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  • Name: Elizabeth Hurley ( Elizabeth Jane Hurley )
  • Date of birth: 10 March 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, producer, model and designer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elizabeth Hurley: biography

    Elizabeth Hurley – English actress, model, producer and designer. Neither her mother Elizabeth, a simple school teacher or the father-the military did not know that their little daughter will grow into a real star. Elise was born 10 June 1965 in the town of Basingstoke, in the County of Hampshire.

    As the head of the family was in military service, the family constantly moved, every year, Liz studied at the new school. Despite the nomadic way of life, Roy Leonard and Angela Hurley managed to raise and educate three lovely children.

    Elizabeth Hurley in her youth
    Elizabeth Hurley in her youth

    Mom Liz, noticing that her slender daughter grows poorly (now growth Hurley — 173 cm) and not gaining weight, not rushed famous doctors and tried to feed the child. On the contrary, she decided that Elizabeth should become a ballerina and gave it to her in a dance Studio.

    Hurley herself recalls the moment of his biography with a shudder. The girl hated the ballet Barre with all my heart, but the father, which for her was an authority, supported the mother.

    It was his mother star previously obliged to decorate feminine figure. The girl wanted so badly to have her kicked out of the ballet Studio, eating high-calorie foods, trying to improve, and start to take hormonal pills. The result is Elise managed for a short period of time grow to 20 cm and to recover the same kg.

    Elizabeth Hurley in her youth
    Elizabeth Hurley in her youth

    The father managed to instill in his daughter a great force of will, she used to never give up and achieve your goal. The first goal of the Elise became the London Studio Centre, a prestigious dance school and acting where she studied for several years.

    Modeling career

    Glory model came to the young actress quite unexpectedly. To 28 years old she was already Dating Hugh Grant, a novel which lasted for 13 years. Just in time for the premiere of the film «Four weddings and a funeral», where he played Hugh, she came together with her lover, dressed in provocative and revealing dress by Versace.

    Elizabeth Hurley
    Elizabeth Hurley | MensXP

    The audience was whispering, many felt outfit Hurley indecent, but it brought her an unexpected contract with the fashion house «Estee Lauder». Lovely figure, natural elegance, striking appearance and her talent allowed her to become a model and the face of a known brand without going through any training.


    Elizabeth Hurley dreamed about the stage, but gained fame through the film industry. Beginning her career with work in the theater and on television, and the first film debut took place when the girl was 22 years old.

    It was noticed by producer don Boyd and invited to star in the musical «Aria». The tape consisted of 10 short stories created by different Directors based on famous operas. Hurley got the role of Marietta in the story of the Opera «the Dead city» with which she coped brilliantly.

    Elizabeth Hurley
    Elizabeth Hurley | Successimg

    After that, her acting career took off, she was noticed and appreciated by critics. For several years, Elizabeth has starred in different films, playing the role of the second plan. Hollywood debut was the film «Passenger 57», 1992, where Hurley played the role of Sabrina. Despite the success of the film, offers from Hollywood Directors did not, and the girl decided to try his luck at home in England.

    In spite of that, Elizabeth had no doubt in his talent and success. Along with Hugh, they organized a film company in his native England and soon Elise again showered with offers of filming. The actress continues to act today, after a short break (being married to an Indian millionaire from 2007 to 2011, she almost never appeared on screen). Now, in 2016, she’s working on the series «the royals».

    Elizabeth Hurley in the TV series
    Elizabeth Hurley in the TV series «the Royal family» | Celebrity Photos

    Most popular movies in which he played Hurley that brought her fame and worldwide success, was quite diverse. Her talent allows her to take on completely opposite in character roles. So, Elizabeth starred as the girl-spy Austin powers (Mike Myers) in the film 1997’s «Austin powers: Man of legend», played in the melodrama «Eternal midnight» in the movie «bedazzled» in 2000.

    Elizabeth Hurley
    Elizabeth Hurley | Celebmafia

    Successful for Elise can be considered as roles in the films «Wrong» 2001, «Method» 2004, «Made in Romania» in 2008. Just filmography of the actress has 35 roles in 34 films and serials.

    Producer and designer

    In 1994, together with Hugh Grant Elizabeth Hurley founded the production company Simian Films. In the lead she took two paintings: «Extreme measures» with Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gene Hakmana, as well as «Mickey blue eyes» with the same Hugh Grant.

    Elizabeth Hurley
    Elizabeth Hurley | Celebrities Picture Gallery

    In 2005, Elise has released a line of beachwear under the brand Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Her swimsuits are worn by many celebrities (many photos they flaunt Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and other famous women) that only emphasizes the great taste and versatile talent of the star.

    Personal life

    Men have always been present in the life of Elizabeth, but the most long-lasting and bright in her life became a long affair with Hugh Grant. The couple has been together for 13 years, Elise has strongly supported and even brought up Hugh, helped, and inspired confidence.

    Sorry, finally «growing up», the Grant was burdened by the care and friendship of his lover, and the couple broke up.

    Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant
    Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant | Romance Goals

    The reason that family and personal life the acting pair is not formed, and became a passionate desire Climbed to have a baby. Perhaps affected by the rampant hormonal means, at a very young age, and Elizabeth could not get pregnant.

    When the desired son in 2002, still born, his father was not handsome Hugh, and the new boyfriend of the actress — Steve Bing. A new father at first denied his relationship with the boy, but a DNA test will put everything in place. Hugh, to his credit, strongly supported the ex-girlfriend the whole time, he even wanted to adopt a child, but then again the star couple did not grow together.

    Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar
    Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar | POPSUGAR

    Real family Elizabeth appeared after the birth of her son. In 2007 she married a Hindu of Arun Nayar. The husband was very jealous of his wife, and Hurley for some time ceased to act.

    In 2011 the couple divorced, and in the same year, the actress announced her engagement to Shane Wornom. This Union broke up in 2013, and today beauty Elizabeth free again.


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    Elizabeth Hurley

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