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  • Name: Elijah Wood ( Elijah Jordan Wood )
  • Date of birth: 28 January 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Cedar Rapids, United States
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Elijah wood: biography

    Elijah wood born January 28 1981 in Iowa. He is the second child in the family. His eldest marriage Zachary, and younger sister Hannah are also involved in acting.

    At an early age Elijah wood demonstrated musical talent. In 7 years the boy sang in the local choir, and 8 years old participated in theatrical productions. Mother tried to give their children a good upbringing and education. Restless-Elijah she jokingly called «a little monkey».

    In 1988, when Voodoo was barely 7 years old, his mother brought him to audition for a modeling Agency. Six months later, and Elijah have been on the conference models and talent in Los Angeles.

    Cute boy noticed and began to offer shooting commercials and small movie roles. The actor says that the entry into the adult world difficult for him. His fragile psyche had no time to deal with the cruelty of show business. To pass this test, he managed thanks to the support of his mother and sisters.


    Elijah wood started out with episodes for several years and have grown to serious work. In 1991, when he was 10 years old, he played one of the leading roles in the movie «Ray» the boy who joined the family. Critics enthusiastically responded about the game wood, called him the best actor of the picture.

    In 1993, Elijah starred in the movie «the Good son» with Macaulay Kalkin, but the tape did not have much success. Next was the painting «the adventures of Huckleberry Finn»: the character, played by wood, is very different from his previous roles. In 1994, the screens out the film «War» in which the actor played in tandem with Kevin costner. And again the critics were generous with praise.

    The iconic actor began in 1999. After playing Frodo Baggins in «Lord of the rings» wood woke up famous and forever inscribed itself in the history of world cinema. Elijah accidentally found out about the upcoming shooting and persuaded the Director to make samples with it. The film was shot in New Zealand for a long time – the actor had to change their place of residence. The guy did a great job with the game, so it’s hard to imagine someone else in the role of Frodo Baggins.

    After Lord of the rings Elijah starred in «Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind» (2004), «sin City» (2005), «Murder at Oxford» (2008), «the hobbit: an Unexpected journey» (2012), «pawn shop Chronicles» (2013), «Open Windows» (2014), «the Last witch hunter» (2015), voiced cartoon characters.

    Personal life

    He doesn’t say much about his personal life, so his girls are little known. In the early acting career Elijah was a brief affair with actress Bijou Phillips.

    In the movie «Seventeen» wood met with actress Franca Ponente, they began a relationship. In public, the pair appeared only a couple of times they got together in the lenses of the paparazzi.

    In 2005-2010 year, the actor met with Pamela drummer from the band «Gogol Bordello». But their relationship was given a crack as soon as Pamela started talking about marriage. Elijah wood was not ready for such a step.

    Since 2010 the actor has not been seen in the company of women. The loneliness of the wood gave rise to rumors that he’s gay, which stopped as soon as the star threatened the newspaper by the court.

    In his spare time Elijah wood sings, plays the piano, collects CDs. Actor involved in charity work.


    • «Back to the future 2»
    • «The good son»
    • «Paradise»
    • «Black and white»
    • «Faculty»
    • «The Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the Ring»
    • «Sin city»
    • «Murder at Oxford»
    • «The hobbit: an Unexpected journey»
    • «Lighting the star»


    Elijah Wood

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