Elina Kamiren

(biography, photo, video) Elina Karjakin

photo Elina Kamiren

  • Name: Kamiran Elina ( Elina Karjakin )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Tyumen
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: model and contestant on «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Elina Kamiren: biography

    Elina Kamiren, the real name of which Karjakin – model and businesswoman who became known in the country through participation in the scandalous TV show «Dom 2». She was born and spent his childhood in Siberia, in the city of Tyumen. It was brought up by mother, Elena, who raised her daughter alone, without her husband. To provide a small family, she opened her own beauty salon.

    Elina in childhood was engaged in gymnastics and reached the second youthful category of sports exercises on the uneven bars. Further development of the sports career is not received because of the tall girl. Later, she played basketball, but after school decided to radically change lives.

    Elina travels to the UK, where improving their English. In parallel, she worked as as a fashion model and appeared on the catwalk. She even managed in London to establish her own modeling Agency, which she sold before returning to Russia.

    In Moscow Karjakin-Kamiren enrolled in the correspondence Department at the Russian state University of oil and gas named. Gubkin. While studying she worked in the office of one of the reputable private companies.

    TV show

    On the TV show «House 2» Elina Karjakin for the first time came in April 2011. Then he quickly formed a relationship with Alexei Samsonov, who had grown into a serious passion for each other. The guys left together from the show, but outside the perimeter they couldn’t be together and broke up.

    However, after some time in the air «House 2» appeared first Alex, followed by Elina, who has decided to try again to find common ground with Samsonov. They even announced their engagement, but the second stage of their relationship proceeded even more rapidly. For example, Karjakin was able to choose in the morning in the salon of wedding dress, and the evening of the same day is it in the box engagement ring, prepared for the celebration.

    In the end, the guys finally broke, after which she made every effort to chase her ex-boyfriend from the perimeter of the show. For him, the efforts of Elina, went and Evgeny Gusev (Feofilaktova) with her husband who was with her in a state of conflict. Later, the show left itself Karjakin.

    But she returned again in may 2013 and under a new name as Elina Kamiren. Almost immediately the girls formed a pair with Zagajnovym that beautiful courted her: jewels gave flowers, arrange a romantic date and so on. However, soon again began the scandals and mutual reproaches. Tired of this life, Kamiren leaves the project, but two weeks later realizes she is pregnant. Zadoinov persuades Elin to return to the «House 2» and start with a clean slate. After the birth of her daughter, the young people announced the wedding.

    Personal life

    A week after the December 18, 2014 Elina Kamiren gave birth to a daughter, which she named after the father of Alexandra, the parents and the girl left the perimeter of the TV show. But in real life their family did not take place. Announced the wedding was soon cancelled, and Elina and Alexander broke up. But they dispersed peacefully, remaining good friends. Zadoinov very often attends Sasha and spends a lot of time with his daughter.

    But Elina denies that the father was the initiator of the disintegration of the family. A young mother in his numerous interviews said that first you know – they share only a part in the TV project «House 2», no further relationship, it is not implied from the beginning.

    However, to determine the paternity of Alexander Zadoinov still insisted on the procedure for conducting DNA test, which confirmed that he is the biological father of the little Sasha. It was revealed in a live TV program «live with the YouTube Korchevnikov».


    Elina Kamiren

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