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  • Name: Elizabeth II ( Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1926
  • Age: 90 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: the Queen of England
  • Marital status: married

    Elizabeth II: biography

    Queen Elizabeth II, noting the 90-year anniversary, has not only become the oldest monarch in the world, but the long-reigning head of state in the history of the UK. It comes from the Windsor dynasty and also a native of the island also recognizes Queen in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas and eight small countries. For the period of her reign marked the final disintegration of the British Empire and the output of the colonies with the British authorities. Despite quite substantial criticism, Elizabeth 2 in his native country the person is quite popular.

    Elizabeth II
    Elizabeth II | PianetaDonna

    She was born in the family of Prince albert, the future king George VI and his wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Your name the girl got in honor of his mother, but the full name of the Princess is further of the names of grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Was Elizabeth II’s sister Princess Margaret, born four years after her, but died on 72-m to year of life.

    Elizabeth II childhood
    Baby photo of Queen Elizabeth II | Anglomania

    The first title in a biography of Elizabeth II appeared immediately after birth she was named Princess of York. At that time, on the way to the throne before her stood not only the father and uncle Edward VIII, but any boy who could theoretically be born from each of the candidates to the throne. First, king was an uncle who less than a year ceded the title of brother.

    Elizabeth II
    Since childhood, Elizabeth II loved dogs | Anglomania

    Elizabeth II with her parents moved to Buckingham Palace, where her childhood and youth. Elizabeth was home schooled, but received an excellent education in the Humanities. She was studying art, religion, law and specifically the Constitution of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth II speaks fluent French and it is believed that she learned it on my own.

    Elizabeth II in the war
    During the Second world war, the future Queen drove and repaired the machine | the Atlantic Online

    For the first time Elizabeth II addressed to the prospective subject in the age of 13. During the Second world war she performed on radio and expressed support for the children who suffered from the bombing. At 16, she already appears in public, and a year later not only became the state Advisor, but also comes in a women’s self-defense unit. Princess learned to drive the ambulance, were trained mechanic and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. She is the only head of state who held the actual service in the war.

    Queen Elizabeth II

    On the day of his majority, Queen Elizabeth II formally promised the British Empire to devote her life to serving people although at the time of its succession to the crown was still in question. After the death of her father George VI on 6 February 1952, proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II. Interestingly, her coronation for the first time in the history of broadcast television and many believe that this event gave a sharp boost in the popularity of the mass media in Britain.

    Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II | Cultural studies

    At the time of ascent to the throne of Queen Elizabeth is her domain was much wider than it is now. For example, the Empire also included South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon, which later have abolished the British government. It is interesting that Queen Elizabeth II is almost immediately visited each of the countries, becoming the first monarch to visit Australia and New Zealand.

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II | Cultural studies

    According to tradition, Queen Elizabeth II has almost no effect on the running of the country. Its task is to represent the country at international summits and to maintain the authority of the British monarchy. Elizabeth 2 during the entire period of stay on the throne maintains correct relations with all Prime Ministers. And although she is above the political fights and does not Express publicly his political opinions, many politicians believe that it is important to consult with her on many issues. Especially appreciated the Queen’s opinion of Margaret Thatcher, as she wrote in her memoirs.

    Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II | Anglomania

    During the long reign of great Britain in her address were distributed and the praise and sharp criticism. But both supporters and opponents of the Queen emphasize her humanity. The significant fact is the events of 1986. Elizabeth 2 was sailing on his yacht «Britannia» in one of the subordinate countries, when they learned about the beginning of the civil war in Yemen. She immediately ordered to change course and to take on Board the maximum possible number of ordinary people. With the direct assistance of Queen Elizabeth 2 was evacuated over a thousand people.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Elizabeth II have changed immediately after its adulthood. The Princess married a British Navy officer Philip Mountbatten, who, after the wedding, received the title of Duke of Edinburgh. Husband of Elizabeth 2 is a descendant of not only Queen Victoria but the descendant of a Greek and Danish Royal dynasties. They met when the future Queen Elizabeth II was only eight years old, and romance between the lovers was started in 1939, when the Princess visited the naval College, which was young Philip.

    Elizabeth II with her husband
    The wedding of Elizabeth II | Femina

    At the Queen Elizabeth II and her husband four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. The last two were born after their mother’s accession to the British throne. All the children have already got their own family and gave the ruling Queen’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In the family of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, the first wife of Prince Charles and mother of Prince William and Prince Henry. By the way, one of the strongest waves of criticism swept Elizabeth II after she is the apparent delay reacted to the death of Princess Diana in a car crash.

    Elizabeth II family
    Family of Elizabeth II | Forbes Europe

    Favorite Hobbies of Queen Elizabeth 2 — the breeding of purebred dogs and horse riding. With age, it replaced horses with cars and even 90 independently controls the vehicles. Also quite old Elizabeth II was fond of gardening. It is considered one of the most-traveled world leaders and has already visited more than 130 countries. The identity of Elizabeth II not only attracts attention, but also motivates creative people to create works of art. There are a lot of lifetime monuments and sculptures of Elizabeth 2. In honor of building bridges and buildings, lay parks and alleys, produce stamps and coins, the name of the Queen even called roses.

    Very often, Elizabeth II becomes the character in the movies. On the screen it portrayed stars such as Helen Mirren, Sarah Gadon, Claire Foy, and about a dozen Actresses. And once the Queen Elizabeth 2 and she starred in the video for the opening of the London Olympics 2012. Together with actor Daniel Craig, who portrayed James bond, she arrives to the Olympic stadium by helicopter and jumps with a parachute. For this role, 87-year-old Queen of great Britain awarded BAFTA awards for best performer of the role of girls of James bond.


    Elizabeth II young

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