Elizabeth Avdeenko

(biography, photo, video) Elizaveta Ovdeenko

photo Elizabeth Avdeenko

  • Name: Elizabeth Avdeenko ( Elizaveta Ovdeenko )
  • Date of birth: 16 January 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activity: expert player of «What? Where? When?»
  • Marital status: married

    Elizabeth Avdeenko: biography

    Elizabeth Avdeenko – a young woman-a scholar, a professional expert, the member of elite club «What? Where? When?». Twice she has won the honorary prize «crystal owl».

    Elizabeth was born and raised in Odessa. Hometown she always remembers fondly, although has been living in Moscow. Lisa was a very strict father and pretty loyal mother. Perhaps because of this balance, the girl tried to prove herself academically, but allowed themselves to different pranks at recess. As a result, Junior school, Avdeenko finished with an excellent report card and the only «four» behavior.

    Training high school in Elizabeth took place in one of the most prestigious institutions of the Odessa Richelieu Lyceum. The best graduates go to Odessa state University. I. Mechnikov without examination, and Lisa Avdeenko, finished 11th grade with a gold medal, automatically became a student of mechanics and mathematics faculty. However, in high school the girl was not particularly interesting, so it became a lot of time to devote to the study of foreign languages, and the third course started.

    His professional field of Avdeenko chose a banking structure. First, she engaged in securities, then serviced corporate customers. After moving to Moscow he continued to work in the banking sector, how it feels in this profession as comfortable as possible.

    What? Where? When?

    Even when Elizabeth Avdeenko studied at the Richelieu Lyceum, she began to play mind games, which was organized by the famous scholar Boris Burda. It was the «brain-Ring» and «What? Where? When?». In 2006, Lisa has performed in the sports version of the game for the Odessa team «Doublet», and then another 4 years for «Legion». Once appeared in the Ukrainian higher League, but that the only game his team lost, although she Avdeenko answered correctly to three questions.

    In the Moscow «What? Where? When?» Elizabeth was the recommendation of the producer of the Ukrainian version of the game Leonid Chernenko. At a sporting level he played for the capital team «CCPE» and the elite club was to play in the team of experts Balash Gasimov.

    Already in his first season, the Governor has received «the Crystal owl», and the following year was able to repeat this success. It continues annually to participate in games at the highest level. The last intellectual challenge Elizabeth was held on 24 April 2016, in which his team managed to snatch victory from the viewers with a score of «6:5».

    Personal life

    In one of the trips to the Russian capital Elizabeth Avdeenko along with girlfriend Yulia Lazareva, too, the expert and player in «What? Where? When?» visited the Museum of modern art. There she met with Dmitry Muzychenko, at that time an employee of MTS. Now my husband works for a Corporation «Coca-Cola». It is because of him a young woman left her native Odessa. Soon Elizabeth and Dimitri got married.

    In his free time, Avdeenko loves to watch figure skating and non-commercial films, to study the paintings of the Impressionists, to read William Shakespeare. Interestingly, when Lisa asked about her abilities and habits, it often somehow talks about what does and does not love, and not Vice versa. Because she says she never tried to smoke, do not know how to ride a bike and loves to watch cartoons. But a lot of the time a woman devotes to sports, because they like to feel fit.


    Elizabeth Avdeenko

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