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  • Name: Elisabeth Shue ( Elisabeth Shue )
  • Date of birth: 6 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Wilmington, United States
  • Height: 157
  • Activity: American actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elisabeth Shue: biography

    Elisabeth Judson Shue and Elisabeth Shue was born in the autumn of 1963 in the U.S. state of Delaware. The childhood and youth of the future stars of Hollywood were in Wilmington. Elizabeth’s parents had made a considerable success: mother Ann wells was Vice-President of the Bank, father James William Shue, a well – known lawyer. He achieved success in politics and even ran for U.S. Congress from Republicans.

    Elisabeth Shue
    Elisabeth Shue | reoples.ru

    Reed Elizabeth has aristocratic origins and is rooted in the British immigrants who came to America in the seventeenth century. Besides the daughter in the family grew up 3 sons – Will, Andrew and John. Elizabeth Shue had nothing to do, how to become a 4th boy. She drove with the brothers football, learned to play Rugby, bravely jumped into the pond and instantly rose to the top of any tree. The family had a huge mansion in the countryside, where the children had real freedom in nature.

    Her childhood ended at age 11 when my parents decided to leave. The girl suddenly turned into a difficult teenager. She started the study, were Smoking weed and came home at night.

    In 15 years, her car was stopped by a police officer. Probably, it was the first acting experience Points: she played the adult girlfriend, and the traffic COP let her go.

    Elisabeth Shue
    Elisabeth Shue | Kpoker.som

    16 Elisabeth Shue finally realized that she’s a girl. When she’s old habit of kicking a football, the boys looked at her with different eyes, not as a partner. But Elizabeth was not ready to such turn of events. She remembered the painful separation of parents and morbidly afraid of this turn in his life. So, Shu avoid relationships with the opposite sex, when her peers vengeance boasted of his novels.

    After graduating from high school in new Jersey Points went to Harvard, where he once studied her mother. But at this time began to flourish cinematic biography of Elisabeth Shue. The girl dropped out of school, failing to finish only a semester.


    The screens Liz came quite early – at the age of 16. In his promotional video charming girl with an angelic appearance showed the restaurant «Burger king». The debut was so successful that Shu was on the dream factory. The first significant role she got in the TV series «Call to glory». The name proved prophetic. Soon Elizabeth has played a girlfriend of the protagonist in the film «the karate Kid».

    Elisabeth Shue in the film
    Elisabeth Shue in the film «the karate Kid» | Lichnosti.net

    The role of a pretty and unassuming girl who became a prize for the good guy in the end of the film, joined Shu tightly. Liz hated the characters, which she had to play. She could barely force himself to agree to another like two drops of water similar to the previous one, the role of the «trophy girls». Had convinced myself that she is an actress.

    To think about the future and to reverse the situation Liz made the death of a beloved brother, will, who died on her hands. Shu sank into a heavy depression. She refused to withdraw, regularly visited a therapist and was thinking about suicide.

    Having gone through terrible grief, Elizabeth has changed. Probably, it was noticed by the Directors. Now the actress was offered other roles, deeper.

    Elisabeth Shue in the film
    Elisabeth Shue in the film «Cocktail» | Lichnosti.net

    The first successful television projects that have brought Elisabeth Shue awareness, began painting «the link», «adventures in Babysitting» and «Back to the future».

    And the glory and status of a Hollywood star brought in her projects, «Leaving Las Vegas», «Invisible» and «Holy.»

    The drama by Mike Figgis «Leaving Las Vegas» Shue played a hooker. She agreed to this role contrary to the wishes of others. Manager Liz said that this film will put an end to her career. Even the Director tried to dissuade her from this work. But she agreed and won. For the first time the actress was nominated for «Oscar». And although figurines Elizabeth received, but the nomination made it to the top of movie-Olympus. In addition, she was nominated for the Independent spirit award and a Golden globe, a screen actors Guild Award nomination the United States» and «BAFTA».

    Elisabeth Shue and Nicolas cage in the movie
    Elisabeth Shue and Nicolas cage in «Leaving Las Vegas» | Wap.filmz.ru

    Thriller «Holy» and the Thriller «the Invisible» secured success Th and made it famous all over the world. The latest project was filming the famous Paul Verhoeven. Shu played physicist Linda foster. This story is about human flaws, which a lot of blood, violence and fall into the abyss, the hard Climb. The actress on the set of torn ligaments in leg. The Studio demanded Verhoeven to replace the Points and immediately proceed to withdraw the draft. But the Director flatly refused. For any artist the filming process was suspended until his recovery. In gratitude, Elizabeth came out earlier than fully recovered and within two months struggled with a limp.

    Elisabeth Shue in the film
    Elisabeth Shue in the film «the Saint» | Lichnosti.net

    The success of the film justified all spent on her efforts: the project grossed $ 70 million and brought Th many awards. And 21-year-old Liz has returned to Harvard and graduated, becoming the 4th woman in his family, was educated in the famous University.

    Recently the biography of Elisabeth Shue continues to evolve. The most outstanding projects in which she has appeared, may be called the adventure film «Piranha 3D», a highly-rated series «C. S. I.: crime scene investigation» and a picture of blunt talk.

    Personal life

    With her future husband, Elisabeth Shue met in the most difficult and dramatic period of his life, when he suffered the death of his brother. For producer David Guggenheim that time was also difficult. He has achieved a lot: he had a prestigious job, material prosperity, and even his own production film company. But he dreamed of more about directing. Fear and uncertainty in the forces did not allow David to move forward.

    They met and quickly realized that I had found in each other that missing soul mate, which will help to make cherished dreams.

    Elisabeth Shue with her husband
    Elisabeth Shue with her husband | VACO.club

    And really. Guggenheim soon started to make films. gained fame after the release of the drama «Leaving Las Vegas,» for which she literally fought.

    Personal life Elisabeth Shue nearly collapsed during filming in the drama «Holy» in Britain. Project partner Val Kilmer then stung his divorce with actress Joanne Whalley. Liz did not know about the plans for Kilmer to take revenge on his ex-wife. Therefore, his invitation to Wimbledon, and even in company with his little daughter was, she accepted without hesitation.

    But innocent farewell kiss Kilmer instantly came into all the world tabloid, posted a picture under the headlines about the new novel actor. Elisabeth Shue vehemently denied the gossip, and Val pointedly smiled and left the question without comment.

    Elisabeth Shue and Val Kilmer in action
    Elisabeth Shue and Val Kilmer in the action movie «Saint» | kіpo24.sand

    Shu and Guggenheim managed to survive this rough patch. And although everyone was waiting for from a couple of quick statements about divorce, the couple rallied. In 1997 was born the miles. And in the 2000s appeared daughter Stella and Agnes.


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    • «Leaving Las Vegas»
    • «Invisible»
    • «Holy»
    • «Piranha 3D»
    • «C. S. I.: crime scene investigation»


    Elisabeth Shue

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