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(biography, photo, video) Elena Lebenbaum

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  • Name: Elena Sparrow ( Elena Lebenbaum )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Brest, Belarus
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: artistka, singer, clown, TV presenter, film Director, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Elena Sparrow: biography

    In her biography were UPS and downs, good creative discoveries. Elena Sparrow has reached such heights, which in my childhood I was afraid even to dream.

    She was born June 5, 1967 in Brest, in the house near the famous Brest fortress. Real name Helena – Lebenbaum, which translates as «tree of life». Elena’s father worked as a mechanic in the housing office, my mother was a montazhnitsa, then a seamstress is a typical Soviet family. Elena never had quite the temper, grew a girl bully, but was an excellent student and studied music.

    Its a parody of the gift manifested in school. First, she skillfully copied by challenging teachers ‘ signatures, and then start to mimic the voices of teachers, which delighted classmates.

    Elena Lebenbaum wanted to be a clown, but his parents saw her future teacher of music, and because after the eighth grade transferred to the school of music. In that period she visited for the first time in Leningrad, fell in love with it and decided that training will only be in this town. Elena graduated from music school and decided to enter the theatrical Institute in Leningrad. The competition, she failed. The next attempt was also unsuccessful – only the third time the girl became a student of the course of Isaac Shtockbant: it was in 1988.

    At the Institute she met with Gennady Vetrov and Yuri Galtsev, worked at the Comedy theatre «Buff». She believed that her comedic talent ever appreciate. In 1992 Elena Sparrow has performed at the contest actor’s song. She appeared in the hat of the clown and the old bag, the jury criticized her performance, and the audience was delighted. The girl received the audience award. The following year, she won the Grand Prix of the contest «Yalta-Moscow-Transit», but for a career she had no money. Sparrow returned to Saint Petersburg.

    «The hour has come when it drew the attention of Alla Pugacheva was invited to speak on «Christmas meetings» in 1998. Next came these «Christmas meetings». Helena Sparrow finally came the glory and the love of the audience.

    Parody Elena Sparrow

    In two decades of creative activity Elena Sparrow did hundreds of parodies. Her images were vivid, so close, such that to remember. She parodied Hope Babkin, Irina Allegrova, Luba Uspenskaya, Valery Leontiev, Lima Vajkule, and dozens of other singers and actors. Artistka says that the joke is sometimes very difficult. According to Helen, a spoiled viewer, occupying a seat, in the first 10 minutes thinking whether he did, that the money spent on the ticket: the artist has to prove that the audience has not come in vain.

    The characters in his skits don’t take offense to Elena, but their fans seek out the «peaks» and criticized the fact that the actress put idols in a bad light. In the life of a Sparrow is friends with many actors, which is a parody. She believes that the more talented a person is, the more reasons he gives for funny pamphlets.

    Now Elena Sparrow has his own theatre.


    Elena often in films. In 1998, audiences saw her in the film «the Body will be buried» in 2001, she played Larisa in an episode of «Cops-3». 2004 roles in her filmography was added. She played the teacher in the film «Afromosia», Fima Dogs in «the Twelve chairs», Inga in the film «It’s all flowers».

    In 2006 Elena Sparrow played agent 007, talentless actress in the «First fast», the Sorceress and the frog Princess in «Poor little lady».

    She starred in «the Kingdom of crooked mirrors», «Soldiers and officers», «Three heroes», «Morozko» and other paintings.

    In 2006 Elena Yakovlevna received the Cup «Best actress of the year».


    The first television project of Elena Sparrow became the «Christmas meetings» Alla Pugacheva. Then there were numerous appearances in a humorous program «Sold out.»

    Her first major project — Ukrainian analogue of the program «Two stars». Partner Sparrow has become extravagant Boris Galkin. Led show Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. Elena Vorobey, and Boris Moiseev got to the three finalists.

    Then there was the project «Blue light,» «Dancing with the stars», «Russian sensations» show «Repeat!».

    «Repeat!» remembered the actress unusual parodies, which were not of prosthetics. She had to prove their professionalism, because he is able to transfer any image, even diametrically opposed.

    In 2012 Elena Sparrow was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life of Elena Sparrow

    The first husband of Paradiski Andrey Kislyuk worked in the theater «Buff», where they met. Helen and Andrew have lived together for 10 years and divorced. After a divorce, the Sparrow thought that I would never get married, but life decided otherwise.

    The second husband of Paradiski was the St. Petersburg businessman Igor. His name Elena calls. In this marriage, the actress gave birth to daughter Sophia. She was born on 11 March 2003. Relationship with her husband did not work.

    Now Elena Sparrow lives in a civil marriage with Alexander Calimala. They met when the guy came to the theater to get sound.

    First, Elena Sparrow did not respond to a new employee, but at a party when I heard his voice, and parody, interested. Alexander was a caring and loving husband.


    • «The twelve chairs»
    • «Poor little thing»
    • «The new adventures of Aladdin»
    • «Three heroes»
    • «Afromusic»
    • «Goldfish»
    • «Red Riding Hood»
    • «The first fast»
    • «The Kingdom of crooked mirrors»
    • «Caution, Zadov!»

    Photo By Elena Sparrow

    Olena Sparrow

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