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  • Name: Elizabeth Sukova ( Elizaveta Shukova )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: Belarusian and Russian actress of film and television
  • Marital status: not married

    Elizabeth Sukova: biography

    On account of this talented girl more than a dozen works in film, including prominent roles in the rating series «the Red Queen», «City Rhapsody» and «Not a feather.» Lisa is especially in demand in the last 2 years when the screen goes from 4-5 projects with her participation.

    Elizabeth Sukova
    A rising star in cinema | VK

    Sukova Elizabeth was born in Minsk in September 1995. That girl will become an artist, it became clear almost immediately after her birth. The child began to dance as soon as I could walk. Parents took her to a famous dance group «Zhivitsa».

    Elizabeth Sukova
    Born actress | VK

    When a young dancer came on stage, she just danced, she played the role. So no one was surprised when Lisa after high school, went to enter the Belarusian Academy of arts. Did the girl on the first try. In Minsk she graduated from the acting Department. It is noteworthy that Elizabeth was probably the only student who enroll in drama school there was no experience in film. However, this did not prevent the girl to become a scholar of the special presidential Fund.


    A cinematic biography of Elizabeth Sokovoj began in 2013. It is noteworthy that the artist made his debut in three projects – the Russian melodrama «the world», «Hate and love» and «Whisper». However, she got only the episodes but the beginning was successful. Besides, in the film «All the treasures of the world» she was lucky to play with such already «lit» stars of Russian cinema as Maria Kozakov, Andrey Bilanov.

    Elizabeth Sukowa in the film
    In the movie «the Red Queen» | kino-teatr.ru

    Next year in the draft «On a distant Outpost» and «the Red Queen» Climb not got tiny episodes, but brighter and more visible role, besides diverse.

    2016 was for the Belarusian actress breakthrough. She appeared in 6 projects, among which the most striking was a criminal detective called «don’t tell me» goodbye.» Here she brilliantly played her first leading role.

    Elizabeth Sukova in the movie
    In the movie «don’t tell me «goodbye!» | tricolortvmag.ru

    In the same year viewers love to watch movies of Elizabeth Sokovoj «Debt of conscience», «City Rhapsody» and «Not a feather.» Three is a melodrama. In the past the girl he met on the set with the older and more experienced colleagues Maxim Konovalov and Elena Ivchenko.

    Elizabeth Sukova in the series
    In the series «Urban Rhapsody» | edstak.com

    Viewers and critics have noted the remarkable talent of the young Belarusian artist to reincarnation. It is noteworthy that in his movies it is so diverse that it is difficult to know. Fans of this bold actress sure she has a bright future in cinema.

    Personal life

    Yet aspiring actress about marriage do not think. Her career is on the rise. It is very important not to miss presented by fate the chance to stay on the wave of growing popularity.

    Therefore, the personal life of Elizabeth Sokovoj is her family, beloved parents who follow the fortunes of success of the daughter, and, of course, friends with whom she enjoyed resting.

    Elizabeth Sukova
    The actress is not married yet | VK

    Lisa has lived in Minsk, but often leaves his hometown when her name is on shooting in Russia. And when I have free time, it certainly goes to travel.


    • 2013 – «the world»
    • 2013 – «Hate and love»
    • 2015 – «the Red Queen»
    • 2015 – «a distant Outpost»
    • 2015 – «Whisper»
    • 2016 – «Urban Rhapsody»
    • 2016 – «Debt of conscience»
    • 2016 – «For a better life»
    • 2016 – «don’t tell me goodbye
    • 2016 – «Not a feather»


    Elizabeth Sukova

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