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  • Name: Elena Velikanova ( Elena Velikanova )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Velikanova: biography

    Directors often offer Elena Velikanova role provincials, although she was born and raised in Moscow. Date of birth actress October 5, 1984.

    Elena’s father finished the MAI, then worked as host, sound engineer, DJ at radio. Mother graduated from the faculty of engineering, but the specialty is not working. She is the Director of the restaurant. Elena lucky with my family, because grandmother and grandfather and parents have always been behind her in the mountain, supported any decision. The girl was fond of creativity: attended art and music school, piano class, sang in the choir. Together with the choir she has performed in many countries around the world.

    Like any girl, Elena dreamed of becoming an actress. At school she took part in Amateur theatricals, her vanity was flattered a major role. After school Elena Velikanova decided to enter the theater Institute, so I applied once in five specialized universities. When she announced her decision to her parents, they said, «Come on, start!».

    The girl took in schepkinskoe school. In 2005 she successfully graduated from it. After graduation Elena Sergeevna worked briefly in the theater «Hermitage» and «Sphere», played in the entreprise, but the state theatre was not included. The actress says that she loves the theater and definitely will return to her, and while her work is related to filmmaking.


    Velikanova started acting in movies in 2005. Director Elena Nikolaeva invited her to play provincial Fame in the film «Pop». In the story the heroine goes to conquer Moscow, she is talented and proud, wants to gain popularity on their own. The actress admitted that if her character went to Hollywood, it is unlikely she would have been so realistic to play it: after all, the very Elena the girl home.

    Two years later, the screens out the film «Vanechka» in which she played Nadia. For this role she received the prize of the Moscow festival of youth cinema. And again her character was a girl from the province who came to do the capital’s theatre Institute. Velikanova said that the kid who played Vanya, brought her to her maternal instinct, so screen feelings to squeeze out of myself was not necessary.

    The year 2008 was fruitful, Elena starred in several films: «the best film», «long Awaited love» and «happiness». Following these surveys, it has been the role of provincial girls. But a year later Elena Velikanova tried to get away from that image. In the series «If our destiny» she suddenly stood up as a law enforcement officer that is conducting its own investigation.

    In 2010, the actress played Mary Nechayev in «220 volt of love». The film tells about the daughter of a meteorologist who arrives in Moscow from the tundra below to enter into the inheritance of the apartment. In 2011-2013, Elena Velikanova played the surrogate mother in the film «the contract» and its sequel, and in a break between shootings appeared in a cameo role in a foreign film «Jack Ryan».

    Personal life

    The actress says little about his personal life. In 2010, her life changes — Elena Velikanova was married to businessman Oleg (her husband’s name she keeps secret) and gave birth to son Michael. Pregnancy did not stop filming, the actress says that sometimes it was necessary to work on the site with a baby in her arms.

    In addition to filming a movie, she participates in photo shoots, though the magazines do not read – prefer classical literature. Elena Velikanova well likes to snowboard, loves to travel.

    And she wants to play Aglaia or Nastasya Filippovna in the film adaptation of the novel of F. Dostoevsky «the Idiot» and hopes that someday this dream will come true.


    • «I’m not coming back»
    • «Long awaited love»
    • «Alien war»
    • «Time of happiness»
    • «Conditions of contract»
    • «9 months»
    • «220 volts of love»
    • «Pop»
    • «Service trust»
    • «Dzhokonda on asphalt»


    Elena Velikanova

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