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  • Name: Elena ( Elena Khruleva )
  • Date of birth: 27 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: new York city
  • Activity: singer-songwriter, pianist, composer, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Vaenga: biography

    Elena khruleva, better known as Elena, was born on 27 January 1977 in the port town of Severomorsk. Her parents worked at the shipyard, his father was an engineer and her mother a chemist. The girl grew up with her younger sister Tatiana and half-sister of ina from the first marriage of his father. All his childhood, the future singer has spent in the small village of Blizzard’s parents. Family Hulevych raised future singer in severity, in instilling discipline. The days of girls was painted literally by the hour: exercise, school, visiting clubs and again lessons.

    Talent Helena began to appear in early childhood. She studied dance from the age of three. In the same young age, the girl was easily repeated played on piano the father of melody, and the parents realized that they have a future star. At nine years old, the child wrote her first song.

    The parents sent the daughter to study in a music school. In parallel Vaenga engaged in school sports, which helped her to maintain good physical shape. After school, Elena moved to St. Petersburg to visit his grandma there to go to University. However, it turned out that she lacks one class to complete secondary education, she was forced to go back to school to finish eleventh grade.

    In 1994 Elena Vaenga entered the music school. N..Rimsky-Korsakov, where he continued learning to play the piano. Elena is hard training, the level of musical education did not reach St. Petersburg, she studied mainly on the Quartet. The future singer was so focused on my music, in the second year, it even transferred from Department to budget.

    After graduating from College, Helen decided to realize his childhood dream and go and study acting. Her choice fell the Theatre Academy (LGITMIK), where she enrolled in a course G. Trostyanetsky. There Vaenga studied for only two months, received an invitation from Moscow to the recording of her musical drive. Then khruleva my mother’s advice and takes a creative alias «

  • Vaenga» named after the river near her hometown. Back in Saint Petersburg, Elena entered the Baltic Institute of ecology, politics and law drama Department. The girl was sure that she must become a theater actress. However, after graduating from University with honors, Elena went back to music.

    Elena Vaenga: music

    As a student of the theatre Institute, Elena went to Moscow at the invitation of music producer Stepan Razin to record their first album. But the record was published, and her work Razin sold to other Russian pop singers. However, Vaenga was not set up to sue a famous producer.

    She was disappointed the show business and again decided to become an actress, but her husband and producer Ivan Matvienko persuaded the artist to return to the music scene. Thanks to him, in 2003, saw the release their first album Helena «Portrait». The album was popular only in St. Petersburg, promising young singer was noticed and was invited to various festivals and song contests.

    Real fame and love of the audience Vaenga has received, releasing the album «

  • White bird» in 2005. Many of the songs instantly became hits in Russia. Journalists massively wrote about the phenomenon of «Elena Vaenga», which managed to achieve considerable success without the help of the famous Russian producers, composers and influential family. Her songs differed from that massively offered to the listener of modern pop singers. Soon after it was firmly enshrined as the «Queen of chanson». For the song»
  • Smoke» in 2009, the singer received his first award «Golden gramophone».

    Since 2011 Elena toured the former CIS countries, Germany and Israel.

    In 2012, the singer had to take a break in a concert tour because of Vaenga has damaged vocal chords and could not physically sing. The last time she performed at home and temporarily out on maternity leave, again coming on the scene only at the end of the year.

    Elena Vaenga: personal life

    With her civil husband

  • Ivan Matvienko and Elena met in 1995 in St. Petersburg. John background was Gypsy, which caused the disapproval of the girl’s parents. However, eighteen-year-old Elena chose a favorite opinion of his family. She almost immediately moved to Ivan, after a quarrel with his family. Matviyenko has supported talented wife as best he could: he was forced to leave town to work to provide Helen the opportunity to record albums and to buy costumes. He became the producer of her first and subsequent albums. However, despite almost perfect relationship, the couple broke up in 2011. According to Helen, the cause of the termination of the relationship was the lack of children in this Union. Nevertheless, she remained on excellent terms with Matvienko, they even live in neighboring apartments and continue to communicate to this day.

    In 2012, Elena gave birth to a son, whom they named Ivan. She later confessed that his father is a member of the collective

  • Roman Sadyrbaev. Motherhood gave true happiness Elena, although with my son it seems not so often in connection with a busy schedule of touring. Ivan foster grandparents, which Vaenga every winter sends to live in Cyprus for your friend. The singer is trying to visit his son as often as possible, and sometimes takes it with him on tour.

    Elena Vaenga: discography

    • Portrait
    • Flute 1
    • Flute 2
    • White bird
    • Chopin
    • Absinthe
    • Dunes
    • Keys
    • Elena
    • Neva

    Elena Vaenga: photo

    Elena Vaenga

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