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  • Name: Elena Valyushkina ( Elena Valyushkina )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1962.
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Potsdam, Germany
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Valyushkina : biography

    Elena Valyushkina, we are well familiar for her role as wide-eyed and romantic girl «Formula of love», appeared in the German Potsdam. At that time, in December 1962, her father served in the GDR, where was stationed a group of Soviet troops.

    After serving in Germany, the family returned to Altai Krai. Here, in the city of Biysk, Elena Valyushkina went to school. But finished it in Tomilino, Lyubertsy district, Moscow region. Here lived Granny.

    In the school years Valyushkina decided on a career choice. Its artistry was seen quite early, so the dream of becoming an actress has been brewing for a long time. To get closer to the cherished goal, the girl has strongly improved providing the fate of a talent. She attended music school, where studied to play the guitar and piano. And even went to a dance and art school. Besides, Elena Valyushkina revealed a considerable capacity for learning foreign languages. Before graduation she had mastered English, French and Spanish.

    In 1979 Elena Valyushkina the first time entered the Schepkin theatre school. She studied on the course of St. Korshunova and St. Sulimova.


    In the legendary Theatre of Mossovet, the scene which came out herself Faina Ranevskaya, Yelena Viktorovna Valyushkina came immediately after finishing the Schepkin school in 1984. And showed admirable persistence: the artist and today the troupe of the theater.

    Despite the fact that Elena Valyushkina known to audiences through his film roles, she is still more a stage actress. On the stage of the Mossovet theatre, she played more than 30 roles. Her hard work has been so huge that, according to Elena Victorovna – is it «just did not get out from the scene». Viewers saw Valyushkina in numerous productions, the best of which are considered to be «the Brothers Karamazov», «miss Julie», «School for scandal» and «do Not awake Madam».

    Working in the theatre, Elena managed to sound cartoons, to lead the program «highway patrol» and «the Battle of psychics.»

    A cinematic biography of Elena Valyushkina too large, but inferior to the theatrical. On screen, the actress appeared in 1982. It was a Comedy «I don’t want to be an adult». Then Valyushkina studied theater in College. But if this picture today, few people remember that following Balushkina, incidentally, is also in the Comedy, has been stellar. After the artist became famous throughout the Soviet Union. This, of course, about the film «Formula of love», included in the gold reserves of the national cinema.

    Elena herself Valyushkina recalls the shooting process as a bright and joyful time. The film was shot in suburban Barybina. The entire crew along with the actors stayed in a haunted hostel where there were a lot of cockroaches, and the taps ran rusty water. But the company was amazing. Alexander Abdulov and Semyon Farada tirelessly amused colleagues big portions of fresh anecdotes. And the older generation of movie-elders – Tatyana pelttser, Leonid Bronevoy and soundman Yuri Rabinovich stayed in my room all night playing cards. In the morning all together went to make Comedy. Elena Valyushkina then turned 21.

    After the Comedy of Mark Zakharov on the screens, the actress was bombarded with proposals of eminent Directors. But she was afraid that employment in the movie hurt its work in the theater. Valyushkina later admitted that great regret the missed opportunities. Due to the failure of the Directors for the next 15 years, Elena did not appear on the screen.

    The actress returned to the set in the early 2000s. Valyushkina first appeared in the episode of the beloved series, Alexander Mitta «the Border. Taiga novel». Then there were small roles in the TV series «Comedy cocktail,» «Black lightning» and «Yeltsin. Three days in August». In the last scene Elena Valyushkina played Naina Yeltsin.

    The young generation of Russian spectators, the actress is familiar for his role as commandant of a hostel Zoe Mikhailovna from the sitcom «Univer. New Dorm» mom and Natalia in the Comedy «Bitterly!».

    In our day, Elena Valyushkina appears on the screen and as a leading. At «Home» she has a popular project «Think! With repair», and on «Russia 1» the design show «new home». The reason why the choice to lead these projects fell on Elena Valyushkina, became not only her great acting skills, but also design and artistic talents. The actress perfectly sews, weaves, beads and painted furniture.

    Personal life

    In the life of the actress had two marriages. The first lasted 12 years. Elena’s husband Valyushkina – Leonid Fomin – was a teacher at the Schepkin. They married as soon as Elena left the University walls. Fomin was older than his 20-year-old wife of 15 years. These relationships were ruined by the jealousy of the husband who controlled every step of his young wife. Somehow Elena Valyushkina realized that separately they would be much better than together. Packed up and left home. The couple parted enemies.

    With her second husband Alexander Yatsko met the actress on the theatrical stage. Once Elena Valyushkina proposed to replace a colleague, went on maternity leave. She agreed and appeared in a performance with her future husband. Broke out torrid love affair.

    Alexander Jacko it was the first marriage. He dreamed of children. But for a long time this did not happen. Long-term treatment and multiple surgeries did not bring the desired result. A miracle happened unexpectedly. The firstborn, the son of Basil, was when Elena Viktorovna 35 years old. A daughter Maria was born when mom was 40.

    Birth Maria was very complicated. The girl 7-month-old. To go out and put on his feet, went all the physical and moral forces Elena Valyushkina. But this difficult period of his life not brought together and estranged spouses. They broke up.

    Personal life Elena Valyushkina is the search for new «formula of love». The actress recently admitted she was open to new romantic relationships. With her providing the fate of the children of Bob and Mary.


    • «I don’t want to be an adult»
    • «Formula of love»
    • «The border. Taiga novel»
    • «The Comedy cocktail»
    • «The secret sign-2»
    • «Black lightning»
    • «Garages»
    • «Yeltsin. Three days in August»
    • «Kiss!»
    • «Univer. New Dorm»
    • «Londongrad»


    Olena Valyushkina

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