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  • Name: Eleonora Belyaeva ( Eleonora Belyaeva )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1935
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of death: April 21, 2015
  • Place of birth: Ramon’, Voronezh oblast
  • Activity: TV Presenter
  • Marital status: Married

    Eleonora Belyaeva: biography

    Eleanor Guseva Belyaev, who for three decades led the TV program «Music kiosk», remember Soviet and Russian viewers of his soft and intelligent manner with which the presenter introduced the audience with examples of classical music and contemporary authors.

    Eleonora Belyaeva was born in the Voronezh region, in the village of Ramon. Eleanor’s father was in the military. Childhood of the future presenter had at the time of the great Patriotic war and the following years, heavy for the entire Soviet Union. Belyaeva recalled later in interviews, she never forgot the hardships of the postwar period. Thanks to my mother, who dreamed of a career in music for little Ali, the girl graduated with distinction from the Central music school in Voronezh, piano. Then there was the Voronezh College of music, and finally, the famous capital of «Gnesinka». At first she had planned to be at the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatoire, but relatives convinced her «to aim higher». Relatives were right: Belyaeva was admitted to the vocal Department of the University after the first round.

    But a singing career was not destined to happen. The next day after another exam Belyaev lost his voice. Affected for several reasons: the stress of her first divorce, as well as a clear mistake Gnessin teachers — vocals Belyaeva identified as a coloratura soprano, though she had a range of lyrical. This training was conducted incorrectly, which led to such tragic consequences.

    Voice loss was a severe blow for the singer. Besides, left after a divorce with a small daughter on hands, Belyaeva needed to seek a livelihood. For some time she was engaged in copying music, also had the skills of playing the piano — the woman gave private lessons.

    On TV Eleonora Belyaeva got by accident. One day, meeting her classmate Vladimir Fedoseyev, in conversation she mentioned about their plight. Fedoseev helped an old friend get on a TV editor in the Department of mass genres. Belyaev several times transferred between departments. She worked with folk art and classical music, before beginning to work with Nina Zotova, which Eleanor Guseva until the last days was grateful that it sent an inexperienced graduate of the Gnessin school in the world of TV.

    Eleonora Belyaeva: «Music box»

  • «Music kiosk», addition to «Blue light», created on the idea of Alexander Gabrilovich, was first published in 1960. First Eleonora Belyaeva worked as an editor for the TV shows, she is pretty handy with his musical education. However, six months later, it so happened that the girl had to close a hole» in the air and to hold «Musical kiosk» instead of leading cases. The first attempt was successful, and Belyaev was appointed presenter of the program, where he worked for over thirty years. For no ads «Music box» was the main source of information for music lovers, because here music fans were introduced to a new musical innovations. Despite the fact that the program lasted only half an hour, and the «Musical kiosk» was published once a week, preparation of the material took almost all the main time. Belyaeva faithfully occlusive all the selected concert works and selected the most worthy. Here it took her taste in music grafted during his studies at the music school. The TV presenter was in some measure set the format of the program. Its elegant appearance, thoughtful presentation of the material and a consistently respectful attitude to the guests of the «Musical kiosk» won the warm love of the viewers, who called Eleanor the Guseva «the Grand lady of the Soviet television.» As with all transmissions of the time, «Kiosk» has not escaped the censorship: as the presenter says, it is strongly recommended not to mention in the broadcast of the names of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Fyodor Chaliapin, who at one time emigrated from the Soviet Union. While censorship is virtually no impact on the quality of the program itself, thanks to thorough preparation and personal charm Eleonora Belyaeva.

    In addition, restrictions relating to appearance and presenters themselves. So, once I had to rewrite the Christmas program, as women speakers were forbidden to appear in the shot in the pants. Given the time that Belyaeva in «Music kiosk» usually sat and it was only the upper half of the body, you can imagine the absurdity of the situation. When Eleanor Guseva changed her hairstyle, cut off her braid, the editors of the transmission was literally inundated with outraged letters from viewers. The latter fact can probably be attributed to the wide popularity of the Belyaeva. In 1968, for his contribution in the cultural sphere, the presenter received the award

  • «Golden pen of Russia», and after fourteen years at the peak of his popularity Belyaev was awarded the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. Anniversary, the thirty years ‘ edition of the «Musical kiosk» was held in 1992, this transfer Belyaeva led together with actor Alexander Shirvindt. Unfortunately, after three years, «Kiosk» was closed due to unprofitability. As he recalled the TV presenter, every new head of the channel tried to close the program, but its nationwide popularity is not allowed to do it.

    Eleonora Belyaeva: movies

    Eleonora Belyaeva twice participated in the filming of the movie: in 1978 she got a small cameo role in the film-biography of Alla Pugacheva «the Woman who sings» directed by Alexander Orlov, and then, in 1982, Eleonora Belyaeva appeared in the melodrama «the great ride» in a kind of cameo: she played a television presenter. Eleanor Guseva had no particular acting ambitions, besides «Music box» over the years became her favorite child, so Belyaeva film career was very short.

    After the closure of the transfer Belyaeva some time has been to various festivals and concerts. At events she was given a standing ovation, but Eleanor preferred Guseva rarely appear in public. As admitted «the Grand lady of Central television», she feels guilty for having not paid enough attention to his daughter, and decided to catch up at the end of life.

    21 APR 2015 famous Soviet TV presenter died in Moscow.

    Eleonora Belyaeva: personal life

    Despite the fact that throughout the life of the TV presenter was very popular, personal life is Eleonora Belyaeva remained a mystery to his fans. Even in the last years of his life, Eleanor Guseva preferred to avoid the subject.

    It is known that she was married three times, and all three men shared a common name Anatoly. In his spare time, the presenter loved to crochet and to read detective stories. From the first marriage Belyaeva has a daughter Maria and granddaughter Anastasia.

    Eleanor Belyaev: photos

    Eleonora Belyaeva

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