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  • Name: Elizaveta Kononova ( Kononova Elizaveta )
  • Date of birth: March 19, 1997
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elizaveta Kononova: biography

    Elizaveta Kononova, a young Russian actress who has already managed to star in over a dozen film projects, including the television series «Easy to be young», «the Law of the stone jungle» and «How I became Russian».

    Elizabeth was born in Moscow on 19 March 1997. Her mom really wanted a daughter in the future became a movie actress, so he gave her to three years in specialized kindergarten, where children in this age learn the basics of acting.

    Elizaveta Kononova in childhood
    Elizaveta Kononova in childhood | VK

    In addition, Kononova from an early age learned the basics of classical dance and folk dance. Interestingly, in adolescence, teachers, friends and even parents found Lisa’s resemblance to her famous namesake, the Russian actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

    After high school, Elizaveta Kononova was admitted to the Moscow state theatrical College named after Leonid Filatov and during my studies, I played in a student musical theatre «Monoton».


    In the movie Elizabeth Kononov began acting in high school. She appeared in the third season of the famous TV series «Karpov» with Vladislav Kotlyarskii, a family history of «Mama Luba» with Daria Kalmykova and in the melodrama «Ninkina love» played the sister of the heroine, which takes Love Bachankova.

    A much greater fame came to the girl in 2015, when television began showing the teen sitcom «Easy to be young?», followed by youth crime drama «the Law of the stone jungle».

    Elizaveta Kononova in the television series
    Elizaveta Kononova in the television series «urban jungle» | Kinopoisk

    By the way, on the set of the last picture Lisa was the young actress and, as she confessed in one interview, not always feel at ease. But Kononov is very grateful to his partner in the film Daniel Vakhrusheva, which provided her with significant support.

    Then a young actress with Mateusz Jamanxim played a major role in the comic sitcom «How I became Russian» and participated in creating the detective, «the Seeker.» And in September of 2016 started a demonstration of the new drama series «Nurse», in which Elizabeth Kononova portrays the woman’s daughter, Victoria Tolstoganova and granddaughter of the character Elena Sanaevoj.

    Personal life

    Elizaveta Kononova at this stage of his life have not yet built any serious romantic relationship that may lead to a change in family status. The girl strives to become a highly skilled actress, this wants to obtain higher education.

    Elizaveta Kononova
    Elizaveta Kononova | VK

    Elizabeth loves music, and like the old Soviet music and modern Russian and foreign popular. The girl herself is good at play musical instruments, like the saxophone and guitar.


    • 2014 — Mama Luba
    • 2015 — Ninkina love
    • 2015 — And in sorrow and in joy
    • 2015 — Easy to be young?
    • 2015 — the Law concrete jungle
    • 2015 How I became Russian
    • 2016 — the Seeker
    • 2016 Game. Revenge
    • 2016 — Superbboy
    • 2016 — Nurse


    Elizaveta Kononova

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