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  • Name: Elena Zakharova ( Zakharova Yelena )
  • Date of birth: 2 November 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Zakharova: biography

    Elena Zakharova was born on 2 November 1975 in a Moscow hospital of a name of the Grauerman. Her parents Igor and Natalya worked in the hospitality business and had nothing to do with the theater. The family lived near the Park «Sokolniki», where the girl spent a lot of time riding on the rides at the local «amusement Park».

    Helen was a very active child. To direct the energy of the daughter in a beneficial way, his parents sent him to a children’s dance school. Six young actress acted in the ensemble of «Pinocchio», and at age eight went to ballet school. Ballet girl has not developed in the first place, because of the strict discipline that reigned in the classroom as well as dietary requirements, which was absolutely unacceptable for those with a sweet tooth Zakharova.

    Olena Zakharova
    Elena Zakharova | VK

    At school, Elena was a good student, preferring the Humanities. She especially liked the lessons of Russian literature and foreign languages. At the same time, the future actress became interested in the theatre and wanted to be like the famous artists of the picture postcards collected by her mother. The girl signed up for all possible clubs at school and participated in local theater productions. After eighth grade, Elena Zakharova decided to go to drama school Golubovsky, however, did not take her there. Failure is quite severe blow to the pride of the young actress, and she decided to become a fashion model.

    Parents advised her daughter to engage in foreign languages to become a translator. Elena went to the preparatory courses in cinematography, in parallel trying to break into the modeling business. She auditioned for the Russian-American Agency, and participated in photo shoots. One day while filming on the yacht approached her interpreter from the Institute of culture and advised charismatic model to enter the theater Institute. Inspired by the compliment, Zakharov then began an acting career.

    In 1993, Elena enrolled in the Theatre Institute named after Shchukin on the course. Simonov. Entrance exams, she was easily affected by many years of dance classes, participation in the children’s performances and short-lived modeling career. In 1997, Zakharov graduated from College, about a penny from the red diploma.


    The invitation to the «Theatre of the moon» Elena got while still a student, she was chosen from fifty other girls for the role of rosemary in the play «tender is the Night». A full party band Zakharova was only in 1998. Since then, the actress is constantly involved in theatre productions. She played in productions of «Travel of laymans» and «Mata Hari, «the Eye of the day».

    Elena Zakharova, Sergei Vinogradov in the play
    Elena Zakharova, Sergei Vinogradov in the play «Travel of laymans» | People

    The artist believes theatre is a reflection of society and therefore with pleasure involved in modern productions, with the exception of too Frank avant-garde. She acted in the troupes of different theatres: in the famous «Tabakerka» of Oleg Tabakov on the play «the wise man stumbles» and the «Center for the playwright» in the play «the Feeling of a beard».

    Real fame among the audience Elena Zakharova received for her role of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s classic production of «hamlet.» The creation of Director Peter Stein was highly appreciated by theatre critics, and the actress received the award «discovery of the year» by the magazine «Ogonek» and the award «the Seagull» in 1999.


    Elena Zakharova for the first time starred in the movie thanks to the joke of his classmates. The guys called the girl from the Studio named after Gorky and invited her to audition. At the Studio young Zakharov said the assistant Director and invited her to play a small role Princess girlfriend.

    The second course Elena took in the film «the Shelter of comedians», where she was to play the role of a young girl Wiki. For filming in the film, the actress dyed her hair black and was forced to miss classes in College.

    Popularity among viewers, the young actress brought the series «the Fifth corner», which appeared on television in 2001. Elena began to invite in various projects, including the well-known Russian TV show («Stars on ice» and «Empire»).

    The rise in popularity of Elena Zakharova came in 2006, when the screens showed the TV series «kadetstvo». There the actress played the role of the teacher of ethics and aesthetics Polina Sergeevna Olkhovskaya, subdued manner of the heroine in the hearts of the viewers. The role of a girl he approved the project’s producer Vyacheslav Murugov without trial and castings. The shooting of the series took place on the territory of the Tver Suvorov military school, where the artist was forced to travel regularly from Moscow, where at the time she was in the dance show «Stars on ice». Zakharova has also starred in the sequel, released in 2007.

    Elena Zakharova and Andrey Chernyshov at the filming of the series
    Elena Zakharova and Andrey Chernyshov at the filming of the series «Glaciers» | RUSKINO

    Iconic role in popular TV series made Elena a popular actress movie, which is now invited to different projects. Only the actress participated in the filming of more than seventy films over twenty years of his career.

    Personal life

    Elena Zakharova often talks about her first love. With a young man who was older than her by four years, the actress accidentally met immediately after graduation. The beautiful young man was courting her, however, soon supplied the girl an ultimatum: either he, or drama school. The actress chose a career and have never regretted my decision.

    In 1997, Elena has brought a new novel with his son Yegor. They were introduced by a mutual friend during the play «the wise man stumbles». The affair lasted almost seven years, but young people again divorced profession actress. Yegor didn’t understand the fascination girls world of theatre and cinema quite often quarreled with her because of Elena’s departure to the shooting. The last straw of their relationship was a trip Zakharova in Japan, after which the couple broke up.

    At the film festival «Kinotavr» Elena met with businessman Sergei Molotovym. For him, Zakharova refused to shoot in promising U.S. project and chose to spend that time with loved ones, before long to fly to the other films in America. Back in Russia, Elena Packed her things and moved to Sergei.

    Elena Zakharova and Sergey Mamontov
    Elena Zakharova and Sergey Mamontov | Our city

    In February 2011, in the Moscow hospital the couple had a daughter Anna-Maria. Alas, after eight months of wrong diagnosis of the doctors daughter Elena Zakharova died of acute viral infection. Immediately after the tragedy, Sergei walked away from Elena, and his mother blamed the girl in the creation of an information publicity due to the death of the child. Relive some of those terrible events helped the artist work and her incredibly strong character.


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    Olena Zakharova

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