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  • Name: Elina Bystritskaya ( Elina Bystrickaya )
  • Date of birth: 4 April 1928.
  • Age: 88 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elina Bystritskaya: biography

    April 4, 1928 in the family of an infectious disease physician and hospital cooks daughter was born. A girl named Elina. The passport inadvertently lost the letter «l» and recorded in the documents of Elina Bystritskaya.

    Childhood Helen was held in Ukraine. She grew a cheerful child, loved to imitate the heroes of the popular movies. Hobbies she had a more boyish – she was good at Billiards.

    Father Bystritskaya dreamed of for their daughter to follow in his footsteps and became a medic. During the war Elina took a job as a nurse in an evacuation hospital in Stalino (now Donetsk), although she was only 13 years old. She has often heard compliments from injured soldiers and hospital staff, seen the views, admiring her beauty, but did not pay attention to it.

    In 1944, the girl graduated from high school and enrolled in medical school because it insisted the father. Education and future profession didn’t appeal to her, but during College worked as a drama where the girl is with great pleasure that played any role. In order to learn dramatic art, Elina enrolled in ballet class. Three years later she graduated from College and decided to enter the theater Institute in Kiev. Father was against her decision.

    In the end, Bystritskaya entered the Nezhinskii pedagogical Institute. She organized the team dance, which soon won a competition, and its head got their start in a rest home. There she met actress Natalia Gabrovski, who persuaded Elina to develop talent.

    Bystritskaya was not listening parents took the documents from teaching and enrolled in the theater Institute. Relations with classmates, she did not work – the girl had a very strict upbringing, did not take part in parties students. It wrote of slander, but a talented student defended the teachers. In 1953, Elina Bystritskaya received the diploma about the termination of the acting Department.


    After graduation she was assigned to the Kherson drama theatre, but work in it Elina refused, because the Director allowed liberties against her. One of the teachers helped Bystritskaya to get to the Theater of the Moscow city Council, but to act on the stage actress had not – found «well-wishers», to fill up the theatre management complaints.

    Her career as actress began in Vilnius. On the stage the urban drama she played Varya in the play «Port Arthur», Olga in the play «Years of pilgrimage» and the Waltz in «the Scarlet flower». Bystritskaya dreamed of playing in the Metropolitan scene, but for many years this dream has not materialized. For promising actress petitioned Faina Ranevskaya – it is useless.

    Only after the release of the movie «Volunteers» Bystritskaya was able to move to Moscow and settle in the little theatre. To him she dedicated her whole life. The audience enjoyed watching the play in productions of «Woe from wit», «Masquerade», «Main role», «Truckers» and others.


    Bystritskaya started acting from a young age. Her first experience was the film «Taras Shevchenko», which was shot at the Kiev film Studio. The actress was offered a cameo role, but in the end the footage with her participation were cut. Then Elina decided that movie is finished forever.

    However, in 1950, directed by Vladimir Braun invited her to film «days of peace». In this film the actress played by Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Vera Vasileva, Georgi Yumatov and not lost on their background. The audience remember the Bystritskaya.

    Following the film «an unfinished story» brought Elina Bystritskaya recognition and the title of best actress of the year. It was included in the delegation for a Week of Soviet cinema, which took place in Paris.

    In 1958, the screens out the series «the Quiet don» in which Bystritskaya played Aksinya. This image has become her best film role. It has been more than half a century – Aksinya tried to play many Actresses, but none of them could even approach the level and depth to the Elina Bystritskaya.

    Also noteworthy was the movie «Volunteers», it Bystritskaya played Lelia. Next were shooting in the films «All remains to people», «Seven days after murder», «the Brave guys,» «Last tour». Latest actress movie — Eleanor in the film «Babi Yar» (2002), Princess Olga in the historical trilogy «the Saga of the ancient Bulgars. The legend of Saint Olga» (2005) and Alina Stanislavovna in a detective «the Return of Mukhtar» (2006).

    Personal life

    Elina Bystritskaya has always had many admirers, among them high-ranking officials, which the actress denied. For this it stopped sending on tour abroad and to offer movie roles, but she always remained true to himself and his principles.

    Many of her novels have been short-lived and quickly ended. At the pedagogical Institute in the Bystritskaya fell in love with a graduate student. During her visit, suddenly sounded the national anthem of the Soviet Union, and the boyfriend snapped to attention – there was ideological. It was their last meeting.

    Her first great love was Kirill Lavrov, who at the time had just started his career in the theater in Kiev. Once Elina had come to see him off at the station and saw that Lavrov sees another girl. The feeling passed instantly, because to forgive the weakness of men she could not and can not.

    Elina was married only once. Her husband Nicholas Kuzminski worked in the Ministry of foreign trade, frequently traveled abroad. They lived in a high-rise on Kudrinskaya square more than 25 years and was happy. The husband was older than Bystritskaya. She could listen to his stories, arguing and laughing. Together they went to theatres, exhibitions, often rested. Children the couple never had. They broke up because the husband often cheated on the actress.

    Now Elina Bystritskaya lives in his house in the suburbs, happy to accept guests, playing pool and keeps himself in good physical shape.


    • «Peaceful days»
    • Tikhiy Don
    • «The unquenchable flame»
    • «Seven days after murder»
    • «The Saga of the ancient Bulgars. The Legend Of Saint Olga «
    • «The farewell tour»
    • «Return Of Mukhtar «
    • «Volunteers»
    • «Unfinished story «
    • «Babi Yar»


    Elina Bystritskaya

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