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  • Name: Bagaeva Elina ( Elina Bazhaeva )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: student
  • Marital status: married

    Elina Bagaeva: biography

    Elina Bagaeva – Russian student of Chechen origin. She was born August 9, 1994, in the family of the famous oil magnate Musa Bagaeva that owns a diversified group of companies «Alliance Group» and the owner of 40% shares of the company as a world leader in precious metals mining «Russian platinum». Elina’s mother, whose name is Louise, doing housework and raising children. In the family Bazhayev four of them: two daughters, Mariam and Elina, and their younger brothers and Timur Alim.

    Elina Bagaeva
    Photo Elina Bagaeva | Instagram

    Successfully graduating from school, Bagaeva enrolled in one of the most prestigious Russian universities – Moscow state Institute of international relations. Elina and her older sister Mary, who was also studying in this institution known as the quiet girl, which, unlike many other offspring of the oligarchs, never fell into the scandalous stories.

    More surprising was the situation, which turned out to Elina at the end of October 2016. On his page on the social networking site, Ask.fm when dealing with one of its subscribers girl was pretty sharp remarks about his native country and the capital of Russia. Her phrase «Anywhere is better than Raschke» and «When I think about Moscow I feel bad» sounded very ambiguous. The fact that she at the time was on vacation in the United States of America and, in her assurances, meant exclusively cloudy and cold weather during the Russian autumn, and the constant traffic jams on the highways.

    Elina Bagaeva about Russia
    Statements Elina Bagaeva on the personal page in social network | Anews

    Anyway, the page in the network Ask.fm Bagaeva deleted and access to your personal page on Instagram was closed to outsiders. Now her photos can only see followers who will approve of the girl. But the resonance of the above phrases is incredible. To comment on the situation even managed MGIMO rector, Anatoly Torkunov, who has promised to hold a substantive discussion with his student after her return home, as well as State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. The politician is sure that if Elina wants after graduating from MGIMO to make a career in the diplomatic service, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will have to carefully consider the candidacy of his grandfather, since such vague statements are unacceptable for any citizen of Russia.

    Personal life

    Not just the familiar Elina Bagaeva ranked as the girl the most beautiful Chechen women. Sure, she had a lot of fans, but a serious relationship first struck up beauties with Bekhan by Mamakaev. Young people met in February of 2016. As adopted by the representatives of the Caucasian peoples, Bekhan obtained the agreement of Musa Bagaeva to communicate with his daughter, then 25-year-old man began to look beautiful for Elina.

    Elina Bagaeva and her husband Bekhan Mamakayev
    Elina Bagaeva and her husband Bekhan Mamakayev

    By the way, Bekhan and he is the son of a very wealthy businessman, owner of company «Dorchester Finance» Alikhan Mamakaev. The guy finished at the time of the London University, is fluent in six foreign languages and is a co-owner of his father in several of his enterprises. Mamakayev, Jr. after two months of communication with Elina realized that love is real. He made a proposal of marriage, to which she said Yes.


    Interestingly, older sister, Elina, Bagaeva Maryam, in April 2016 was married. So billionaire Musa Bagaeva had to organize a second wedding in six months. On the eve of the celebration, the bride arranged a bachelorette party where she and her friends were entertained by popular artists: singer in the style of R’n’b Kristina si Russian hip-hopper Egor Krid and rapper L One.

    Wedding Elina Bagaeva
    Wedding Elina Bagaeva | Instagram

    And the wedding itself was held on September 24 in Monte-Carlo at the «Salle Empire» at the luxury hotel «Hotel de Paris». Bride wearing wedding dress work of Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, who have produced a gorgeous outfit for Mary. Incidentally, the clothes Bagaevoy Jr. treated her father in 20 million rubles. Dress Elina thanked couturier on his page in Instagram. She wrote that the designer from Lebanon remember this day as special and beautiful.

    The bride’s parents, Moses and Louisa Bagaeva, according to Chechen traditions at the wedding were absent. However, it was the only national ceremony that complied with Bagaeva Elina and her husband Bekhan Mamakayev: the bride sat at the same table with the groom, although traditionally it was supposed to be all day on his feet, but the guests were not more than a hundred, and not about five hundred, as usual. Incidentally, among the invited guests was even the Princess of Qatar Sheikha Salwa.

    After the wedding the young couple went to honeymoon in the American States. Honeymoon they decided to spend on the warm beaches of Miami and the colorful lights of Las Vegas.


    Elina Bagaeva

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