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  • Name: Elena Yakovleva ( Elena Yakovleva )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Novograd-Volynsky
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film Actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Yakovleva biography

    Elena Yakovleva, an iconic actress of Russian cinema, familiar to TV viewers for many film credits. Her artistic biography includes over fifty films and TV shows, as well as dozens of performances. For his fruitful work in the field of art, people’s artist of Russia Elena Yakovleva was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation, as well as the oversight of the Medal of Honor.

    The actress was born in the small town of Novohrad-Volynskyi. Mother, Valeria Pavlovna worked as an employee at a local research Institute, and father Alexei served in the military service. Because of the frequent removals of the family relating to the activities of its Chairman, little Elena used to be in class each school’s ‘new girl’. In addition to the lessons the girl had to care for his younger brother and help her mother in household chores.

    Elena Yakovleva in childhood and now | Lady Mail.Ru

    Elena is a childhood dream of becoming an actress. By the way, her grandmother was a serf, in his time played in the main theatre. Maybe the desire for the stage was passed Yakovleva from there. Anyway, on your prom night Elena made a wish — to become an artist. Her dream came true.

    After graduation in 1978 Yakovlev filed documents with the Kharkiv Institute of culture, but attempt to enter was unsuccessful. For two years she worked as a librarian, and cartographer, and komplektatsia at the local radio factory. The money to pay Elena Yakovleva was saving up to come and conquer the capital.

    Elena Yakovleva (left) in the school years
    Elena Yakovleva (left) in the school years | Today.ia

    It happened in 1980, when the girl arrived in Moscow from the first time he entered GITIS. Her performance on the entrance exams has made the Commission a lasting impression — although, in the first place, due to some absurdity. So, Yakovlev told the fable about the crow and the Fox, getting up on a chair, getting off, until finally it failed and never stuck. Reading a passage from Tolstoy, Elena Yakovleva fell to his knees to make his performance more realistic, and the Commission had to listen to it standing. The entrant was enrolled in the Studio of Vladimir Andreyev.


    Successfully after graduating from high school, Yakovleva began playing in the troupe of the theater «Contemporary», which adopted it unanimously that the theatre world is very rare. The first role of the actress in this theatre was very funny: in the play «Days of Turbin» she had to play the girl turns torturing the red and whites. By directing the idea she was screaming without words, being behind the scenes. It was only after five months of serviceable cries the Director realized that you can make a recording of the scream. On the stage the actress got in the way Gitali Mosca staged by Galina Volchek «Two for the seesaw» on the eponymous work of William Gibson.

    After Yakovlev played Natasha in «Three sisters» by Chekhov, chief medical officer at Forever nineteen and Galina in the play «Twin».

    Elena Yakovleva in the play
    Elena Yakovleva in the play «Twin» | RIA Novosti

    In 1986 Elena Yakovleva leaving the «Contemporary» for the sake of the Yermolova theatre. Today, as recognized by the actress, this choice was not correct, and three years later Elena returned to their native stage.

    After returning to the «Contemporary» actress worked there until 2011. During this time, Yakovleva were played such illustrious roles as the restless «blessed» Olga the play by Nikolai Kolyada «Merlin Mug», Dulitl flower girl Eliza from «Pygmalion» by Bernard Shaw, Varya in Chekhov’s classic play «the Cherry orchard», as well as Tamara, the main character of poignant melodrama «Five evenings».

    Elena Yakovleva
    Elena Yakovleva | Journal of Leisure in Russia

    According to the actress, the reason for leaving was the lack of new roles. Elena Yakovleva admitted that over the last ten years of her work in Sovremennik she received only one worthy of the new role, and the other ones were so formal and insignificant that she couldn’t stand to agree to them without losing self-esteem. The last straw, oddly enough, was a welcome fresh role. Already during rehearsals the actress moved from one heroine to the other, tertiary. This attitude jarred honored artist, and she left the theatre.

    «Contemporary» gives the press any other information, calling the behavior Yakovleva and her statements to the journalists insulting, and far-fetched accusations.


    Film debut of the actress was the eccentric fairy-tale musical «Two under one umbrella» Director Sergey Abramov. In this picture twenty-two partners Yakovleva became stars such as Innokenty Smoktunovsky and

  • Ivar Kalnynsh. Then there was the role in the drama «Plyumbum, or Dangerous game», the tragicomedy «Time to fly», the melodrama «the Two shores» and others, but nationwide popularity and the explosive growth of the popularity of the actress came with the film «intergirl», known throughout the Union, the adaptation of Pyotr Todorovsky about the life of foreign exchange and prostitutes. The sensation produced by this film, was such that in spite of its morality, the film received the opposite effect: school girls wanted to become prostitutes, a shameful profession has received a romantic painting.
    Elena Yakovleva in the film
    Elena Yakovleva in the film «intergirl» | Mosfilm

    «Interdevochka» has received numerous awards, and she Elena Yakovleva at the age of 28 years were awarded prizes at Tokyo film festival and the festival «Constellation», is recognized as the best actress of the year by the magazine «Soviet screen», and also received the prestigious national film award «Nika».

