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  • Name: Elena Yasevich ( Elena Yasevich )
  • Date of birth: 12 December 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Vawkavysk, Belarus
  • Activity: clairvoyant, winner of the 12th season of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Yasevich: biography

    Elena Yasevich – Belarusian and Russian clairvoyant, winner of the XII season of the very popular mystic of the TV project «Battle of psychics». She claims to be psychic is a fourth generation, and their abilities owes a great grandmother who was a witch and passed the gift into her inheritance.

    Elena was born in the last month of 1978 in the Belarusian town of Vaukavysk. Her mother worked as an accountant and dad was in the military, so the family had to relocate. Lena was five years old when Acewiki moved to Buryatia, and then settled in the Murmansk region.

    Still in preschool Elena knocked over a pot of boiling water, got complicated burns and a few months was on the verge between life and death. This incident Yasevich tend to believe the impetus for the development of psychic abilities, which she inherited through the female line of his family. She says that after the case started to see the aura of people and understand the human soul is much stronger than usually peculiar to small children.

    In high school she decides consciously to experiment with magic, but not always, these attempts have led to positive consequences. For example, Elena Yasevich considers himself guilty of the disability of his brother Sergei, who was in a car accident, because literally a couple of hours before they quarreled, and sister in the hearts told him bad words. After this tragedy, Elena left home, became depressed, and then even started using drugs.

    At the moment Yasevich lived in St. Petersburg, and difficult period of my life lasted for about eight years. Then she could find the strength to start living again. Elena had recovered from drug addiction, has received higher education in St. Petersburg state University of telecommunications, becoming a biomedical electronics engineer, and started to help people. And if at first she tried to do the usual work in sales of equipment, then the woman began to apply an innate gift in the «Center of personality development Natalia Banteay».

    TV show

    Later Elena Yasevich began to appear on local television and participate in various programs mystical subjects. She went to the Studio as a consultant or advice. And when her friend Natalia Pantaeva won season 9 of the show «Battle of psychics», the woman began to persuade Elena not to avoid this very popular esoteric project.

    After some time, the Yasevich decided to risk it and went to casting. And it should be noted that in the 12th season she literally from the first test has become one of the favorites as the experts, and the opinion of the audience. The young woman identified the main purpose of his participation in the «Battle of psychics,» the demonstration of the fact that man himself is able to change their destiny for the better.

    Elena Yasevich confidently reached the finals, gaining more than 50% of the votes of viewers, was named the winner of the 12th season of the TV show «Battle of psychics.»

    Personal life

    Elena Yasevich never married officially, but has long been in a relationship with a man named Alexander. From this, we can say the actual marriage, the clairvoyant has a daughter Anastasia born in 2005.

    Today, the psychic does not seek to Affairs with men and fully focused on raising her daughter and helping people who need it a genetic gift. By the way, according to Elena, Nastya has also starting to show signs that mystical talent has not spared the girl side.


    Olena Yasevich

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