing that can not do their job at the required level. He returned to his former place – the publicity Department of EMI in radio, where he continued to promote the work of Elton John.

    In the Wake of the success of British music for beginner English musician drew attention in the United States and invited Elton on a trial tour. In the fall of 1970 he flew to the United States, where he was given a warm welcome. The main concert of the singer then went inside the club «Il Trovatore». After three weeks of living in America Elton and Bernie just a month again went to the United States.

    The Base Of The «Rocket Record Company»

    In the early seventies Elton John with his team, which included drummer Nigel Olsson, bassist Dee Murray, and guitarist Davey Johnston, recorded the soundtrack for the movie «Friends», who was loved by the majority of American viewers. At the same time, the singer bought a small Bungalow.

    Once Elton, Davey Johnstone talked about his dream to release a solo album. On hearing this, the Elton John along with Manager John reed tried to help him, but all the negotiations with the studios were in vain. Then they decided to open their own company, whose main goal then was – helping a friend.

    In the spring of 1973 Elton John in the company of all his friends and acquaintances celebrated the creation of the firm for sound («Rocket Record Company»), to which were invited many distinguished guests. In the first year of its existence, the label released the album Elton «don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player» that settled in the tops of the charts in the UK.

    Elton John molodosti
    Elton John molodosti | Official website

    Another success was his next album, «Goodbye Yellow Brick Road», which contained music of different styles. In the lyrics of Bernie Taupin expressed their boldest literary ambitions. World critics call this collection the most important in the career of Elton. Simultaneously, the contractor is in the heart of the glam movement, and the personality of the singer is becoming increasingly popular.

    The failure of the album and first acting experience

    In 1974, Elton John released the album «Caribou» which was able to climb into first place in the USA but attracted extremely negative criticism. Trying for a while to recover after devastating reviews, the musician decided to take a break and do other industries. As a longtime fan of football, he bought the club «Watford», and became its President.

    Elton John
    Elton John — the owner of football club «Watford», | DailyMail

    In 1974, Pete Townshend invited him to play the role in the rock Opera Ken Russell called «Tommy». The Director wanted to get more roles in it was played by musicians. Elton gladly accepted the offer and appeared on the scene in the form of a «Local guy», though the role was very small, overall, he has played on stage for about four minutes.

    John Lennon I Elton John
    John Lennon and Elton John | MisMusic

    At the same time recording his next solo album «Walls and Bridges» invited ex-«Beatle» John Lennon. Their joint single, took first place in the charts, and Lennon for that agreed to perform with Elton on stage, performing this song and some of the hits of the Beatles.

    Health problems

    After another tour in the U.S. the musician had problems with health, and in accordance with the recommendations of doctors is nearly four months treated on the island of Barbados. On his return, he engaged in the development of the company «the Rocket Record Company» and a personal football club. In the late seventies began in England punk revolution, and the music Elton John has become irrelevant. He and Bernie at the time stopped the cooperation.

    Elton John
    Elton John | Artistxite

    During these years, Elton almost a day sat at home, leaving only for special occasions. For example, he visited a dying friend Elvis Presley. His death made the musician a strong impression. Since then, he began to carefully monitor their health for fear of ending up like the famous «king».


    In 1980, the musician gave a free concert in new York’s Central Park before an audience in about 400 thousand people near the home of John Lennon, to whom he dedicated the song «Imagine». Three months later, the ex-«Beatle» was killed not far from this place.

    Six years later, the musician lost his voice during the tour of Australia. After the concert with the Melbourne Symphony orchestra, he was forced to have an operation on her throat. The connection with Elton removed the polyps, and his voice has changed a bit. For almost 20 years, he admitted that this problem was a consequence of frequent marijuana use.


    In 1991, Elton made a discovery organization to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. It had caused him the death of Freddie mercury, frontman of the legendary rock group «Queen». At the same time George Michael and Elton released a new collaborative single.

    In 1995, Elton received the award «Oscar» for the soundtrack to the film «the lion King». In the same year the Queen of England awarded him the title of knight bachelor – since then, he has the right to use the name prefix «sir». Two years later, during the farewell ceremony with Princess Diana, the musician performed the song «Candle in the Wind» specially rewritten the day before.

    21st century

    In 2002, Elton has performed as a fifth member of the band «blue», a rehash of their hit song «Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word». The song was in the lead in the UK charts. He has also performed with rapper Eminem during the ceremony of Grammy awards.

    In 2015, the musician was played by a Russian prankster who was presented by the President of Russia, appointed him to a personal meeting. Later Vladimir Putin apologized for the incident.

    In 2016, Lady Gaga and Elton John performed a duet at a charity concert in Los Angeles and also announced the release of a clothing collection under her own fashion brand «Love Bravery». Proceeds from the sale of the items from the collection they plan to send to charities.

    Personal life

    In 1976, the musician called himself bisexual in an interview with «Rolling Stone». This statement can be considered a compromise, because Elton did not dare at once to reveal his homosexuality, fearing to upset or even scare off the fans. In 1984 there was a magnificent wedding – he married Renate, Bluel, but their marriage ended in divorce four years later. After a divorce, the musician admitted that in fact a homosexual. He and his partner David furnish have legalized their relationship in 2005.

    Elton John and David furnish
    Elton John and David furnish with his adopted son | news

    Her husband is a filmmaker and social activist, younger husband for 15 years, however, numerous joint photo shows that age does not become a hindrance. The family had two children from surrogate mothers. Children love music and often listen to the song Elton.


    Elton John

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