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  • Name: Ellen Page ( Ellen Philpotts-Page )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Halifax, Canada
  • Height: 155
  • Activity: canadian actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ellen page biography

    Ellen Philpotts-page was born in February 1987 in the canadian state of Nova Scotia. In Halifax, she spent her childhood and youth. Father Ellen worked as a graphic designer and the mother is a teacher.

    Artistry parents found the girl very early, so gave it to the school with a theatrical bias.

    Ellen Paige
    Ellen Page | Minval.az

    In 10 years, Ellen page made her debut in the film «pit Pony». The beginning was quite successful and the girl was invited in the same show. The young actress received her first awards and prizes.

    Paige received a certificate of high school Halifax and studied at the Higher school of Queen Elizabeth. But then she decided to develop my own acting skills in the famous road Academy, Vaughan. Here she studied with mark Randall, a close friend.


    A cinematic biography of Ellen page continued in 2003. The artist was invited to present three of the American project: «Harvard bum», «On the verge of collapse» and «My virtual Ghost». The films have been warmly received by the audience. Ellen noticed and remembered. A year later the girl appeared in an interesting art-house film «face to Face». This acclaimed drama is the first European project, which starred Paige. At the time she was 16 years old.

    Ellen page in the movie
    Ellen page in «Juno» | Gmbox

    And at 17 she played the role in the drama called «Lollipop.» Resonance after the film was loud: the heroine Ellen is a young girl who met with the photographer and suspected him of pedophilia. She took him prisoner and subjected to torture. Despite the mixed assessment of ethicist, the film received high marks from film critics: the skills of the young actress was at the highest level.

    In 2007, the career of Ellen page, is developing rapidly. Canadian starred in episodes of the blockbuster «X-Men: the Last stand» and dramas «American crime» and «the Stone angel». But the main project in which the page appeared in this year was the movie «Juno» Jason in new York. Ellen played a pregnant schoolgirl who is looking for the child’s future good parents. Tape was a great success and brought the young actress a nomination on «Oscar» and «Golden globe», as well as numerous awards at various film festivals.

    In recent years, the Directors who previously offered the actress to play a smart, charming and ironic Schoolgirls, offer her «adult» role. Ellen page starred in indie films and independent films, embodying various roles. She appeared in the famous American film Directors «Pieces of Tracy», «Clever», «Scram!», «Peacock» and «Tallulah».

    Ellen page and Alexander Skarsgard in the film
    Ellen page and Alexander Skarsgard in «the East» | Spletnik.ru

    New career height Ellen page took off after his appearance in the film «Inception» where she starred with such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But the most weighty and significant project was the woody Allen film «Roman holiday.» As a rule, after the filming of Allen’s artists receive a permanent «residence» in Hollywood and have a personal star on the walk of Fame.

    Personal life

    Ellen page, despite his small stature – a little more than five feet, managed to become a rather important and influential person in the world of cinema. «Girl from Canada» not only made the list of the sexiest women in the world, but also became famous for his bold judgments, humor and straightforwardness. She is in no hurry to move to Hollywood, preferring to live in his hometown along with their dogs.

    Ellen Paige and Samantha Thomas
    Ellen Paige and Samantha Thomas | the Inquisitr

    Private life of Ellen Paige being actively discussed in the tabloids. In 2006, she met with Ben foster. But this relationship ended less than a year. And in February 2014 «girl from Canada» has placed all points over «and» speaking at the conference the LGBT community and making the coming out: Paige announced that she was a lesbian.

    In the fall of 2015 Ellen appeared at the festival in Toronto together with artist and friend Sam Thomas.


    • Family guy
    • «The simpsons»
    • «Lollipop»
    • «X-men: the Last stand»
    • «Juno»
    • «Pieces Of Tracy»
    • «Clever»
    • «Scram!»
    • «Peacock»
    • «The beginning»
    • «Roman holiday»


    Ellen Paige

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