    Later, the actress starred in yet another film Todorovsky. This time Elena Yakovleva appeared in the form of Ani Hook in the postwar romantic drama «Encore, another encore!». For this role, the actress received her second «nick», and the prize of the festival «Constellation». The collaboration of Yakovleva and Todorovski continued with two paintings: «Retro Threesome» and «What a wonderful game».

    Elena Yakovleva in the film
    Elena Yakovleva in the film «the Anchor, still the anchor!» | Movie-Theater.Ru

    Yakovlev wanted to star in the drama «Burnt by the sun» and then very sorry that the Director Nikita Mikhalkov has approved the role of Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

    The next round of popularity, the actress obliged to the role of detective Anastasia Kamenskaya are in the television series «Kamenskaya», filmed based on the detective novels of Alexandra Marinina. This detective novel consisted of six seasons, and all this time she had a constant love of the public. As now says Elena Yakovleva, it is with great difficulty passed the audition in the series, as it for a long time still saw «Interdevochka» fame actress was playing her. The third season of the series brought the actress the award «TEFI» in 2004-m to year.

    Elena Yakovleva in the series
    Elena Yakovleva in the series «Kamenskaya» | full Movie.RU

    Of the last works of Yakovleva to be involved in the post-war drama «Kate. Military history» and the romantic melodrama «In style Jazz». Also the actress is currently starred in two seasons of domestic procedural drama «Sklifosofsky» where he played the role of head of the Department of surgery, Irina Alekseevna. In 2017-2018 it is planned to release the fifth season of «Sklifosofsky» and the seventh TV series «Kamenskaya», where Elena Yakovleva as well as in previous seasons, will play a major role.


    Besides working in movies and TV series Elena Yakovleva several times appeared on the screen as a TV presenter. So, for five years she has presented the daily television show «What women want» on stage with Klara Novikova. And in 2013 she became the face of the talk show «Right to meet», which was released on TV channel «Russia».

    Elena Yakovleva on the talk show
    Elena Yakovleva on the talk show «Right to meet» the | Around the TV

    Personal life

    The actress married the second time. With her first husband, classmate Sergey Yulin, Yakovlev had been married for only six months, even as a student of GITIS. After a few years in the theater «Contemporary» actress met with Valery Crazy, and the couple began a relationship. Yakovlev and Crazy lived for about five years together before the official marriage registered in 1990. As a witness to the wedding was invited to the famous Soviet actor Igor Kvasha.

    Elena Yakovleva and Valeri Crazy
    Elena Yakovleva and Valeri Crazy | Starslife.ru

    Second marriage in 1992, the actress had a son, Denis, who chose the Director’s career. In addition, the actress brings and Crazy daughter from his first marriage, Kate, who, like the parents, has a penchant for theatre. Elena Yakovleva supports the creative endeavors of children, but at the same time does not want to be treated profession superficial and frivolous, as, according to Elena, now many perceive work in the theatre and in film. The family of the actress is not of particular interest for journalists: contrary to current trends in marriage Yakovleva kept for more than 25 years.

    Elena Yakovleva family
    Elena Yakovleva with family | 7days.Gee

    In 2014 the Russian-language Internet shook the sad rumors. Many sites claimed that the actress Elena Yakovleva passed away. Information was false, soon a large number of sources have published a retraction, but the question about the health of the beloved actress and causes terrible news has continued to excite its fans.

    Mass misinformation really was not accidental. The actress said in an interview that she had gone through clinical death. During the performance Elena Yakovleva felt the pain, but finished the play to the end. Later the actress had to call an ambulance. Doctors discovered a latent ulcer of the stomach and recommended surgical intervention. During the operation, the woman had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and the heart actress stopped. Elena Yakovleva says that has survived clinical death and even saw the tunnel with the light, but she believes his visions a result of their vulnerability, but not evidence of a higher power.

    All these terrible events happened many years ago, but Elena took time to gain strength and tell the press about it.

    Elena Yakovleva
    Elena Yakovleva | Myslo.Ru

    Now the actress says that is not going to die, but still complains about his health. It turned out that the doctors overlooked the trauma of the actress, which led to the separation of two edges. In addition, the actress for three months almost completely lost my voice.


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