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  • Name: Elena Yakovleva ( Elena Yakovleva )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1961.
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Yakovleva biography

    Elena Yakovleva is a Russian actress of Moscow theater of satire, people’s artist of Russia since 2008. Known to film fans for the films «return of the Musketeers», «All inclusive», «Boy and girl» and many others.

    She was born in Moscow in the early 60-ies. Her mother Kira Machulskaya was a doctor, and a father Yuri Yakovlev, a famous Soviet actor, the performer of the role of Hippolytus in the Comedy «Irony of fate». But Yuri left the family before the birth of his daughter and saw her already adult girl. Brought up by the stepfather of Elena Nikolai Ivanov, who by profession was a journalist-foreign Affairs specialist. Because of the specificity of the new head of the family Yakovleva had all his childhood moving from place to place. And she lived not only in the Soviet Union, but also in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway.

    After school the girl on the insistence of his mother he entered the Moscow state University on journalism faculty. Frankly, this profession is not attracted. Although it was not underhanded child, like many children of artists, but apparently worked genes, and Helen is inexorably drawn to the scene. Therefore, in the University before she joined the Student theater, which then led to the future famous film Director Roman Viktyuk.

    After 2 years, Yakovlev decided to take a chance and enrolled in drama school named Shchukin, not throwing MSU. For this she had to go to the trick: with the help of fellow graduate student she pulled from the DMV your certificate and be able to apply in a theater. From the Dean’s office she managed for some time to hide the dual training, which in those days was forbidden. When the deception was revealed, the girl was transferred to the correspondence Department. Thus, Elena Yakovleva has managed to get both two.

    In 1985, the actress got into the famous theater of Satire. She debuted in the play «the Burden of decisions», later in her repertoire was the last directorial role in the production of Andrei Mironov «Shadow» the work of Saltykov-Shchedrin.

    By the end of 80-ies the actress appeared on theatrical posters under his real name Elena. But after her namesake became the star of the acclaimed film «Interdevochka» the girls were confused not only the audience, but theatrical agents. Therefore, Yakovlev took the decision to change stage name became Helen, as a child called her mother and friends.


    In the world of movies Elena Yakovleva was already proved themselves on the stage. Her first appearance was a small episode in the psychological drama «Two banks». Then she specialized as a actress and showed his best side in movies such as «Branch», «the Eternal husband» «Under Northern lights» and many others.

    In the musical «the Times did not choose» the actress demonstrated the image of a Spanish nurse and was able to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of the Second world war. The crime series «the Fighter» Yakovlev played a strong-willed woman, Elsa, as in the melodrama «the kid in the milk» — a romantic lady named Anna.

    Also, the actress has appeared regularly in many famous television series on a temporary basis – «Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation», «Balzac age, or All men are bast…», «My fair nanny», «kadetstvo», «Turkish March» and others. But the real breakthrough came in 2006. This year for Elena Yakovleva can be called an ode to the love of the work. To think only 12 MB of roles in various films and television series, and that’s not counting the theatre!

    It is impossible to ignore the continuation of the legendary musketeer Saga — «the Return of the Musketeers, or the Treasures of cardinal Mazarin» in which the actress played the «new Sarah» Madame de Cruel. According to many viewers, Yakovleva managed to create no less bright than at the time, Margarita Terekhova in the first part of the trilogy. By the way, Elena was able to get the role ahead of rival Hollywood as a contender for the vacancy was the famous American star Milla Jovovich.

    His talent Yakovlev breathes life into a seemingly small role and makes her characters memorable, vivid, complex, and attractive to the viewer. Most often his characters – glamorous ladies, business ladies, or sexy Babes. But also serious dramatic roles filmography of Elena not deprived. For example, in the movie «a boy and a girl,» she plays a woman with a difficult fate, which goes for the only son, who fell in love with the teacher.

    In subsequent years, the actress, more and more starred in the television series, often in health: «Dr.», «Zemsky doctor», «doctor’s Diary». The last released work of Helen was the melodrama «Paradise».

    In 2016, the actress has agreed to participate in the new season of «Dancing with the stars,» in which she will show their ability to ballroom dance in a pair of dancer Vitaly Surma.

    Personal life

    With actor Alexander Cahoon Elena Yakovleva lived for 8 years in a civil marriage. And the first official husband was another colleague Kirill Kozakov, with whom she had a daughter Mary. However, the birth of a baby does not strengthen the family, so after 4 months, the actress took the baby and left her husband. For a long time the Cossacks did not participate in the upbringing of his daughter and only 14 years began to appear in her life.

    In the mid 90-ies of Elena remarried. New lover was a film Director Kirill Moskalevskiy, whom she met during the filming of a commercial. Cyril, who liked to look at all the hidden meaning, considered their meeting a certain over. But having lived for many years, the couple divorced. However, Yakovlev and Moskalevsky stayed in a wonderful relationship, and sometimes even celebrate holidays together.

    I wonder what Elena Yakovleva never took the name nor one of the men. She said jokingly in one interview that she had no idea — how many spouses she will be.


    • 2003 — Kid in the milk
    • 2004 — the Fighter
    • 2006 — All inclusive
    • 2006 — Urban romance
    • 2008 — a Woman wants to know…
    • 2009 — the Return of the Musketeers
    • 2010 — country doctor
    • 2011 — news
    • 2012 — doctor’s Diary
    • 2013 — Party for the champion
    • 2015 — Paradise


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